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  1. Go to waypoints, then mark waypoint, then edit location.
  2. Yes, virtuals are no longer an option. Look at placing a physical cache, possibly making the historical location part of an multi-stage. Or Waymarking may be an option.
  3. You start out as a volunteer cache reveiwer trainee. You fill your mouth up with marbles. Each time somebody whines about the cache you turned down just because it didn't meet the guidelines that they acknowledged they read and agreed to abide by, you spit out one marble. Once you've lost all your marbles, you're a volunteer cache reviewer.
  4. Over 90% of all magazines fold in the first year - most after the first issue. You're not likely to get any money back when there's no money there. If the owner had any sense whatsoever, he set the magazine up as a corporation. You can't get money from a corporation that has no assets. I remember one magazine I subscribed to that folded after just two issues, still owing me four issues. They "fulfilled their obligation" by sending me two more copies of each of the old issues! Like most people, I got the one issue. Unlike most people, I never opened it and it went into a sealed bag. Premier issues of successful magazines can be worth a fortune in mint condition. Unsuccessful magazines - well they're essentially trash. Now if I could just remember where I put it, I'd go ahead and read it now, then throw it away.
  5. Ok, I work for the government and check records. EXACTLY 100% of geocachers were either male and/or female.
  6. Geocaching.com will be owned by Garmin.
  7. The "send to GPS" feature for Garmin is no longer working for me. I checked, and the latest plug-in is installed.
  8. Kind of like "discovering" travel bugs you've never seen?
  9. My guess would be it was manufactured in April and they tested it to make sure it worked.
  10. I think mine is named "Sure". At least I'm always asking it "Are You Sure?".
  11. No, you leave MOST of the yellow tape there.... just re-route the last 50 feet or so!
  12. The use of 4 colored squares in a square is fairly common - even Microsoft Windows uses it. Must be some sort of subliminal mind-warping device.
  13. A sharp pencil and an empty log book.
  14. so you are still alive? I figured maybe you and Mitsuko had eloped!
  15. Yes, the Natchez Trace Parkway is indeed a National Park and is officially off-limits. That being said, there are a few along the trace within park bounds and many more just outside park bounds.
  16. Judging by your description of the cache , I'm really surprised it lasted as long as it did.
  17. It really sounds more to me like someone getting a GPS and rushing out to find a cache without first lunderstadning about the GPS (not pinpoint accuracy) or geocaching (not buried). You know, kinda like me on my first cache hunt!
  18. So all those geocaches I've done at cemeteries - those people were buried there by the cache hider? Wow!
  19. You can believe what you want to also, but I know what works well in MY GPS, and you don't. I do know that it will power off every 5 minutes or so with completely charged rechargeable batteries, something that doesn't happen with alkaline. If it powers off in dense cover, I may and have had trouble re-locking on satellites, and that lock is much quicker if I replace the rechargeables with alkalines. And for what it's worth, I don't believe in the Tooth Fairy. The Easter Bunny explained it all to me!
  20. I've replaced all my decon containers. They were almost never properly closed, regardless of gasket.
  21. I will echo this response. Rechargeables have never worked well in my Legend. Not just battery life, but somehow it does seem to affect reception.
  22. My first cache is currently the 12th oldest active cache in Mississippi. It's also the first micro ever placed in the state (And no, it's not under a lamp post skirt). It's been there over 5 years and has never been muggled! I have found nine of the first 11 caches still active. It also appears that I am the senior cacher in Mississippi that's still active.
  23. And how much would it cost if you WEREN'T geocaching? Yep. Five bucks. Don't see where it's a commercial geocaching venture here. Just looks like they're going a little overboard in making sure you know there's a $5 entry fee
  24. I've had a few encounters with law enforcement officers while caching, twice with the same National Park Ranger, both times while looking for caches adjacent to a National Park. The first time we chatted a little about geocaching (which he knew about) assuring him the cache was not on Nat'l Park land. The second time he merely passed by me asking "Didja find it"? Another encounter was in a small city park when a local police officer approached me and asked if I was the one that called about suspicious behavior in the park. I guess I looked suspicious to someone but not to him! Most recently while trying to figure out how to discreetly approach a cache I'd spotted (it was next to a building where little girls were having a birthday party), two men in suits rounded a corner. When they saw me, one pointed at me and they both started walking toward me. As they got closer, I could see badges on their jackets. It soon became obvious they were definitely walking to me. When they got to me, I could see the badges said "U.S. MARSHALL". At that point, one them asked me "Are you looking for (pick the right answer): A: trouble? B: a little girl to kidnap? C: the geocache? Fortunately, the answer was "C". My favorite encounter though had to be with a muggle early in my geocaching career. I had found a geocache a short distance off the path. I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings though as I logged the cache, and I looked up and saw an elderly gentleman standing on the path looking straight at me. He asked, in a distinctly British accent, "Pardon my interruption, but may I ask what is it that you're doing?" As I explained as simply and clearly as I could about geocaching, he interjected "Oh, I see - somewhat like letterboxing!" Turns out he was a veteran letterboxer back in England. But wait, there's more! About halfway to the car, I realized I'd left something at the cache site. I returned to retrieve the item, I look up and it's none other than the same man making another loop around the trail. He just looks at me and deadpans "I would think they would be somewhat easier to find the second time, are they not?" Point is, as long as where you are and what you're doing is legal, so what if someone report suspicous behavior? It just adds to the adventure.
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