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I see you changed the tupperware


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Down here in Arizona the sun will destroy a tupperware cache in a matter of months. Ammo cans and PVC containers are the only way to go. I think you should change the traditional cache icon to an ammo can. If you don't I will remove all of my caches from this site, erase all of my logs, and support waypoints.com...were I can post all the virtuals that I want!


-Wily Javelina

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Hi - just saw those horrible ugly icons, thought for a minute that maybe the site had been hacked. I hope it is just temporary for Halloween (A coffin for a traditional cache, and a ghost for a virtual?)


Please say you'll be putting back the old icons. They look sooo much nicer.



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The old can-type icons didn't really look like caches, but they were more distinctive than the new ones. These look like bricks. The Evil Ghost virtuals are funny, but I think the "no box" circle 'n stripe icon worked just fine.


I don't have anything against using a box shape, but the icons as they stand are lacking a bit of polish. If you want to make something look like Tupperware, I'd say steal the Leprechauns' avatar (hamster optional). The cookie jars looked a bit classier -- the art was nice and smooth. These shoeboxes look considerably smaller than the cookie jars did... a little bigger, and they might be easier to interpret. I liked an idea someone had before, an ammo box with its lid ajar. The orientation of the two boxes in the multi icon makes them pretty obscure when shrunken to map-icon size. When they first appeared on the map pages, I thought they were buildings.

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Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):

Ahh. Gotta love sarchasm.


smile.gif Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location


I think it is the people who live in AZ.--We tend to be this way...Take us with a grain of sand...eeerrr...salt.

When we saw the new Icons..just thought you had decorated for holloween...still think they look like coffins. I vote for ammo boxes too...we normally do not use tupperware anymore...to fragile.

Keep up the changes Jeremy...it is fun to find all the little surprizes!


~Shirley of 2oldfarts~



It's hard to remember that your primary objective is to drain the swamp, when you're up to your a$$ in alligators.

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I like them better than most of the previous ones. I think the Mulit and the Virtual could probably be changed to be more intuitive, but no big deal.


Jeremy, have you ever considered having a contest to let everyone submit icons for you? There are a lot of talented cachers out there (who clearly need a constructive outlet for their artistic abilities). icon_smile.gif I bet you'd get some terrific submissions. Obviously, all entries would become the property of Groundspeak, but I don't think anyone would have a problem with that. Just a thought.

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shock.gif I just had a thought!! Wow, most of the time I do not think...just do... icon_biggrin.gif

Anyway, Is there any way you could change the cursor to look like a black triangle with an 'N' in the center, like on our Meridian Platinum or some other way cool item depicting geo-caching? I have been to sites where the cursor changes just while onsite.


~Shirley of 2oldfarts~

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My two cents:

I like the tupperware concept better than the jars, but I think they are too small. I agree that ammo cans are great containers in terms of practicality, but I think the tupperware is more universal.


I like the ghost. The rest of the icons are fine. Is anyone still doing webcam caches? Those seem like a pain in the butt.



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I dont like the new icons, No not one bit. I like the old icons. I have always liked the old icons. I liked the older ones even better.

The only good thing is that when these icons become the old icons I will like them as I always like the old icons.


I'm not against change as long as things remain the same.


Lapaglia icon_cool.gif

Muga Muchu (forget yourself, focus)

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Let people submit ideas for icons, and let the users voice opinions.


How about a picture of a vehicle for the icon for locationless caches...

maybe a Yellow Jeep or something


I don't like the new icons, and I don't like the old icons.


Of the two, I think I prefer the old ones.


I would like to see the addition of unique icons for micros

and night caches.


The new multi cache icon is a step in the right direction.

The old one just plain sucked. It didn't intuitively say "multi".


For archived caches, why not just make the icon that they would

normally have appear subdued, like in gray instead of color...

sort of like a lot of computer programs do to buttons that

are not available in the current scenario.


Also, a choice whether or not archived caches show up

in search results.


And while I'm suggesting... How about the ability to

invert the order of log listings into chronological order.


And... how about the ability to save preferences like "View all

log entries" and "Decrypt" as defaults to save having to let

pages refresh two extra times.


I would like to also have a list of waypoints saved online

so I could just put the name of my waypoint(s) into the

search and find all nearby caches.


Maybe the ability to save searches? I ended up with a few

bookmarks on my dad's computer last time we visited,

and they were URLs I'd emailed myself before we left for the trip.

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The icon for a geocache on my etrex is a closed treasure chest, and the icon for geocache found is an open treasure chest. I delete the waypoints after I find them, so I use the geocache found icon for a cache that differs from the norm, like a multi or a virt. I'm indifferent as to which icon is better on the maps, the old one or the new one, but I do like the treasure chest.


"There comes a time in every rightfully constructed boy's life when he gets an urge to seek for buried treasure"--Mark Twain

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Originally posted by Gert:

Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):

Hope folks like it.


Sorry, Jeremy, but I think they simply suck. So I guess I am not "folks".


Short cuts make long delays.


Agreed, the new Icons are horrible. Both from an aesthetic and functional stand point. They look like some grade 8’s made them.


How much effort must have gone into them when there are still so many other features being requested. I do not remember anyone asking for new icon designations.





Your not first...But you could be next.

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Well, I hope Mark 42 doesn't have a heart attack, but I actually agree with him. A contest would be fun, and you might get some really good entries. I think you should do like Google does, and also have some holiday icons, too.


Submitted icons would have to be original artwork, displayable as a gif file (256 colors, max, with a transparent background), that also looks good when scaled down to the smaller size. You would have to submit an entire set of icons, for all types (no incomplete sets allowed).


I know we have some really creative people here, and I'd like to see what they could come up with.



"Don't mess with a geocacher. We know all the best places to hide a body."

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I like the new cache icons.

Although geocaching does thrive on ammo cans, I suspect there could be bad PR to show them.

Plus a tiny ammo can icon would probably look like a green tupperware.


I agree that maybe Jeremy could hold a contest. Not only does that get "buy in" from the cachers, but having people do artwork for free is good !



Not all those that wander are lost. But in my case... icon_biggrin.gif

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Originally posted by Prime Suspect:

Well, I hope Mark 42 doesn't have a heart attack, but I actually _agree_ with him. ...

Ack, ack, gasp, choke, gaahk,.... PLOP!


How about a microscope for micros... or a magnifying glass.


I think they should be somewhat original... but elements of the old or new icons, or images adapted from cliparts should be allowed.


Inevitably some people will have and submit similar ideas, and taking the best of them (even combining elements from more than one to make one better than either individually) seems reasonable (though admittedly unlikely).


I do like this one though: name_tag.gif


"I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"


[This message was edited by Mark 42 on October 18, 2003 at 07:23 PM.]

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We liked the cookie jar shapes, but the colors were too bright and candyish - I guess that's what people are referring to when they say "Disneyish".


We liked the original ones (the blue and orange oatmeal containers) best of all.


The current icons look like wrapped sticks of butter.





Candy Jars?

Sticks of butter?


What other food theme could be used instead? icon_wink.gif

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My two cents...


I believe that the icons should be symbolic in nature, not actual depictions of what a cache looks like. I liked the cookie jars for this reason.


Think about the newbie, looking up his first cache to hunt. He prints the page (on his color inkjet), loads up the coords and heads out to the forest. Because there's a picture of yellow tupperware, that's what he's looking for. In reality, the container is a piece of PVC pipe with bark glued all over it lying in a pile of sticks.


If the icon is tupperware, an ammo can, etc., people will be expecting to find tupperware, an ammo can, etc. The icons should be able to represent a cache type without trying to represent a cache itself.



perl -MMIME::Base64 -e "print decode_base64('SU1BR0VTIFJFTU9WRUQgQlkgT1ZFUkJFQVJJTkcgQURNSU5T')"

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Just to add my two cents...


I think the new icons are horrid. Too small and

take too much thinking to process what TYPE of

cache I'm looking at.


I know you are very busy with the HTML problems on cache pages, but could we go back to the

old style when you get the chance?



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i do not love the new icons. i HATE the ghost. if i have to tolerate the ghost, can there at least be different icons for virtual and locationless?


please bear in mind that i am a change resistant organism and that i loved the oldest icons best.


i got used to the second set, although the smileys were too cute for me.


quod est, est.

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