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  1. I agree 100%. Wherigo Beta, Geocaching Maps Beta, Geocaching Live Beta, Wherigo Builder Alpha (last update 2008), ... Yep. All of these are low priority with the exception of the Maps, which we're actively working on now.
  2. This is so low on the priority list I sincerely doubt it will ever be implemented. The major reason is that it has a high difficulty to implement with a very low number of users that would take advantage of the feature. We're more likely to work on projects that have a higher result with a high difficulty project.
  3. It seems for a time today, when I click on the map on the details page, nothing comes up. It just stays on the details page. Now clicking on the map on the details page, it brings up a Google map that is panable. I guess, if it is broke, wait five minutes. The confusion was around the fact that the cache details page never had a pannable map because JavaScript tends to slow down the dial-up users. What happened between the first time you tried it and the second time is that the link was re-added to the static image to open up the larger map.
  4. Excellent point. So would the button be "complete it" or "complete?" It was hard to sort out the term because "complete" can sound like you finished it already which would create more confusion.
  5. You hit on the reasoning why countdown timers continue to tick even when you save and close the application. In reality, of course, on restart it checks the time and expires the countdown timer if too much time has passed. While you have full control over a user in a traditional console-based game you don't have the ability to stop a real person from moving (or doing anything you don't want them to do) outside of the constraints of the device. I don't think I'd want that power in anyones' hands. If you truly want to have an event managed as you outlined in your post you would just choose to manage the countdown yourself as a variable that you decrement by 1 every time the OnTick event occurs. That way if and when the user saves and closes the cartridge it can just resume with the value it had when it left off.
  6. It currently uses system time and I don't believe the GPS time is passed to the engine. So PDAs that don't have the accurate time won't work in this case. However, in the case of the Colorado the system time is the GPS time so you'd be pretty good in that situation. In any case you are assuming that it can't be hacked, which it can. So I'd say you should make your cart for night caching and expect that the majority of users will choose to play it then.
  7. Session sharing between geocaching.com and www.geocaching.com are different. Hence the redirects.
  8. Neat icon! I'll add this as a feature request. With the issues we currently have with site performance this may take a while before you see it implemented but I added it as feature 1751 in our tracking system.
  9. We're no longer supporting the state maps. The link has been removed from the page.
  10. I'm going to close the IE vs Firefox topic since it really doesn't have much bearing on our requirement to support both. There are plenty of sites you can go to to kvetch about either browser.
  11. Fixed it. Thanks for the heads-up.
  12. I'll be darned but the ads on the nearest cache page are the most effective ads on the site. Not that they're going to replace premium memberships by a long shot but anything helps when I'm looking at the consulting bill for v2 of the site. Now if we had more Premium Memberships we wouldn't have to resort to ads, but as I indicated in previous posts - we give so much away there isn't a lot of motivation for the casual geocacher to pony up for a PM. And that's fine - so much as the casual geocacher can deal with the occasional ads blocks on a web page. And no - I don't use the term "freeloader" for geocachers who don't pony up for a PM. That's not very PC. Placing caches is very much a part of participation as well as being a good steward of our public lands, etc. Google ads are based on click thrus and we're not supposed to encourage people to click them as it is part of the policy for showing ads in the first place (to answer the question whether it helps the site to click on the ads). This is different from the earlier ad models where all you needed to do was show an ad and you'd get paid by impressions. That is, in fact, why Google advertising became so popular with advertisers. I still feel like Google isn't supplying appropriate enough ads since they don't take location into consideration - but its a start while we sort out the best way to display them. And once we switch forums we'll have more options for hiding things like ads when PMs don't want to see them here. I hear the folks who don't like ads. I don't like them either and spent 7 years running the site without a bunch of them. But there comes a time when you look at the bank balance and realize to improve the site you'll have to make some sacrifices. Relevant advertising seems like a pretty small price to pay to keep the site running smoothly.
  13. iryshe


    I have found that the big ad providers really don't work well with lat/lon. I believe you can work more with Yahoo and provide keywords, including zip codes, to help local advertising. We may try that after we give this a go (and allow Google algorithms to show relevant ads instead of log cabin plans and sleep medication). The exception is that they will use your IP address to give you local ads, unrelated to the details of the page. I have noticed quite a few Google recruiting ads for Seattle. Sadly I'm not a Linux kernel programmer. Honestly the idea of a Dick's Burgers ad on a local cache page would be pretty nice - especially if it had a coupon
  14. iryshe


    Actually, I've found out about a lot of geocaching related items from the geocaching specific ad in the left hand column. I wouldn't like to see those ads go away even for premium members. I spoke with some folks who use ad serving to maintain the upkeep of their web site. They had a lot of people get annoyed when the option to display ads were auto-removed when they were PMs. I felt that I should leave the ads alone and try the Google stuff separately before making some extreme decisions. I already know what happens when I start removing things from the site!
  15. It sounds like you want a custom solution which usually can be done via several applications that can manipulate GPX. That would, of course, require a Premium Membership to get access to the XML data. Since it is in a well structured format you can slice and dice the data any way you like. There has been one recent request to output a GPX file from the site into PDF format. I like the idea and it is on the long todo list. In the meantime I'd direct you to the waypoints page which offers various flavors of free or nagware applications that can do varieties of what you want. http://www.geocaching.com/waypoints
  16. You can look up a location by address, city, whatever now. Why would you need to look up a zipcode? http://www.geocaching.com/seek First option. We could put it back but it seems redundant to me.
  17. I wonder if you have an aggressive ad blocking application running in your browser. The maps are served off-site and could be blocked by a 3rd party application. Your browser should be fine with the maps otherwise.
  18. The HTML was poorly formatted. I fixed it for you.
  19. Please don't do that again. Do you want people publishing your email address to a public forum? I shouldn't think so.
  20. ... of which is completely broken. Bear with us while we move to a better and permanent mapping system. If you're map focused you can use the Google Maps functionality on the site. We'll be allowing preferences in the near future to allow for users to switch their mapping options or turn them off completely. This will allow for specific map choices not currently provided (except for the occasional script).
  21. Unpinning this. If there are new site performance issues we can put that in another thread
  22. Cool! It was my pleasure.
  23. Hmm... maybe the recent changes forced your browser to reload the page properly. If this happens in the future try holding shift down and refreshing the page. This forces a load of all of the images and include files on the page. Sometimes the browser stores old stuff on disk which can break site changes.
  24. Our plan is to include tracks and polygons in a future version of Waymarking.com. Right now the site is concentrating on the search and marking experience but we're getting to the point where it makes sense to add this info. However we also want to create additional tools for tracks so you can edit them online on the fly. Polygons are shapes. We already know that a park is hard to mark with a point (along with other odd shaped items) so it makes sense to be able to draw or walk around a location to mark its shape. Thanks for your feature request. We're on the same path
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