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  1. I have my caches in Alaska in need of new caretakers. Been out of caching for a few years due to health and now that I am ready to get back into it I have moved out of state. If any AK cachers want to take over any please let a rewiewer know. Thanks
  2. I have taken to placing old coins in caches. Been using Buffalo Nickels lately. Can get them for about 6 bucks per roll of 40 off Ebay. A bunch of coin sleeves costs a couple dollars and I am set. Can stick a slip of paper with my name on it in with the coin if I wanted to, but I have not gotten that far just yet.
  3. Place a 300 pound halibut in the cache. I will be down that way in a couple weeks for some fishing. Hope to bag some Homer caches while there.
  4. Pipe bombs are usually made of metal pipe. Metal will fragment and do more harm than bits of molten PVC. But I doubt that Joe Public knows nor cares about what a pipe bomb should be made of.
  5. You can find Venture HC for around $130 on Amazon. Ebay has some Megallan Explorist package deals as well. Cables, carry case, basemap CD and such for $120 or so. Or if you want to go old school, you can usually find an older garmin etrex in the $50-100 range on Ebay or your local pawn shop. May not be as fancy with the monochrome screen and all, but they will get you to the cache.
  6. Amazon has the Venture HC for around $130. You can get an old style Venture for $50 on Ebay or at your local pawn shop.
  7. I have used Google Earth to pinpoint the coords on a map in the past. As for cheap GPS units, you can find older ones on Ebay for 10-20 bucks if you are patient and willing to settle for an older unit. There was a Garmin eMap that went for $10 yesterday,a Lowarence iWay 100 sold for $15, and you can get a Megellan 300 or similar in the $10 to $20 range. They may not have all the bells and whistles, but they will get you to the cache.
  8. Garmin eTrex Legend with cable, manual, original box and neoprene case. Works good and has been well cared for. Will include a bike handlebar mount if I can find it. Asking $100, shipping is included anywhere in the USA. Paypal is preferred. mike.wood@acsalaska.net
  9. Anchorage Daily News Article Gotta hand it to Scoobey and company. They have done wonders for the local Geocaching scene. I tried to get the parks dept involved three years ago and was met with some resistance by both the dept and my fellow cachers. Nice to see that the parks dept has embraced the game and is now endorsing it. Way to go gang!
  10. Serious answers- Tell them about Geocaching. I am a member of the local trail watch and just tell them I am searching for homeless camps to report. Picking up trash. Not so serious answers- Conducting a mosquito census. Searching for Hoffa. Looking for fun places to pee. Trying to bury my nieghbors cat. The aliens told me to meet them here. Looking at tracks of a giant bear I just saw walk by. Hiding the corpse of the last person who asked me stupid questions.
  11. Our tax dollars at work. Kinda fun to use billions of dollars of military hardware for free.
  12. Wait till you see what I got in mind for a new one. Been thinking of something twisted and evil for over a year now.
  13. Just bought an old Huffy mountain bike for 10 bucks. Problem solved for the in town caches, will hit the out of town ones during times I am headed that way for other reasons. Save gas and get in shape at the same time. Sounds like a winner.
  14. Grats guys. Gearing up to get back in action myself this summer. Missed out all of last season due to surgery. Kids are bugging me to get back out there. See you all on the trails!
  15. Got a friend up here who has a GPS2000 with no battery cover. If anyone out there has a busted model they would like to part out, drop me a line. Thanks.
  16. The morse code cache up here has a link to a page on the hiders site with the .wav file located there. You can download a program that listens to audio files and decodes the morse. Just do a google search.
  17. Just put the first batch in the smoker. Got some in the canner and I am out the door to get more vac seal bags for freezing....
  18. Bilders fun time fishing/caching page Had a great time in only 3 days. Put over 800 miles on my truck, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Most of the photos of scenery are taken from cache sites. Got 5 caches found, one hidden, one dnf, and 38 fat salmon. Not a bad 3 days. Would have bagged more caches, but I had fish on ice and needed to get home. Lots of pictures on the page, may take awhile to load on dial up. You have been warned.
  19. Bilder

    On To Alaska!

    I have some bad news for you. The Bird House burned down several years ago. It was a landmark and one of the most unusual bars you could ever visit. Chillkoot Charlies in Anchorage has a replica of it in their bar if you go there. I dont have the exact coords, but it should not be hard to find the area. Highway still passes right by it. I am thinking of putting together a website that deals with Alaska caches. Would have links to GC.coms Alaska listings by city. Would give caches that follow the cruise ships as well as the highway. Just an idea I am tossing around. Been getting lots of emails asking for information.
  20. You got another 8 weeks before the snow flies, so your TB should be able to move on. I will watch the cache page and if it does not move toward the end of August, I will go up there. Need to bag that cache anyway, just been too lazy to climb and too cheap to pay for the tram.
  21. I work for an airline and can fly standby to a lot of cities. I am working on a public transit day of caching in the Seattle area this summer and may get away from the snow this winter and do a cache dash to someplace warm. Funny thing is that I get the flight benefits and hardly use them. I am lucky if I fly once a year.
  22. Zeto Point How is that for remote?
  23. When Capt. Cook sailed up Cook inlet in Alaska, he burried a couple bottles with letters in them along the coast. I would love to find one of these, but after 200 years and multiple earthquakes, and the fact that the mud has gone up over 100 feet in that time, it is safe to say that the bottles will never be found. I have tried to locate several old BM's up here, but they are holes drilled in the rock along the shore. Most of these places were burried in the 1964 earthquake. Oldest I have been able to locate is a 1912.
  24. I got my sheet of magnetic material at Michael's crafts store. I think it was 12 bucks for a huge sheet. Still got the bulk of it stuck to my freezer, just waiting for some inspiration.
  25. I only use one PQ a day (if that). Someone mentioned that it would be funny to sublease my extra PQ's. What would you pay for a PQ on Ebay? I think it would go for at least $30. Maybe $40. You could buy a second subscription for less than that, but we are talking Ebay here.
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