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  1. Actually it was 30 days! cheers, Gert - basic member now
  2. Nothing, it's a joke. I've put it there! Thanks! Then it'll be over soon. Remaining Charter members can feel even more exclusive then Cheers, Gert
  3. One down - if they let me... As I've practically stopped geocaching some years ago I was planning to not renew my charter membership pass this time. But my profile still says: This time I didn't get the usual reminder email to renew my membership either. Have there been any changes by groundspeek? Free lifetime membership maybe? Just curious, Gert P.S. And for non-US citizens they "raised" the price (30 EUR instead of 30 USD - based on the billing address). Not that it matters that much, but it's just one more reason...
  4. Hello? Will this ever be fixed? Or does Groundspeak simply not care about their paying customers who unfortunately happen to not like that oh-so-great new cachetype?
  5. Up once more. Any reaction from a Groundspeak lackey? Hello? Anyone there?
  6. I have a nearby Wherigo cache on my nearest cache list, which I do not intend to search, so I've put it on the ignore list. The cache page says I'm ignoring it, and it is also listed on my ignore list, but it still shows up in cache searches. The ignore list works fine with all other caches/types. Anyone else having the same problem? thanks, Gert
  7. Despite the ballots have been collected and Erik has "won" anyway, here's a few more votes for him from Austria. Thanks, Erik!
  8. BTW: Do you have any plans for GPX Spinner to be able to handle the additional waypoints? I don't really need to have them all in the GPS, but having them on the printouts I generate with Spinner would be nice.
  9. Backups only twice a month?
  10. Well, there are. "Question to answer"-Waypoints "Stages of a multi"-Waypoints I think hidden "Trailhead" coordinates could be "abused" for that (they should not play a role in aproval. Of course it would be fine to have a category named "Other". Gert
  11. At first sight: Nice! Will this data be available to reviewers? What I'm trying to say: Will it be automatically checked (during approval) if any "stage of a multi"/"final"-coordinates of existing cache are within 168m of any "stage of a multi"/"final" coordinates of the newly placed cache? IMHO it should be. cheers, Gert
  12. Gert

    Gallery Bug

    Hello TPTB, Have a look at the gallery of one cache of mine, you may need to do some scrolling (down or to the right) to see the point: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/gallery.asp...b4-08e3f0e25599 The log pictures are displayed as thumbnails (as they should be) but the pictures I've uploaded to the cache page are shown in original size. I guess this is not the way it's supposed to be, right? best, Gert
  13. I, too, am "missing" some emails I should have gotten today (own logs via watchlist, copy of email to other user). It doesn't really bother me, but maybe there is a problem. best, Gert P.S. No, there is no spam filter on that mailaccount that could have "swallowed" these mails.
  14. To two more "we do it differently (i.e. better)" thing to this nice discussion I (European) personally dislike the fact, that American shops price out the goods excl. sales tax which is added later at the cashier, so you never know how much a thing will actually cost you. Sales tax even varies from state to state and appearantly dependent of what you buy (food, drink). Probably "normal" for Americans but quite annoying for (at least) me. I remember the first time trying to buy something in a US shop, I ended up argueing with the shop owner why he's charging me more, than the price tag says Sales tax, pah! I finally did not buy it... In the next shop I found out An "American" idea I find very nice to have phone-numberes "spelled" like 1-800-CACHING. Very uncommon in Austria (yet, it's just starting), I've chosen my cell phone number like that, and have to explain all the time Gert
  15. Gert

    Pqs Not Running?

    Be assured that it is. But this is also one of the oldest bugs around that'll probably never get fixed...
  16. I'd rather see an option to reduce the number of logs (to zero). I'm running a PQ of the closest caches to home twice a week, for the only reason to be able to upload them to the GPSr in one bunch. I don't care for the logs at all (concerning PQs) cheers, Gert
  17. Same here. Nine pics are on the cache page one is in a log. Of the nine on the cache page only one is shown in the gallery. The one in the log is shown correctly.
  18. Same here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...&f=1&dist=31.07 Check for GCKYQT at 47.7km
  19. Gert

    Bug On Cache Pages

    @hhl. Nope, same in IE as in Mozilla @Compucash: How is that link supposed to related to my "problem" Maybe I haven't made myself clear enough. On the cache page I mentioned above the first line of the encrypted hint is: Fgntr 1: DFcnyg EPyrsg while it should be: Fgntr 1: [D]Fcnyg [E]Pyrsg when I click decrypt it changes to: Stage 1: [D]Spalt [E]Cleft Gert
  20. Gert

    Bug On Cache Pages

    It was this one, but the problem concerns all caches that have [s and ]s in the hint section. Click decrypt to be enlightened! Cheers, Gert
  21. Today I decoded a hint in the field, resulting in some weird text. Reason: The text between the [ and the ]'s aren't encrypted (as it should be) but the [ and ]'s themselves don't show up in the encrypted hint section. When you click on decrypt all is fine. Thx in advance Jeremy for having a look at this, Gert
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