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New Maps Won't Load Satellite Images

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Not happy with the new maps. When I move to satellite (aerial) images, my screen just goes blank. Takes a long time to load and if I want to zoom in, forget it.


I need aerial views to plan my routes. I would be willing to pay a higher premium fee to keep access to Google Maps. This is not good enough.

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Very sad with the new maps especially the sat view. No hybrid view. Geosphere and GSAK map views still use Google and seem to work, however ... I almost threw in the towel as I depend on the sat view very much. Personally I think the idea to dump Google was a mistake. I understand about the $ but couldn't something have been worked out between the two? Just my 2 cents worth ... :angry:

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These new maps suck is a understatement


I cannot get satellite maps to view for my area but I know if I goto the mapquest website that I can view the satellite image for the area.


I think for me now the only option available to me is to use my Android phone at least for now it's still using google maps

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As @De Haelder wrote, it's downgrade not upgrade, don't say me, that money from PM aren't enough to buy licence of Googlemaps... Only thing you pay are servers and marketing and other goes to your pockets, GS is too commercial now...

Don't you know that MapQuest maps are useless for cental Europe?

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Satellite map load time is very slow. And scrolling and zooming is almost impossible. Additionally, I really miss the terrain maps. At least PQs finally work again though.


Wish we didn't have to keep breaking one feature to fix another. These site "upgrades" really scare me because I don't know what nice feature I will lose next.

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+1 I agree...


It doesn't matter which computer I use, or even iPhone or my iPad... It takes FOREVER to load the Sat images.


When they do finally load, there is NO HYBRID mode!!! So you can't tell what road your on, if any at all, or what roads are coming up. Because in SAT images, there can appear to be a road, when it really isn't one. Its a stream, or River, or its even a PRIVATE road!


Like I have said before... I do realize that the map issues are entirely Groundspeak/Geocaching.com's fault. However, they CAN do something about the speed at which it takes to LOAD the maps, as well as finding a better sat image map, that includes a HYBRID mode!


Geocaching.com... Have you all looked into Bing Sat images? Are they affordable or not?



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Loading and pan/refresh/zooming of Mapquest and the new APIs seem better today from a performance perspective for me.


The following are still clunky:

Mapquest Aerial view loads part way via Chrome 18.0.1025.11 beta.

It seems to load pretty ok with Firefox 10.0.1 and Safari Version 5.1.3 (7534.53.10). However, for the later panning / refreshes leaves blank blocks.


MyTopo.com maps are a bit hodgepodge when it comes to map quality but that seems to load faster and refresh better on all three browsers. (Note: MyTopo.com view did not load on our 1st Gen iPad running iOS5 and the latest Mobile Safari browser).


Like many others we do miss the hybrid view as well as a cleaner satellite view vs the aerial view that is available now as it is all about one's ability to preplan an outing when it comes to seeing access roads, trails, etc. Having said that, we are trying to adjust our workflow to see if toggling between the Mapquest/Aerial/OpenStreetMap/OpenBikeMaps will help provide enough of an overall picture. Still not as easy of an experience as using the Google Maps API but from what we understand about the cost of access Groundspeak would have to pay, we are trying to see this as just adding a level of research to our quests and outings.


In summary: Better than yesterday performance wise. Not as easy / simple as the old mapping views. We've decided to add it to the "sense of adventure" pile.

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This "upgrade" a big downgrade. I often take with me a printout of the aerial view of where I am caching. It helps when navigating around fields, trying to see where public footpaths are across fields, and also find nearby places to park the car. The only one of the new map options that seems to offer an actual aerial view doesn't work - unless we are snowed under. Just a plain blank, white page.


Fine, if it's too expensive to stay with google, then switch But at least provide an alternative that works.

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I have no problem with switching maps from google to other sources.

I understand why they did it.

I know all the work arounds to get a satellite view.

I understand that I am not now getting less for my premium membership.

I can cache without a satellite view.




I still would like to have a satellite view available for my area.

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so i've been in a email chain with Groundspeak.


As i can logon onto mapquest and see my area on street and satellite but when I query why I cannot see this on the ground speak site. This is there response


I see the problem. The aerial maps are currently only available for the US. We looking into other map options for everyone and hope to have more information soon.


I am sorry I can not be of more help with the aerial view right now.





Community Relations Lead

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We couldn't believe the map when we looked at it. No street names until you zoomed way in and then, of course, you couldn't see the nearby caches. One major road in our area has a completely wrong name. Tried the aerial view and that worked at first but now doesn't work at all. And when it did work, no street names--no hybrid view--which has always helped us. We went through the beta phase with the mapping and this is what we get? Why? We're really disappointed with this new map as I'm sure that other cachers will be and we're hoping to see things change.

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I have not really felt strongly enough to post a note before but this is too much. I like the new map - nice and clear - but the complete lack of the satellite / aerial view is really poor. Surely Groundspeak would have tested this for some sites outside of the USA before releasing this to the community? I don't remember having this problem in any of the beta versions...


Please can we have our satellite view back?

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o man this new map is terribly. like everyone else this new map is a downgrade. slower to load and not as much detail. at first i thought it was cause i was not a premium member, so i was about to upgrade my account, than i found out its the same for them. I won't become a full member till a better map is put in place. This is just sad.

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Well, OSM is widely used and maintained here in Germany and therefore rather accurate. No problem with that,




- What really upsets me, is the fact that the highest resolution MapQuest Aerial provides for Germany is about 10 x 10 km (approx. 6 x 6 miles for the non-metric). Therefore it is useless! :angry:

- "My Topo" gives me "terra incognita"; in other words, cache icons on a plain white surface. This is useless too! :angry:

- OpenCycle Map uses the maps of OpenStreet Map with a few enhancements for cyclists. Not really a different map. :yikes:

- MapQuest and CloudMade look almost identical here in Germany. :yikes:



Instead of getting what I payed my PM fee for (partially), I get a service worse than before: 1 (one) map instead of four. :angry::angry::angry:


I'm rethinking my next renewal.


To introduce the "avatars" and "challenges", GS probably spent more money than what they would haved payed Google...


My 2 ct

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Wow, the previous post states it to a tee! Why did GC WASTE all that time and money for "challenges" and avatars? Both are useless trash and now we don't have maps.


Is there a way to get a refund on my membership?


I also find it strange that GC hasn't responded to all our complaints yet. Like usual, they don't care. That is evident by the total crap that they push without QA in their releases.

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I have seen lots of people saying these satellite views are useless but I don't see any comments from Groundspeak themselves - have I missed a statement or some news on this loss of a feature?


UPDATE - I have now found a news item on the website about it. Had sort of expected to see it a little more prominently displayed. Is Groundspeak a non-for-profit organisation? Are there shareholders etc.? If not, doesn't it qualify for continued free usage?

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I doubt Groundspeak is non profit. :laughing:


I for one understand the lack of hybrid and satellite views due to Google cutting off the free service, and I understand why Google has to charge. That's capitalism. Groundspeak will need to adjust too.


If I need Hybrid images I use pocket queries to export to Google Earth, the maps we have now are good enough for getting near by road (or path).


What ever happened to the adventure of finding the path yourself? I enjoy going out with little clue of exactly where the cache is!


MY premium membership is for notifications of new caches - gotta love the FTF game!


PS Play - Hide & Seek a Cache - Or, search with Google Maps. #Ahem#


Edited to add PS

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I'm up for renewal this month. I'm not sure the site remains Premium without working maps, and I'm not happy that part of the utilization of the funds we pay aren't used to procure Premium map products. Why the site is limited to such crappy map products as a result of the cost-cutting measure is also a mystery. The mystery might be diminished if they worked at all. I can suffer their use as a non-Premium member, thank you, and use other map products to actually see what's going on out there. The lack of a hybrid map is ludicrous after spoiling us for so long. I'd suggest checking around and finding some worthwhile map products.


Third party? What goes around comes around. :)

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Nove mapy se mi nelibi vubec. Pred tim to bylo o moc lepsi. Kdyby to slo nak prepnout jako to bylo driv. Satelitni mapa mi taky bvubec nejde a cely se mi to nelibi :-(


New maps are not like me at all. Before that it was much better. Should it go nak switch as it was before. Map bvubec me too, and not the whole, I do not like it :-(

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Same problem - not a happy camper, as planning properly really needs a combo of sat & map (=hybrid!!!) & topo, esp if you're not caching in areas with consistent satellite coverage or decent OSM. Plus not all of us have the same quality of highspeed you get in major urban areas. Another vote here for Upgrade=Downgrade :angry::(:mad:

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This will kill Geocaching using your site here in the United Arab Emirates - without a satellite view, it will be impossible to see the small unrecorded tracks that criss-cross the desert and allow one to place caches in locations where people might be able to rwach them. Now, without access to satellite images, people have no ability via this site to see ranges of large dunes or ways around them.


I will not be renewing my premium membership and am debating at this point to suspend all of my caches in protest. When caches are withdrawn, then you don't have any reason for people to use your site.

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I wasn't happy with the new maps update either. I loaded the Google map script from our Czech friends for Chrome and Firefox and it's very awesome! Yeah the maps are back! Here is the link - in case it's buried - http://userscripts.o...pts/show/125926

Could you post the full link please - can't find it from your post





All those people threatening to withdraw their PM subscription or archive all their caches need to calm down a bit. The Google Map link is still available on each cache page allowing you to view a single cache on Google Maps, that's never been taken away and isn't likely to be; and there's already at least one script (above) which will put the Google maps & satellite view back on the 'Geocaching.com' maps page.


What's the problem?

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These new maps are AWFUL! No hybrid view, no sattelite view, and I can't see most of the streets in Portugal (with the previous maps I could see ALL of the streets, even the smallest ones in villages with 50 inhabitants). This was truly a terrible update - is this what we're paying for?


an upset premium member user from Portugal.

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All those people threatening to withdraw their PM subscription or archive all their caches need to calm down a bit


It's a product from frustrated customers who feel very poorly treated by a company. Lack of information, lack of response to complaints - what is left once complaints are ignored than other than withdrawing your custom? It's clear mapping means a lot to many customers so it shouldn't be any surprise there is upset and bad feeling when it's taken away.


Business 101 - listen to your customers and address their legitimate complaints. Pretty sure I'm not alone in thinking Groundspeak have dealt with this poorly.

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The Google Map link is still available on each cache page allowing you to view a single cache on Google Maps, that's never been taken away and isn't likely to be; and there's already at least one script (above) which will put the Google maps & satellite view back on the 'Geocaching.com' maps page.


What's the problem?


I had also discovered this but was not going to say anything in case it was an oversight and would get withdrawn... If you want to see where any one cache is, on its page you can click on the map (Dynamic Map) and choose satellite - this still works OK. Should we be keeping this quiet?

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I found the old satellite maps to be a big help finding caches. The new ones aren't. What's the point of having these horrid satellite maps if they are useless? Having a graphic of an old rug would be better than looking at the new satellite map. The old satellite maps were great. The new ones are so bad they aren't worth :mad: :mad:using. If this is all about saving money, you could save more by doing away with these useless satellite maps.

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