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  1. Well, that's been it with Adventure Labs for me. Very sad! I was tempted to use - or at least try to use - the Adventure Lab, but I don't believe in the concept which is behind it. The Gods almighty, also known as GC HQ, obviously are not aware that there are many Geocachers who live in regions of this world where you do have poor reception or only a very small bandwidth; enough to use a smartphone as a phone but insufficient for playing apps, loading maps or cartridges. In those areas (not necessarly wilderness, even in Germany you could find such regions) you still could find GEOcaches with a GPSr (not with a smartphone), which are worth the travel, because they meet what was the initial idea behind GEOcaching: show other people fascinating places in nature. I used GEOcaching very often when traveling abroad, to find places of beauty and importance which you will never find in a tourist guide. By GEOcaching I met fascinating people from different countries and culture in very remote spots of this world without cellular phone transmitters. By GEOcaching I was able to show other people the greatness of nature by placing EarthCaches at certain locations. Not a 1000 words could "tell the story" of your feelings there, when standing there and admiring. By GEOcaching I learned a lot about history, technology, culture, about how people think and feel in foreign countries. All this long before I owned my first smartphone. This is how I "play" GEOcaching and will continue to do so as long as possible. And I'm sure I'm not the only one in the GEOcaching community. (Please excuse my poor English, I hope I could make my point)
  2. I got my invitation from GS today, but I'm not sure whether I should test it, because I never created a Lab Cache or Wherigo. To me this new "invention" is a slightly blown up easy to use Wherigo under total control of Groundspeak. I personally belong to the "old folks" who do not necessarily need "new exitement" every year or half (my life still is exciting enough?), but stick to the joy of going to interesting places and combine this with searching for and (hopefully) finding a GEOcache (intentionally spelled this way). Seemingly some people at Groundspeak still dream of GEOcaching becoming the #1 social activity of the world, with zillions of $$$ to be earned... BTW, I do own a smartphone and tried several Geocaching apps, but to me none of them did come up to my expectations and/or meet my requirements.
  3. I know the following lines will be considered heresy by some... For all those, who are not satisfied with the map and other options Groundspeak supplies, there is a Tampermonkey script (yes, I'm aware of problems and issues related to scripts) "GC little Helper", which might be wortth looking into. It also gives you additional very useful functions for every day use for geocachers, which the official pages lack. It has been developed by a few German geocachers. see https://geoclub.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=117&t=80208 for those who read German. Happy Caching to all of you
  4. Thank you for your fast response, but I am aware of this option. Processing messages from the message center by email does not remove the messages from the message center. Therefore it does not solve the (my) problem of an overflooded message center with single one-time messages of people who wrote for the sole purpose of answering the questions of an EarthCache, in order to log the EarthCache.
  5. I have two EarthCaches and I'm receiving the answers to my questions through the messaging Center. It is now clogged with hundreds of such messages. Neither the person who sent the answers nor I will continue to exchange any further messages at all after acknowledging the answers. Why didn't the designers of the messaging center keep that in mind while developing the app? Is there a way to flush all messages, if there is no way to delete individual messages? Hiding is not an acceptable solution. I suggest to include this feature in further updates, because I assume that the current behaviour might also be a violation of European Data Protection Laws. Isebar
  6. Even though I'm absolutely convinced, that I was clicking the right buttons to create a multi-cache this morning (CET) repeatedly, I gave it another try a few minutes ago and - it worked flawlessly! ??? ??? Even IF I had klicked the wrong button and was creating a mystery-cache this morning, the distance between Stage 1 and the final is definitely less than two miles. Judging by the map with the red circles shown in the opening topic, the distance between stage 1 and final is about 1/5 of a mile. This still leaves me wondering... Nevertheless: Case closed! Thank you for your support.
  7. I'm in the process of creating a new Multi which will replace a series of my Tradis. When completing the form for new caches, I always get the error: Final coordinates must be less than 2 miles/3.2 km from the posted coordinates. As a matter of fact they are! (see screen shot below) The 7 red circles closest to the pins indicate caches to be removed. I'm the owner of all the caches shown on this map west of the railroad tracks, including the finals of other Multis which are not shown, but should not interfere with the final of the new Multi. Any idea what went wrong? Any Suggestions are welcome - Thank you in advance
  8. After this situation existed for a few days, i tried as last resort - however after posting - a log out and signing in again. Miraculously this solved the problem!!! I'm quite sure that I tried this before without positive result. Sorry for causing any inconvenience. Isebar
  9. Since the rollback/change to solve the login-problem, I cannot rum tne "My Finds" PQ anymore. It states "never (No Finds)" See attached screenshot at My Find Problem Isebar
  10. Isebar


    For me it's working again! Win7 (64Bit), Firefox 13 Thank you!
  11. Isebar


    Today IS Tuesday .... still no banner indicating a site down for an update As Her Majesty the Queen would put it: I am not amused! Isebar
  12. Well, OSM is widely used and maintained here in Germany and therefore rather accurate. No problem with that, BUT - What really upsets me, is the fact that the highest resolution MapQuest Aerial provides for Germany is about 10 x 10 km (approx. 6 x 6 miles for the non-metric). Therefore it is useless! - "My Topo" gives me "terra incognita"; in other words, cache icons on a plain white surface. This is useless too! - OpenCycle Map uses the maps of OpenStreet Map with a few enhancements for cyclists. Not really a different map. - MapQuest and CloudMade look almost identical here in Germany. Summary: Instead of getting what I payed my PM fee for (partially), I get a service worse than before: 1 (one) map instead of four. I'm rethinking my next renewal. To introduce the "avatars" and "challenges", GS probably spent more money than what they would haved payed Google... My 2 ct
  13. Thank you for the new maps! For me it works perfect using Mozilla Firefox! Some of the features which I really enjoy are - hiding own and found caches - small icons (in densely cached areas like here in Germany, less overlay of labels) - the option to set markers with radius and, most important to me, the size of the map on the screen!!! Again, I personally think that the new maps are a great improvement, keep up the good work! Isebar (Team_F&F_aus_F) Frankfurt, Germany
  14. but what if the mission-tag is simply ignored???? I started the topic some months ago, because this is what happened to twa TB which I brought to Greece from Germany. And I was shocked to read that some experienced cachers took one of the TBs and simply stated that "... the TB told us to bring him to Bavaria", ignoring a letter-sized piece of information on the TB and its mission! I want to take the opportunity to thank all fellow chacher for their answers and opinions. It took a while, but I learned that even the most detailed or simple instruction of an owner can be ignored. Before I will send any Coins or TB on their way I will take that into consideration and make the tag e a s y ! Thanks and Happy Caching
  15. ... the latest development: (when you think it couldn't get worse... ) There was another TB which I brought to Crete - TBYXMZ "Knight of Malta No. 3". It was in a zip-lock bag with a lot of papers clearly stating that the mission is to go from Malta, to Crete, to Rhodes, to Cyprus, and finally to Jerusalem. Someone picked it up at Crete and despite all the instructions moved it to Germany stating: "What a beatiful knight. He told us to bring him to Bavaria to start his next adventure." I still think the owner of a trackable item has the right to give instructions and may expect that these instructions are followed. In both cases, the cachers which neglected the instructions of the owner were no newbies! Isebar
  16. A few weeks ago I found a TB in a TB hotel here in Germany, which had the mission to see as much as possible of Greece. This was written on a little sticker (tiny but still legible) on the plastic bag. Since I planned to spend my vacation in Crete, the largest Greek island, I took it on the journey and dropped it in a cache in Crete. When I returned to Germany to log my drop, I found out that someone from the Netherlands had taken it the very next day and moved it back to the Netherlands. He dropped it there in a cache with one sentence of apology claiming he had just found out the mission of the TB. I'm pretty frustrated that my efforts were annihilated. (Moderators feel free to move to the appropriate topic - I couldn't find one)
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