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  1. Have you considered a smartphone? Live updates of caches, GPS these days are getting better and better (my MOTO G gets a fix in seconds), and you have the convenience of a phone, GPS, camera etc all in one!
  2. I am staying just NW of Atlanta (near the peremiter road) for a week at the end of Jan - I will have a car but will have to work during the day Unfortunately I do not know yet which week it will be so cannot organise an event (if I have enough notice I will). Can anyone suggest some nice routes / caches I can do? I prefer the experience to quantity, and love a good tough terrain challenge (no special equipment though!!)
  3. So you don't kill ticks either? Killing even one wasp to facilitate a cache is just plain wrong. If a bear decides to den-up near a cache hide, do we kill the bear? Is it ok to kill one poison ivy plant to facilitate the cache? One, didn't kill the wasp, just told him to move along. Second, it was easier to move him along than to kill him, though if I had taken the time to aim... Third, guess it is different, but some bats that decided to take up residence between my rain gutter and eaves didn't get a chance to move along. Fourth, wasp nests around/near my house are destroyed without second thought. Fifth, not okay to kill a single wasp? That is funnier than the dihydrogen monoxide. Guess you are against killing whales too. Dunno about where you are from but where I live bats are a protected species, and boasting about killing them would earn you a visit from the RSPCA (uk animal protection busybodies).
  4. Clan Riffster - 32x128 pixels of text, picture, whatever! No moving pics but you can set the time between each to make the 8 pics look like they are moving. Measures 300mm long by 33mm at widest end (too large for 32mm pipe anyway!)
  5. Depends on text size - it is really more displaying pictures, which you can also make yourself. I think it even does moving pics but don't quote me on that... Will check specs tonight. Am starting to like the idea of hiding in a branch, just got to get it there!
  6. Thanks for all the replies - the wand is an electronic device that displays the coords when you wave it. It is only a stage in a multi, not the cache. I may as well share, as it makes for a great cache - just Google "Go Go Cheer Bar". It keeps its programming even without batteries, and the first one lasted a few months in the wild. The first was in a PVC pipe with no ends and just wrapped well in a plastic bag before being put in the pipe. Pipe was (I think) painted in camo colours, and stood upright in the middle of a decaying tree stump. The new one I want to lay down, so was hoping to seal the container better. Am going to measure the wand tonight to see what I can get away with - I like the branch idea but no longer live near the cache so postage may be an issue there!! (a local maintains it but creating a stage is a bit much to ask)
  7. So I have a 'magic wand' that is a stage of a nightcache - it has been muggled and I need to sort a new container. As it is a stage all I need to fit in is the wand - and it fits perfectly in a piece of PVC piping - using two different size pipes I think I can make a container that opens in the middle, all I need to do is seal the ends... ...and not have it look like a pipe bomb. Suggestions anyone?
  8. Why not just list it yourself? I am assuming there are no proximity issues! You could even ask the reviewer to lock the archived listing! I would just find it and log it.
  9. Really? I thought you were a well established figure around here! you certainly seem fast on the FTF! If you like hills you can do the Walking Cave Man series. I enjoyed Kellingly Pit but may be more than 3 miles. And how about Burn Airfield which is a 4 mile walk with plenty of different cache containers - some quite fun. If all else fails how about a small section of the South Hunsley 12 Mile Walk? See you on the trail!
  10. I used to live there, where about did you place it? (The Facebook group 'Geocaching Channel Isles' is good for local knowledge)
  11. If your tablet is Android the Google Maps features an offline mode, get the area you want, menu - make avaiable offline. Simples ;-)
  12. Well finds are up to 497 thanks to Kellingly Pit Walk series, just need to make sure I get 2 more before Alum bay! Delta68 - great blog - I wish I had the time, money and partner who caches like that! Sounds like the Needles battery is worth a visit - although there are 9 of us so may cost more than £10! Now it all depends on the weather... Looks like it will be cold & dry (mostly)
  13. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions - will be armed and ready when we get there! Now I just need to bump up my finds as I want to get the Alum Bay Earthcache as no.500!
  14. Thanks Maple Leaf - just in case we end up in that end of the island I have solved the puzzle (even brute forced the 2nd part). Now if the opportunity arises I will be ready to bring the family to a great viewpoint! TFTC (so to speak!)
  15. I am off for a holiday on IOW for half term week (don't ask why )! I am going with family so it is not a caching holiday, but will get the opportunity to do a few whist I am there. Can any of the locals or previous holidaymakers suggest one 'Must Do' cache on the island? (I will be going to Alum Bay anyway so will get the Earthcache there) Cheers in advance Aaron
  16. One find and one hide. But that is only due to the lack of them near me - something I aim to change soon (well, in the next few months once I have finished writing it). First was written with Builder, this time I am trying Urwigo. Oh, and I use an HTC Desire Android phone for all GC / WIG activities!
  17. Just had a first look at Wherigo\\kit and have to say for a beginner to Wherigo it is superb! So much so that the first Wherigo I followed could have been made in it! I hope one day Ranger Fox decides to do more with it, as I am sure a man of his talents could do say - multiple branches of the route (choose your own adventure style) and still keep it as simple as it is. That's it - just praise for the man and the builder (which really deserves its own pin at the top of this forum along with Urwigo and Earwigo for newbies to see).
  18. Nope, the behaviour is the same no matter how many points - it works it out from the zones centre. It does mean if you have a long thin zone this will trigger if you are near the centre but outside the zone, and not if you are in the zone but at one end. In my case I could solve it with placing the zone well, just about get away with a 140m distance from centre that hits all the right points but misses the wrong ones. Thanks for the input, I really need every bit of help building these things.
  19. I visited the final of a puzzle 3 times, and it was replaced and muggled in between each visit! It was archived but the CO offered me to log a find first. I politely declined, my caching buddy got the smiley. It depends how you want to play, I would rather have an accurate account of my caching life, just in case one day I am famous and someone wants to read it. The CO was a reviewer so morally it must be ok! (just to avoid ambiguity there is some tounge in cheek above)
  20. Hmm, this is again going from the centre point of the zone rather than the actual zone dimensions, so has to assume that the zone is round. Try this with a rectangular zone and you will get very odd results! Ah well, we have to work with what we have - many thanks for the suggestion! (I will probably still use your code in another part of the cart anyway )
  21. Thanks for the response - from my testing this means that I cannot do this with Urwigo as it must use the wrong property. Earwigo again then....!
  22. I class myself as fairly tech savvy and quite logical. Why on earth can I not get an IF expression that fires when the player is within proximity of a zone? I have tried with Wherigo Builder and Urwigo, and neither one will fire in the Emulator. Basically I have characters and items that I want to perform differently when in different zones. I am using Proximity as I know that some Garmin's have problems with being 'In' the zone (onEntry not working etc). I have attached the test.lua but here is the relevant code: function zitemItem:OnCommand() -- #GroupDescription=Script -- -- #Comment=Script Comment -- if zoneZone.ZoneState == "Proximity" then Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[inProximity]],} else Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[Not InProximity]],} end end So tell me - is it just me? Test.zip
  23. Found it - 'Distance to a Zone' works differently to how I would expect! It is actually a True/False to being InProximity or In the zone.
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