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  1. i cant log in either :(
  2. i though there was an update yesterday ? so it could be another 4 weeks yet on top of the 5-6 weeks you said back in April ? To be honest, i havent used the maps since you lost google maps, so i feel i am not getting my moneies worth being a P/Member wont renew next time
  3. My membership runs out in 10 days can anyone shed any light on the maps situaction and if its going to get fixed ?????
  4. my re newal is in march, i am not sure i will pay again due to the maps situaction, its rubbish !!!
  5. the new maps are rubbish !!!!! cant get them very unhappy
  6. Hi there, I have set up a cache for a mates birthday without any probs, but now i want to make him the owner of the cache ? how did i do it as it still sends e mails to me when someone has done it
  7. i have bought and put out there 4 TB/TC and 3 are now missing ............. i wont be buying anymore
  8. its been to a 150 caches with him with out dropping it in any thats a lot mate............ think you would agree thats not how a TB/TC should work ? hey ?
  9. just looked they have been to 3 caches today, one of which was big enough to put it in oh well .............. i have had 4 TB/TC now and 3 have been lost/kept ...................... buying no more thats not the sport
  10. i have sent 2 eamils asking them to leave it in the next one thsy visit which was last week when i e mailed him, and since he has been out and stil not put it in any i dont think i am not being to unfair
  11. no its just been dipped in caches about 40 of them since march and i have looked at the size of the caches are some were big enough for it
  12. Hi there a member has had my TC since the 7th march BUT still visiting caches right up to a few days ago they keep dipping it in caches not leaving it in any !! i have sent him e mails and put a log on the site what can i do ?
  13. Come on geocaching.com please sort out the maps!! they are really slow and sometimes dont load up the caches on the page its really slllllloooowwwww getting fedup with this
  14. i am having problems with my PQ last week it was fine i got the logs in the caches as well as hits and all that, but now when i download new ones i dont get the logs of the caches i havent changed anything please help
  15. tried 5 now all still with out logs, everthing else is fine
  16. the new site is rubbish the maps are not working for me, i now have a problem with GPX files, its sooooooooooooooo slow, think i will not renew next yr ........................... not happy
  17. Hi there, last week before the new site lay out i had no problem loading GPX files that had the logs to all the caches attached, however now i cant seem to get the logs anymore on loading new GPX files? i am loading them to my colorado 300 Help?
  18. Hi there i have published my cache with no probs but its for someone else and we both want to be joint owners? how do we go about it ? help
  19. the maps bit works on IE7 but wont work on AOL, i click on the find a cache link, then click search with google maps and before it use to bring up a map with caches on in the US? i then put in where i wanted and it would come up bit of a pain i will have to log on to IE7 everytime i wish tio use this site and load caches to my colorado
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