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  1. For sure! But if this... along with the other examples on this thread are any indication, then something dodgy is going on.
  2. Looks like it's a "virtual" and finding it is a D5 Ha! I was reminded of this thread when I didn't renew my premium this year and received an email from Groundspeak "C8W9, did you forget something?" trying to sell me a premium membership. As they still have not been honest about the VAT, then I don't think that I've forgotten to do anything. Has Groundspeak still forgot to tell us this information? Let me remind them of some information from HMRC:
  3. Has the VAT number been made available yet?
  4. It already has, all the up front pages say $30, but when you click through to actually pay it changes and says your location is UK, and the price changes to £24.99. When you're paying, click "not your location", change it to the US, pay for it in dollars. If you want ultimate cover, create a "dead-drop" account, make it premium as above, run all your PQ's from there, then log your finds etc. on your current account.
  5. What's there to stop me from clicking on "not my location" when purchasing a membership, changing it to US, and then paying in dollars through Paypal? I don't believe this is a VAT related increase.
  6. Thanks. Thought I was short, sweet, and to the point! Maybe I'll write more after I collect the nano.
  7. Hmm... Well, I changed some of mine PMO because I became fed up with having to replace them. I've got a trail with some non-standard caches on it, and I'm not saying that it was all "regular" members, but usually when one of the containers was destroyed, the last finders were regular members. And usually new cachers with low find count. Made the trail PMO, and so far I haven't had to rush out to repair any, or spend any more money on the trail. Was becoming far too expensive. They're also holding SWAG nicely, rather than been constantly empty. Perhaps if you ever place cache's yourself, you'll encounter similar issues, and see that there's a benefit to making your own cache's PMO.
  8. Started with a jailbroken iPod Touch + GPS.... then got an iPhone... then got a Dakota 20... then went back to the iPhone! Google maps, WiFi, Internet all outweigh the so-called "better" accuracy of a handheld GPS. For battery life, I'd recommend the "Veho VCC-A007-PBP Pebble 5000mAH Portable Battery Pack Charger for iPod, iPhone, Mobile Phones and PSP" available on Amazon uk for £18.00. Tends to get about 4 recharges before I need to recharge the battery! Also comes with a set of adapters for various phones.
  9. LOL! At least it would sort out the bickering.
  10. Ditto, but isn't that against the legendary guidelines - "additional logging requirements" For me: - very poor cache, i.e. film canister chucked under a tree / lamppost / otherwise cheap container in a dire location - "it is there" - normal cache - probably a sentence or two, tftc if I'm doing a series with a long log at the start. - good cache / location - paragraphs / photos / favourite points! I suppose that the effort I go into writing logs depends upon the effort that I believe the cache placer has taken to 1) leave a decent/interesting container and 2) find a good location for it. Also I don't buy the Smartphone logging argument. I use a smartphone to keep a record of which one's I've found on the day, and upload these as field notes. I then have the choice of whether you want to leave a decent log or something brief before they go onto the website.
  11. Wasn't there a case a while ago about a coin thief in Germany, where they set up a camera to catch him stealing the coins, then reported it to the police? As for the caches, if he's not premium, make the lot PMO. May slow him down a bit.
  12. Providing the box arrives containing earrings rather than white powder in plastic bags, you'll be fine!
  13. Sure! Jailbreak it, get RoqyBT4, Geosphere, and then buy a cheap external GPS unit for it! Was my setup for my first ~100 finds, and only cost around £30.
  14. 2, 3, 4, plus the "that's a great location" favorite point.
  15. Only buy a handheld GPS if you want a waterproof unit. iPhone battery a problem - get a cheap field charger for it. Accuracy - very little difference between my 4s and handheld Dakota 20. I can download unlimited amount of caches into Geosphere on my iPhone, I can only download a limited amount into the GPS. I can also download and browse logs on the cache page in the field with the iPhone, and use Google maps! I can't do this with a GPS. For now, I'd suggest you stick with the iPhone. You've only had a few finds so far, and who knows, as time goes on, you may no longer enjoy 'caching.
  16. It is not fake in the slightest. What does a webcam cache boil down to - taking a photo of you at the location. Be it using a webcam or a camera, the output is the same - a photo of you at the location. Now, this cacher has taken the time, trouble, and expense to pay for gas to travel 30-40 miles to the cache location, only to discover that the webcam's don't work. A local cacher has posted on the page that this is not a one off (would have been better for the CO to do this on the description). The cacher didn't know this. The webcam requires a photo of you there, so what difference does it make if they used their camera as the webcam wasn't working? I'd probably say delete the find if the webcam was working and the cacher couldn't be bothered, but that's not the case, and to me the cache owner sounds like a right jobsworth. Since the webcam not working seems to be a regular issue, I'd use a needs archived.
  17. Think you should ask yourself whether you need a GPS or not. I wouldn't use accuracy as an argument - I recently bought a Dakota 20, and overall it's more or less on par with the iPhone 4s for accuracy. If you can get within 5-10 meters, then you can probably work out where the cache is. Also remember that the original coordinates in the cache page may not be very accurate either - so a GPS may make no difference. For me the only advantages of a GPS unit are: waterproof, can change the batteries in the field. It sounds like battery life is an issue for you, so you could buy a GPS for that reason. However an alternative is to buy a rechargeable battery pack for your phone, such as a "Veho VCC-A007-PBP / Pebble Portable 5000mah Battery Pack" and use that. I have one and it can recharge my iPhone 5 times in the field, and was 10% of the cost of the Dakota. So have a think first. If you want it purely for battery - then I wouldn't bother
  18. Bus / trains and focus upon urban caching?
  19. What is your favorite kind of swag? Anything new / personalized / which I haven't seen before What is your least favorite kind of swag? Junk! Come on folks, Poundland ain't that expensive! Did you ever find a piece of swag that made you MAD? Not yet Did you ever find a piece od swag that made you really happy? A burger king 'operation' magnetic mini game. (And it still worked!) What is the most unusually piece of swag you ever found? A hand made knitted dolphin(?) creature Anything you want say about swag. A cache without swag is like a Sunday Roast without Gravy!
  20. Don't worry OP, happened to one of mine as well. Just send the C/O a message so they can disable it until it's replaced.
  21. Don't worry about it OP, just... Strongly doubt whether anyone will delete a log!
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