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  1. There have been many events, locations, etc that I have seen people beg for them to create a souvenir for and instead we get 31 for days in August 2013 - what is up with that? This makes no sense to me? Why August? What's up with this souvenir inflation? Maybe I'll boycott geocaching.com in August instead to keep my profile clean.
  2. Just like with Federal Reserve Notes, the more you print, the less they are worth. Please do not cheapen souvenirs with this souvenir QE.
  3. Please add a size between small and regular(your new medium). The small size range is too large. Why not used medium in between and keep regular. A full size ammo can will always be regular.
  4. I don't get it, things looked pretty good before - why change it? Geocaching.com seems to change unnecessarily and way too frequently. Can we get something that works and just stick with it. I'd prefer to just focus on caching and not have all these distractions caused by changing the site all the time.
  5. The new maps no longer zoom. I am only able to zoom in by double-clicking. To zoom out, I have to exit and reload the map. The "+" and "-" zoom buttons are not clickable and do nothing. Just like the scale that was originally missing, this seems like a very basic map feature. The aerial views that completely didn't work originally now kinda work at higher out zoom levels, but there is still a ton of room for improvement there as well. As a final thought, please get rid of the mapping area that shows up faded on the left under the search commands (the area to the right is completely sufficient). This just messes up the centering of the map for zooming ... assuming zooming works,... which is doesn't. :-(
  6. For great distances, such as Japan to Alaska, the travel bug map is no longer showing these over the shortest distance, but instead mapping around the world the long way. This used to work and I wonder if it broke with the change to the these troubled new maps earlier this year. Could the distance calculations have also been impacted? As an additional note, I liked the old bug distance maps alot better than these new ones. Can you please fix the maps to show the distance lines correctly? Thanks!
  7. Two thoughts on "stash notes" (as I have just learned they seem to be called): 1) The Groundspeak version seems too long. Make it shorter and also work on the formatting a bit and it will be more likely that finders read it. I like something closer to what was posted above. 2) The biggest omission is that the note needs to cover trackables. We could save alot of trackables from going missing if every cache had a stash note that instructed newbies that these aren't for keeping.
  8. I had this in the generic forum, but no one had the full answer. I don't think it is very clear how this stat is calced and we need the help of some technical people or Groundspeaking folks... How specifically does Groundspeak calculate the "Trackables Logged" and "Trackables Moved/Discovered" in the User Profile? One of the big mystery areas of this is how owned trackables are treated. Alot of people think that your owned trackables don't count, but I've found this isn't always true. It does appear that discoveries of owned trackables may be excluded though. For other (non-owned) trackables, does the formula use the retrieved log, dropped off log, or both combined? I've heard that the stat only counts unique trackables, so no counting multiple moves, but can this be confirmed? I wish Groundspeak would just publish their formula or script so there wasn't so much guessing. Thanks all!
  9. I did some testing today and retrieving from a cache doesn't always count toward the total at least for owned trackables. It's weird though - I thought maybe owned bugs/coins are excluded altogether but I can tell from my own stats that they aren't always. The formula must not be so simple. Any guesses?
  10. I've been trying to find this, does anyone know specifically how Groundspeak calculates the "Trackables Logged" and "Trackables Moved/Discovered" in the User Profile? Do all discoveries count? What about on owned trackables? How do they define moved - is it retrieved and dropped or just dropped? What if you move a trackable twice? Thanks.
  11. I can't recall which forum topic I discovered this, but THANK YOU everyone who has shared this information and saved the day, getting us back our functioning maps, with terrain and satellite once again. HOORAY! I had never before used Firefox, but with all these cool add-ins, I may never go back.
  12. Maps don't zoom in fully. At the last couple zoom levels the map information is all a solid color and only the caches show up. Additionally, the scale on the maps is missing. Isn't that a mapping basic? - what happened to it?
  13. Thank you for fixing the PQs - this changes everything.
  14. Satellite map load time is very slow. And scrolling and zooming is almost impossible. Additionally, I really miss the terrain maps. At least PQs finally work again though. Wish we didn't have to keep breaking one feature to fix another. These site "upgrades" really scare me because I don't know what nice feature I will lose next.
  15. I understand the need to drop Google given the pricing issue, and the new road maps seem fine, though slower, but the main issue is the satellite maps are so so so slow to load that it's pointless to even use them. If you limit Google maps to just satellite and terrain maps, and only for premium members, perhaps this will enough to get out of that 0.35% of users and it will be free again. I really really miss Google's great terrain maps :-( At the very least we need to get some usable satellite maps! On the other side of things, THANK YOU SO MUCH, for finally bringing back mappable PQs. Hooray!
  16. Just a thought, but instead of the finds per day (or potentially in addition to), how about 1 finds per every X weeks/days/hours. Looking at the stat this ways seems so much more interesting to me. Seeing 0.XXXXX finds per day is close to meaningless for alot of us. I think flipping this around into how frequently you find a cache would be relevant from everyone down from the daily cachers to the casual ones. And if people are passionate about the 0.0000 per day, fine, give us both.
  17. I really like the small map that you have on the GeoCoin Home page. What would be great though is to have the ability to navigate away from your small local area to see more geocoins nearby. For me, I don't normally cache in the area shown, but a fit further away from my home coordinates simply do to living in a city and caching in the state parks. I don't think you need to do anything fancy and you could even limit the zoom level if needed - I just want to be able to scroll away from the small region that is populated by default. I realize you can do a PQ based on trackables, but that is ALL trackables and not specific to geocoins. Also, you can't map the PQs very well anymore and even if that issue was fixed, seeing the geocoin icon and having the info page is what I like about the GeoCoin Home map feature. Of course the other drawback of this map is that I already know that half those geocoins aren't REALLY there and that the coin and cache owners just haven't marking them as missing (or someone hasn't logged them elsewhere). Thanks for hearing me out!
  18. Uhh, you can. There's still a link in the upper-right that says "Back to original maps" You can even get a PQ to show on the old maps with a little URL manipulation. The issue is using PQs with a map. Sure you can switch to the old map, but what good does that do you when you can't see your PQ there? There is no way to run a PQ using the old map (which is the one that worked with these). I checked too to see if the URL changes at all when you select different PQs in beta as per your comment, but it doesn't. So what is this manipulation that solves this problem?
  19. You said it! What baffles me is why not just let us use the old map that worked great if we want to. Why is groudspeak so obsessed with this new beta map? - I really don't get it. They sure seem to have some agenda that doesn't involve making their existing customers happy - isn't that really why the Feedback forum was shut down, to try to silence the requests to fix things like this.
  20. With the Feedback site and abilities decommissioned :-(, I feel like we need to start all over again in getting Groundspeak to pay attention to this bug they created when switching to beta maps. Please bring back this feature! We shouldn't have to download a PQ and go use external programs to look at it (although thanks for the workaround guys) - this is a basic service that should be covered in premium membership. Or at the very least make it a platinum member service and sign me up. In a related beta map bug, ignored caches still show up. That's my backup filtering tool and it doesn't work either :-(
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