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  1. They should be far away from graves and their accoutrements as possible, as easy to find as possible, with the biggest hints possible. Everything possible to keep the most reckless of seekers from damaging anything. After that, I very much like to think that the residents are pleased to have respectful visitors come by.
  2. If you do FB you might try the BC Geocaching Association group, and/or the Metro Vancouver Geocachers page. I don't know how active they are.
  3. If I recall correctly, newer TomToms can accept custom points of interest BUT they make you create a "MyDrive" account and then log into that webpage and use it to load POIs to the unit. This could have changed though since I last looked.
  4. Unless I am absolutely in need of a promised fix, the last thing I will want to do is install new Garmin firmware "ASAP".
  5. I don't know for certain, but when I was looking to replace my TomToM One XL a few years back I got the impression that you could only import files to newer TomTom devices by creating a TomTom MyDrive account and using a web based interface.
  6. What that map shows as a curve towards the north then a swing down to Oroville is really much much more. It was steep enough that trains stopped on the way down to let their breaks cool. ETA: The dots mean nothing. They are just points used to draw the line.
  7. Add one more annoyed person to this list. App has been notifying me of a "new" souvenir since the Feb 20th souvenir came out.
  8. My thick adhesive waterproof "duct" tape, once I sized the eraser correctly, has never been off, nor has it slid around. Admittedly, there will be one heck of a residue though if I ever did have to remove it
  9. My power button started acting up, and then I noticed that it was disintegrating, allowing it to miss the little switch inside. I had planned to replace the unit, so made a "temporary" fix....about 3 years ago It's just part of pink eraser off a pencil, with a little notch cut to seat it on the switch, and then some thick adhesive waterproof tape.
  10. I was scrolling down through the logs of a cache and then clicked the "Back To Top" arrow to, well, get back to the top. Instead of taking me to the top it took me to this search page. https://www.geocaching.com/seek/#top That does not seem like the correct behaviour.
  11. This would be the kind of TB I would be most inclined to move along.
  12. We have developers looking into this issue and will hopefully have a resolution soon. For whichever reason, my recently viewed caches have finally begun to appear.
  13. My recently viewed caches have appeared for the first time ever!
  14. I've still yet to see my recently viewed caches. They simply never load.
  15. All these improvements and I've still not seen the recently viewed caches on the new dashboard. Across five different browsers, on two different computers, it has _never_ successfully loaded.
  16. Still get the spinning circle of impending waiting instead of my recently viewed caches. On the plus side, the error message it throws up when it fails is staying where it belongs instead of removing the recent logs.
  17. Not sure if this should be reported as a bug since it's not standard yet, so I'm posting it here. When I go the new dashboard.... "Recent Logs" loads instantly, "Recently Viewed" _never loads_, just the spinning circle of waiting. After a short bit, the "Recently Viewed" is still a spinning circle, and the "Recent Logs", that had been there, changes to an error box saying, "We couldn't load recently viewed caches. Refresh the page to try again." Yes, I did refresh the pages. Windows 10, Google Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit), no extensions or scripts running. Same issue in Firefox, and, lord help me, Micro$oft Edge Also, the settings gear icon seems to be in a strange place down by the logs, and then disappears.
  18. Hi Mr. Kaswa! Stay dry up there! Hello! I think the rain as already leaked in.... I just now clicked on this being the iphone forum
  19. On my Android.... From a cache details page, tap the three white dots and select "Open in Browser".
  20. Ugh. Try that after sending (I'm using GSAK) caches to an Oregon 450 (though it's not the only model where this is a potential issue). I always use GSAK and my Or600 (Colorado300 before that), never "safely ejected" my GPS, USB storage or anything else USB. No problems whatsoever (Win7). And unless I eject my 450, it starts to load the new files and actually turns itself off about halfway through the process. The screen just fades to gray.
  21. I should have said that I agree with the need for the ability to filter or sort the PQs.
  22. I don't know about other browsers and OSes but, using Chrome in Windows, I hold down the Ctrl key when I check the day boxes. This causes the browser to launch a new tab to show the checked box and leaves the current page wherever you have scrolled to instead of reloading it back to the top. Only drawback being that the current tab does not show any of the boxes that you have checked, so it can be easy to lose your place.
  23. This is a terrible example. I would claim that the stars are put around "FTF" specifically to emphasize it, so rendering it in italics is quite logical. The whole point of markdown is that it does fancy rendering for what some people have always done to indicate in plain text something that could be expressed better in a more modern environment. The real problem cases are the ones where markdown actually changes what was intended, including the astonishing case where "23." is changed to "1.". Of course the asterisks are put around "FTF" to emphasize it, that's not really much of a claim. However, just because someone has used the asterisks to do so, does not make it logical for the software to decide that I wanted italics. Would it be just as logical if it had chosen bold, underlined, or superscript as how I had meant to emphasize it? My point, though, applies to both "*FTF*" and "23." And I say again that any system that, instead of allowing a user to choose formatting, forces them to learn how to prevent the unintended formatting of their logs, is inherently flawed. Edited to add: It seems that the "23." situation has been fixed.
  24. Any system that creates formatting because I've typed something as innocuous as, "*FTF*", or that requires the average user to hunt down and learn the fact that a "\" placed in just the right spot will prevent said unintentional formatting, is fully borked.
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