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Cache saturation test! Join in!


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Thanks! Your pocket query has been saved and currently results in 58 caches.


Wow, I guess there is a price for living in a small town. I can't even imagine having a 1000 caches in less then 10 mile radius.


This got me thinking so I ran one from my inlaws in Calgary, AB. Maxed out at 1000 in 10 miles. So I started reducing the radius until I got


Thanks! Your pocket query has been modified and currently results in 923 caches in a 6 mile radius.

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I'm in Round Rock, TX (just north of Austin) and I get 914 within 10 miles.


Edit to add:


I went back and checked from my work zip code in south central Austin. That's another 944 within 10 miles with no overlap with my home proximity since I live 25 miles from my office.


So between work and home, that's 1858 caches in my immediate stomping grounds that does not even cover the entire greater Austin area.

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Well, Coldgears we are relatively close geographically, but getting just a little bit out of the congested metro area does make a big difference. 203 from Southeastern Berks County PA. Might be a few more as I have a relatively short (20+/-) ignore list, some of which are within that range.

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