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  1. I have totally lost interest in geocaching. Problem is, I am the owner of several caches, some of which are pretty popular. One of them recently got muggled again, and I no longer have the time or inclination to go fix it, so I archived it. Someone who lives near the cache has volunteered to take it over, but neither of us knows what we have to do to make that happen. How can we do it?
  2. *All* Garmin firmware is beta (unless it is Alpha).
  3. These will all fit the Garmin GPSMap 60c, 60cx, and 60csx series GPS receivers. 1) Garmin soft case (new price is $19.99) 2) Garmin bicycle mount with two handlebar clamps and cradle (new price is $17.99 + $10.91) 3) RAM cradle (cradle and hardware only, not the whole RAM mount) (new price $8.76) 4) Skinomi TechSkin Full Body protector (new, never installed, new price $19.99) 5) Extra Garmin "button" for the rear of the GPS (part of bicycle mount kit) $35.00 for the whole bunch. Pick them up in San Francisco, or I can ship to you in CONUS for $11.00 additional.
  4. OK, let me know if I can help. Will PM you my contact info.
  5. You are in SF or nearby, aren't you? If you like we could meet and do some caching and you could try my Qstarz BT-Q818XT with your phone. You'd just need to install "Bluetooth GPS" from the market.
  6. Tip... I usually wear a hat while caching (for sun protection), and you can simply put the Qstarz on top of your head and then put your hat on. Or, velcro it to the top of your hat for that truly geeky look.
  7. Mine is on uninstall, then install NeonGeo. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.neongeo.app&feature=search_result.
  8. I have an Otterbox Defender on my HTC Inspire 4G. Some of the videos on youtube about that case are impressive. There is one where a guy with an iphone in one turns on the video camera and then tosses it off a 22 story balcony. The video twists around and swoosh-swoosh-swooshes and then it hits the cement... laying on its back, it's looking back up at the guy who threw it and still working.
  9. I wonder if v1.06 is something used on OpenCaching.com?
  10. I use it with the free "Bluetooth GPS" app from the android market: https://market.android.com/details?id=googoo.android.btgps&feature=search_result It interfaces the BT GPS to the apps on the phone using something called the "mock provider" interface. In effect, it pretends to be your phone's internal GPS and when an app needs GPS it will use your BT one instead of the internal. A side benefit of this is drastically decreased phone battery consumption, because the internal GPS is a major battery hog. The Qstarz will last up to 42 hours on a single charge of its internal lithium battery pack.
  11. It is. The developer is extremely dedicated (and is an active geocacher with several thousand finds). The rate at which he is adding features (ones that are USEFUL and work properly) is astounding. Here's a screenshot: ... and another, showing one of my caches in Google Satellite view (way better than Garmin's BirdPoop:
  12. I reported the compass issues to them months ago, back around firmware version 2.50. Their response (on July 15, 2011) was: "I took a Montana out today to OX1AABN just now, configured like your unit, with a recent version of city navigator. The current behavior is disappointing. I had no problems with direct routing, but using the compass with city navigator was unusable. We will correct this." Looks like it still hasn't been fixed. The behavior is still "disappointing".
  13. Look at the Qstarz BT-Q818XT as a replacement for the Holux. I have one and am extremely happy with it.
  14. This will solve your battery problem: http://www.monoprice...&seq=1&format=2 For a little over sixteen bucks, too. Any 5V output battery pack with a micro USB connector will work on your phone, it doesn't need to be a Motorola Bionic Droid - specific battery pack. I use a 4800mAh one with my HTC Inspire 4G. I just toss it in my backpack with a cord coming out and run that cord down one of the backpack straps, so it is available whenever I need it. With that battery pack and my external bluetooth GPS (a Qstarz BT-Q818XT), I can run my phone's backlight on full intensity all the time, and using the NeonGeo app (light years better than the "official" app), it's the best GPS I have ever owned. Way better than anything Garmin or Magellan makes.
  15. It usually takes at least a year for Garmin to get most of the bugs out.
  16. If you have any doubt, the #1 item ("Travel Bug Logs") on the Android App's feedback forum, with 540 votes from users to fix it, has been in "This feature is planned for an upcoming release" status for over a year. See http://feedback.geoc...travel-bug-logs In contrast, read the forums and the changelog for NeonGeo: http://www.neongeo.com/forum/index.php That's just ONE GUY developing the product. One guy who cares about his customers getting a quality product that does what they need.
  17. You'd save yourself a lot of frustration by just taking a 10 dollar bill out of your wallet and burning it, then use C:Geo or NeonGeo instead.
  18. Ask over on http://www.exploristforum.com ... those guys know these units inside & out. You're pretty much in Garmin country here.
  19. No hate. Now that I don't have to deal with them any more, I find the whole thing fascinating to watch, kind of like the way we stare at a car wreck when we drive by.
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