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  1. Looks like our generous overlords have given us back the hiking sub-forum!
  2. Moun10Bike you are the calm in the storm! Thanks for the quick response. I am not opposed to change. I just got startled by the abruptness of it. Once again thanks for getting back to us.
  3. Like I said before, I think we need to wait for someone from GS to make a statement before we get to worked up. I hope they answer my How Do I thread. It is possible that their is just a bug in a reorganization. In the past GS has placed "deleted" subforums in the read only section. The don't generally just "nuke" them. Let's hope we get some good clean info soon.
  4. Yeah and I don't understand deleting active forums. You would think that hiking is more relevant to geocaching than ham radio. Yet the ham radio forum is still there. I hope this is just a reorganization and that our beloved sub forums will reappear.
  5. I was browsing in "The Hunt" clicked back to go back to the thread list and nothing there. I got redirected to the main forum list and "The Hunt" along with a few others have just disappeared. I am just hoping that a Mod or Groundspeak employee can clarify. I couldn't find any info in the announcements forum to suggest this was planned. I may have missed it though. Help please!!
  6. They aren't even in the read only. I doubt they would just delete whole forums. Do you have any thing from Groundspeak or are you just guessing Skater?
  7. I can't find the hunt or hiking anywhere. There is a new forum though "How do I ..."
  8. Well today we (Wife [Kraezy] our three kids [ages 7,6,3] our Lab/Husky Simba and I went on a geocaching hike a little over 2km. With a possible four geocaches to find. We found three of them, sadly I believe our one dnf is buried under a goodly amount of snow. The geocaches led us along a little reservoir and creek until we hit private property. Rather than follow the creek back out we thought we would take the high ground with more room for our geoDog to run. Well we were walking back and just got within sight of our CachingStar (windstar van the kids nicknamed) when we noticed that Simba was in the field on the other side of a barb wire fence. Our oldest son called to her and she came running as a faithful dog will do. Unfortunately her faithfulness out weighed her intelligence and she tried to jump the whole fence. She didn't make it and is now spending the night at the vet clinic. She had some stitches and some staples to put her face back together. Luckily she didn't injure anything but skin and fur and seemed to be in no discomfort. She was still playful and allowed me to inspect and check the wounds. The vet said she will be all healed up and ready to run and play in just a few days. A funny side note. I had to call in the on call vet due to it being Sunday. When I told her the story she said "So this will be a Lab then?" I hadn't told her the breed yet. I said "Yes, a cross with a husky but how did you know?" and she responded "Oh, Labs are running into stuff all the time, most common dog I do stitches on due to accidents like this." Who knew? Edit: That is Simba in my profile pic! Right after the Best of the Bad mega event this last fall!
  9. Cheapest I could find. The smaller 30 cal ammo cans were $15 and half the size! This is in Calgary AB Canada as well. If that matters.
  10. I am planning to hide my first cache in the next few weeks. So far I have only bought the container, a 50 cal ammo can. It cost me $20. I have a plan for camouflage and contents that should probably put the cache around $70 when all is finished. Seems like a lot now that I right it down. But I want my first hide to be a good one so onwards and upwards!
  11. I had a lot of family that kept asking me "Geocaching? What is it?" So I made a blog about it to send to them all. It also covers some of the fun times we have had while geocaching. You are more than welcome to take a peek if you like. It can be found at mikeandhike.blogspot.com/
  12. It is too bad about your series being denied. I think it is a great idea. I understand why the no-soliciting rules are there. I just don't understand why there isn't an allowance for themed caches that are informational and not at all affiliated directly with any form of money taking. I.E. businesses and charities. After all aren't Earth caches all soliciting? You have to go to a specific place and learn information. And in many cases you have to pay to get to them or are encouraged to leave a donation.
  13. I'm a geocaching "Mom" as well. Alright, I'm actually a Dad but after getting laid off 3 times in 6 months I'm now at home and my wife is working. I have 3 kids ages 7,5,&3. We love geocaching. We haven't been caching in a little bit now as I am trying to make sure my #100 is memorable. I love the fact that the geocaching gets us outside and to places we have never been before. Generally I allow the kids each one trade Item per day and they try and get the coolest swag trade they can. Our minivan is getting full to overflowing with small toys. The one thing to look out for where we are is Mosquitoes. Bug spray is a must for our days out.
  14. I just finished reading your e-zine and thought it was great. The content was great. I especially enjoyed the video. It look like a very polished product. All in all well worth the time to read it. How often do you plan on releasing new issues? Great work keep it up!
  15. Best thing I could think of is search his email for the verification email when he signed up. Or maybe email Groundspeak from the email account that he used to buy his premium membership.
  16. I am an equal opportunity cacher. I will find any cache that I am physically able to find. My opinion on micros is that they are great for taking you to a location and not so great at being creative. One example is GC15AF8, without this micro I would never have discovered a really cool place in a little Alberta town. There is no way anyone could have hidden a larger container at the location. So I find some boring micros in parking lots and once in a while stumble upon a really cool one.
  17. If they do implement a change I hope it is optional.
  18. 1. The challenge of getting to the cache 1. Discovering new places 2. Meeting other cachers (Haven't met many yet but I hope to meet more) 2. The challenge of the final find 2. Statistics and numbers (I am a geek and love the stats function) 3. Swag (My kids would rank this higher though) 7. Travelbugs and trackables (Not to interesting, yet!)
  19. My 2 cents. I personally think that the social/community aspect of geocaching is one of the things that got me interested. I also enjoy reading the logs on caches I have found to see if there are any interesting stories. I definitely wouldn't ever use a privacy setting to hide my logs. That being said I am not opposed to the idea. I keep my facebook set to friends only on everything so I do use a similar feature on another service. To each their own I guess.
  20. I have been thinking about this all day. I am at 92 caches and was thinking if I should do something "special" for 100 or just let it come naturally. We are going to Saskatchewan to visit family at the end of the month so I thought I could save #100 for the province of my birth but then I would have to cut back my caching. And I am not sure I want to do that. Hmm...
  21. I had obviously been on the forums as I knew what a muggle was. The real muggle not the fake one. Can't believe I found that without a gps still. Makes me think I am to reliant on it now that I do have one finally.
  22. Drinking booze, skateboarding, roller-blading, selling things, and walking dogs are not people, they're activities. It stands to reason that you can allow and not allow certain activities in a park. We're not talking about activities, we're talking about people, and for the most part people who actually pay for that park (with tax dollars they pay) and are not allowed to use. Not the same thing at all, sorry. In every park I have ever been a regular attendee of it has been illegal for homeless people to loiter there. That is an example of "people" not being allowed in a park. Or are you saying that is an "activity"
  23. Public Areas are not without rules/laws. Look at fair grounds for instance that have legal allowances for drinking alcohol and selling of goods. Try drinking in a typical public park and you will find that you are breaking the law. Another example, off leash parks! Some parks have made it legal to have your dog off a leash, most parks that is a ticket. Both are public parks but have different rules. Some parks allow all people, some are restricted to family use only. Not saying I agree with it, but not all public parks are "public" by law. Another example are parks that don't allow skateboarding and roller blading. They are public parks with restrictions. Happens all the time. All your going to do is waste yours and the judges time by taking this to court. Just my 2 cents. Edit: Mastor Spellar
  24. I have never seen a park with signs like that but if they did I would obey them. Good luck fighting it though, ignorance of a law does not excuse you from it.
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