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  1. I sent a trackables from Indiana, to my cousin in California (ToRyan!). A little over a year later, it arrived safe and sound. Now what? I posted a note that mission was complete, is there a way to move it out of my inventory?
  2. What PDA do you have? I'll have to look...it is my husbands old one. If you can post the information, together with what type of computer you have (Mac or Windows, and if Windows, 32 or 64 bit OS) we'll see what can be done. Awesome:) I'll see if I can't dig it out tomorrow.
  3. I have 155 in a 10 mile radius. I'll be busy trying to clear them out
  4. What PDA do you have? I'll have to look...it is my husbands old one.
  5. I probably wouldn't, unless it was on a beach:) I get hot and sweaty just walking around in circles at GZ, I don't think I'd want to add the extra work of digging the cache...and I'd probably have to dig a few holes in the wrong spot first. However, a beach buried treasure would be fun. Sand would be a bit easier to dig, and it wouldn't mess stuff up because people already dig holes in the sand to make sand castles and what not and it easly returns back to normal:)
  6. I use an old eTrex that I got at a garage sale for 5 bucks:) It apparantly will connect to the computer, but I don't have a cord;) So, I usually copy and paste the Cache title, coords, description if it seems tricky and any personal notes. I fit several on one page, print them up and put them in a binder. I'd love to go paperless. I have an old PDA...but have no idea how to put info from teh computer on it.
  7. My first cache I placed was a magnet on the bench of a historical mansion. I went the next day to get better readings, and they put the bench away for the winter. (I had permission, and told the lady in the museum where I was putting it...she must not have known that they put it away in the winter) I replaced it, in a better place.
  8. I'm in IN. I found the local forum...it doesn't appear to be very busy. I've been hoping to run into a cacher out on the hunt. So far...nothing. Maybe if some newer caches are published we'll all hunt them at the same time:) I'm in Indiana 8 months out of the year as well! (The life of a graduate student, haha.) If you want any recommendations of good caches in the Terre Haute area, that's about all I know of Indiana geocaching. But I do know that the community is very active. Search for events in Indiana if you want to meet other cachers--there's always bunches of them coming up! Thanks! I keep watching/hoping for something to happen local to me, as I don't travel out of town much due to gas prices I'm lucky that there seems to be quite a community where I live, and I don't have a shortage of caches to find in my town! I followed the spring picnic, and originally thought of going, but didn't end up making it. Maybe I'll make it to a flash mob event in fishers next week.
  9. Hello fellow Hoosiers! Finally got to get out and cache today! Very excited for the summer, and so is my toddler!
  10. I am a premium member with notifications...however, several new ones posted this winter...I stayed in my cozy bed. I have had some nice interactions over e-mail with some of the local cachers, and they have been very helpful giving me hints when I've been stumped. Maybe I'll run into some this summer.
  11. I lived in South Texas for a couple years....I would probably cache less in the summer and more in teh winter if i were there. Well...i'd probably cache a lot less...I wasn't a fan of the wildlife, no way would I tromp around in the woods! Garter snakes and crazy squirrels are enough for me!
  12. Actually, you may be surprised about that. How much is your mortgage payment? To the OP... years ago, when this was all first starting, Jeremy Irish made a public commitment to keep a free version of geocaching, and to date, he has kept that commitment. But that commitment is probably not as altruistic as it may sound. He is a smart businessman who realizes the benefit of free samples when it comes to getting paid customers that want more features and benefits. Besides, I really don't think any business decisions like that will be made in these forums. LOL For a long time $30 is what we used to call the monthly grocery money. All we had left after paying the bills. Now $30 bucks won't even get said Highschooler a date to the movies with a girl. I must say, it is refreshing to say a highschooler recognize the value of 30 bucks. I work with high school kids at church, who their parents buy them everything under the sun...so i didnt' consider there were kids who might actually have to pay their own way. I guess I'm not an avid supporter of everyone pay, but, if I HAD to pay, I'd continue to do so and continue caching without getting upset about it. I'd rather cache for a year than go to the movies once.
  13. What? This would make geocaching less popular. The fact that newbies have a chance to experience geocaching with a free membership before they go spend money. If geocaching was only premium, then newbies would buy the membership only to see they go outta interest. Then they would still have to pay the fee. So I say noooooo. 100% of experienced cachers started their geolife as a basic member. BTW, its been a while since ive seen you post. What if you got a FREE trial membership, for say, 60 or 90 days before you decide if you want to continue and pay or not? I don't think that making it premium would help quality hides so much, as people with money can hide just as crappy as people with out. But, it might help people respect the game more if you have to pay to play it. With the expense of the equipment (GPS or Smart Phone) I'd find it hard to believe someone couldn't afford 30 bucks for the year. I paid the premium membership, and b/c my equipment is so old, I'm not sure that I'm getting that much out of it (like, now downloading to my GPS, I have to print everything I'm going to find) but I feel like I'm supporting the game.
  14. OK FTF and 2 quarters will get you a soda at the machine over on Main street. As a real bonus - just the 2 quarters work equally well. I know, I am 2 pages late to this...but I am dying to know where 2 quarters will get you a coke Here it would take at least 5.
  15. I'm in IN. I found the local forum...it doesn't appear to be very busy. I've been hoping to run into a cacher out on the hunt. So far...nothing. Maybe if some newer caches are published we'll all hunt them at the same time:)
  16. I'm a fair weather cacher. I haven't cached since late last fall, and almost lost my excitement waiting for nice weather to come so I could get back at it. Finally, today I made it back out! And it's just as exciting as it was when I began last year. Unfortunately, I found 1 very easy park and grab, and got stumped on a multi. Now I'm anxious to get back to the park and find that dang cache! But, the toddler needed to nap. And rain is predicted all week:( I love geocaching! I know..this really was a pointless post, but I don't know people who cache, so if i share my excitement in real life, they all just think I'm strange.
  17. I've only cached in Indiana....I've seen a couple deer, but mostly squirrels.
  18. 11- That was a really good day:) I'm lucky to find 2 or 3 now. I've found the "easy" ones in my area...now I'm left with a bunch of stumpers!
  19. I think lamp posts should be banned if they are so dangerous. (not from geocaching.....just in general. )
  20. For Me, the main reason is that it is fun. I like a little hide and seek adventure. I have thus far limited my caching experiences to my town, or stops while traveling somewhere else. Money is tight, so I can't really afford to travel someplace at a distance for the soul purpose of finding a cache. I am one that tends to be home indoors with my son. So this gave met the opportunity to get OUTSIDE. My toddler enjoys finding caches, especially if they have some little toys inside. I have found a lot of hidden parks in my town, that were it not for geocaching, I would have never known they existed. As a side part, I am a bit addicted not so much to numbers, but to loading my map and seeing only smileys in my area. I've got quite a ways to go. And, since I'm not into freezing my rear off, probably won't get many more until spring. Unless it's an LPC
  21. I Like them. On days where I get skunked by more clever hides...there's always a LPC to pull me out of my rut:) We did have one LPC here that was a mystery. You knew it wa in ONE of the posts....which one was the problem. I searched ALOT of posts in a Wal Mart lot.
  22. I love the term Muggle, and I think it's quite appropriate here. BUT, I'm also a HUGE Potter fan, read the books, watched the movies and I think they are fantastic! Anything to get people reading!
  23. I kinda think some people will be good hiders, some won't. I'm new. I have two hides and I think they are pretty nice:) I did have issues with coords on the first one b/c I put it on a bench at a local museum/mansion that was put away for the winter. I noticed before anyone found it but rehid on a cloudy day and got bad readings. FORTUNATELY, we seem to have nice cachers around here, they found it from my clue and politely told me the coords were off. So, I went and got some more readings and fixed it. I think I could have hid the same quality cache even after 5 finds. Some people could find a lot, and their cache will still suck.
  24. I've contacted a previous finder for a hint before. There was no current e-mail for the owner who has not logged in for a long time. My thoughts....if an owner wants to have a cache, they should be able to be contacted. If not, I'll ask someone else. I THINK the cache is missing. I went several times and described where I went to the previous finder. He said he would actually go look to see if it's there.
  25. I'm releasing 2 on Thankgiving, and I printed and laminated the mission. I hadn't seen that before I thought of doing it. I wondered why people wouldn't do that...unless their bug didn't have a mission. I would like mine to accomplish the mission, but, it's okay if it doesn't. I mainly just don't want it to dissappear fast.
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