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Eric K

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I was thinking of releasing a Geocoin with a Bandycam that will travel via postal mail only. You could log it is a discovery or dip it in a cache if you take it with you.


The way it would work is I would make the first log on the coin and take the first picture and then send it to another person via postal mail.


That person would do the same and so on and so forth until the camera is full and then upload the pictures.


Sound interesting or would it cause any kind of problems?

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Bandycam is not a term heard here b4. I assume a disposable camera?? Subject to moisture problems. Limited in travel.


But a good idea. Personalises the trip.


Yes it is a disposable camera. I'm thinking if it's sent from person to person via mail instead via cache it should hold up.

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Sounds like fun we will play.

Couple of questions...

Does the camera get sent back to you when it is full?

Does the cacher who takes the last pic do the uploading?

Who replaces the camera after it fills up?


Either the last person can do it if they wish or they can send it back to me.

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No one really knows who will be in or out. (Not really a good term)


The way it works is I sent it to Person A. Once they have it, they send it to whomever they feel like sending it to and so on and so on.



ha ha i was saying i thought we had signed up already, but hadent saw a post ,,were getting an e-mail like we were here!?!? weird

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