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  1. If you could buy a geocoin with names on them similar to the share a coke campaign would you? You would just get a random name and be able to release it and hope someone with that name would find it. Just bouncing around the idea. Say if a 100 people would say yes using those names as engravings. Gauging interest. Thanks Eric K USA Geocoins
  2. The remaining Love coins have been listed on the website. http://www.usageocoins.com/geocoins.htm
  3. All pre paid and reserved orders that have been paid have been shipped. We hope to list the remaining coins on the website in the next few days. Thank you!
  4. All invoices have been e-mailed. If you made a reservation and have not received your invoice contact us at sales at usageocoins dot com. Orders will start shipping Saturday. Thank you USA Geocoins
  5. Finally arrived!! Will start sending out invoices late tonight!
  6. According the tracking number I have from the mint the Love coins should arrive Thursday Mar 6.
  7. Grrr!!!!! I am ready to go off on the mint. They sent me a tracking number and an order arrived today but it was for an additional order of Fallen Heroes coins that we ordered. They told me this was the shipment for the Love version 4 coins. I am awaiting the reply from the mint and will keep everyone updated. We apologize for this unforeseen delay and thank you for your patience. USA Geocoins
  8. Yes. The non pre-paid reservations will receive a paypal invoice once the coins are in stock and be sold on a first come first serve basis after the pre-paid guaranteed reservations. This is due to paypal policy that items must be in stock if payment is accepted. Thank you USA Geocoins
  9. Coins are set to ship from the mint Monday Mar 3rd. If they keep that date we should have them by about Wednesday March 5th and will begin shipping the pre-paid orders as soon as we have them in hand. Thank you
  10. Just to update the ETA for delivery has been pushed back by the mint to Mar 1 :-( The delay is due to the Chinese New Year vacation. Still taking reservations in the meantime and we will start shipping as soon as the coins hit our door! Thanks!!!
  11. Photos of the Antique Silver version! Reserve Love Version 4 here!
  12. We are proud to announce the Love Version 4 coin is in process! We are now taking reservations for this coin that will be minted in 8 finishes! There are two ways to reserve. Guaranteed Pre-Paid reservations and Standard Reservations More information and details can be found here: Love Version 4 by USA Geocoins
  13. I'm working on a coin and my normal person isn't available. I'm looking for someone that can turn 'ideas' into coin die art. If you can and have some previous samples please contact me at support at usageocoins dot com Thanks!
  14. Only 20 sets left going on a first come first serve basis. Each individual coin is trackable on geocaching.com When all five coins are placed together they form an outline of the state of West Virginia. Get yours before they sell out!!!! Available here:USA Geocoins
  15. Eric K

    HTML issues?

    Is anyone having issues activating Travel Bugs with HTML code?
  16. The 12-12-12 coins are due to arrive Friday Jan 4th. We will be processing the pre-paid orders over the weekend. Once we are done with those we will start e-mailing the standard reservations. Thank you for your patience. If you pre-paid do not worry if your check hasn't been cleared yet, it just has not been deposited as of yet. Thank you USA Geocoins
  17. Waiting for the mint to get back from the holidays and get an update. Still waiting... Thank you for your patience
  18. All of the pre-paid invoices have been e-mailed. If you have not received yours please contact us at support at usageocoins dot com. Unfortunately the mint has informed us there will be a delay in getting the coins to us due to some minting issues and they should arrive shortly after the holidays. We will ship the pre-paid orders immediately when the coins are in stock. Please contact us via the support at usageocoins dot com e-mail if you have any questions. Thanks!
  19. OK, we are now taking reservations. Pics are up and information on the four finishes is available at 12-12-12 Geocoin Reservations! Still only $9.99 for this LARGE 2 inch coin!!! The coin has '12' written in numerous languages Coins will be trackable and also numbered Each coin version will be minted in multiples of 12 i.e. 1 of 12 through 12 of 12, 1 of 24 through 24 of 24 etc..
  20. We will do our standard reservations and guaranteed pre-pay reservations. Stay tuned!
  21. Still working hard to get this coin just right. It may or may not be in before 12-12 but we wanted to go ahead and give you a preview. Hey, if the world ends on 12-12 it really wouldn't matter if you had it by the 12th anyway. :-) Can you spot the 12-12-12 on this follow up to our 11-11-11 coin??
  22. Victor. It is possible maybe the mail got blocked as spam. Didn't see it come through yet. Use this link and I'll get it activated for you http://fs3.formsite.com/USAGeocoins/form315736810/index.html Thanks!
  23. Max and 99: It sounds like the code before we made the update was stored in your browser. Send me a PM when you get a chance and I'll throw in a little something for your patience.
  24. Max and 99: Try doing a refresh of your web browser. We did have several succesful orders come through after our last post. Thanks!
  25. Inventory error! Whoops! It's been corrected and you should be able to order now. Sorry about that!!
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