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  1. What a surprise. Went to get the mail and there was a silver shiny mailer. Not expecting anything I tore into it eagerly. Now we have been cointacted as well with #82. Thank you so much mystery alien. I haven't been on the forums for while and cache when I can squeeze in a couple. Lots of aging parent issues lately. So this was a great surprise. Karen
  2. Ordered mine last night without a hitch. Can't wait to see it. Wish it had a earlier ship date as this would have been a great addition to DH for Father's Day.
  3. Glad Zariah liked the coins, I dropped the mission virtually in a cache near you, so it is good to go for you. Thanks again for the mission. Karen
  4. Mission 2 is on its way again. Next Stop???????? Karen
  5. Opalsns I counted the cards and after I do ours there will be 37 in Mission 2. Thanks for the mission it has been fun. Karen
  6. I have also seen this coin which has several uses one of which is a bottle opener. http://www.geocoinshop.de/product_info.php...ished-Gold.html
  7. I received 52 pickup Mission 2 last week, and it was a very nice surprise with all that is going on in our lives right now. I apologize for not posting sooner but this is the first chance I have had to sit and get things without needing to help someone else or give up the computer for homework. As I said it was nice to have a diversion for a little while. My MIL has been dx with breast cancer and last Friday she had her surgery, that has been heavy on our minds and getting the house ready for guests and shopping has been running me ragged. Now on to what we received, I grabbed this at the same time our daughter got home from school so she was excited to see a package and wanted to open it immediately even though we had to get her to her after school activity. So we did the irresponsible thing and took time to open it, sometimes you just have to take time to indulge your whims and we both needed a little spontaneous fun. Inside were two beautiful coins a Eye of the Tribal Flower and Cachin' Crow Opalsns. Two we did not have and are very excited to add to our small collection. Also included was a micro cache we will get out when the holidays are over and a Trick or Treat pathtag. The pathtag was claimed by the child, and the coins were with her for a while as well until I confisicated them back. Will post pics soon. Thank you Trick or Treat. It came at a great time for us. Hope to get the package on its way soon. Karen
  8. Received our set on Friday, we love them. Karen
  9. Darn I missed out on this one, fall has been busy and I hadn't checked for awhile. Oh well it will be fun to see what everyone gets. Karen
  10. What is the ettiquette on a CO grabbing a TB out of his own cache. There is a TB with coordinates on it which will lead to a ? cache somewhere in our area. The owner of the ? cache placed the tb in a cache 1000+ miles away and it showed up on our radar at 5:45am, I decided to go for it when I saw the notice at 6:45. Got dressed and out the door by 7:25. The cache it was placed in was a difficult terrain and hardness of 3, the terrain was probably more of a 3 1/2. I finished all steps by 8:15 and the cache was empty. Did a few on the way home which had already been in my GPS and on the computer logging by 10:45. I checked on the TB and cache logs when I got home and nothing. Then after 2:30pm the CO logged it that he had retrieved it. Am I right in thinking this was poor ettiquette? A little annoyed right now. Karen
  11. Forgot to post that we are back from vacation, deck 2 kmmlynch-Karen
  12. Kmmlynch will be out of town July 29-August 2. We are in mission 2. Karen
  13. Mention to anyone you are from Kansas when traveling and you hear about the Wizard of Oz. LOL. Oops. Did I hit on a touchy subject? Not at all, I have always thought it funny that 50 years after the movie it's still what comes to people's minds. Karen
  14. Mention to anyone you are from Kansas when traveling and you hear about the Wizard of Oz. LOL. I like the new colors, pop out better. I like the idea of the kids though, maybe work on it and see how it goes, any kids around to help with art work. What part of Kansas are you from? Kmmlynch Lenexa, KS-suburb of Kansas City.
  15. This is the first one that came to mind in our area. The same area has two others that are great as well.
  16. Thanks to everybody at GS who worked to get the site back up and running. Hope you were able to enjoy the holiday a little with your families. Kmmlynch
  17. Weather is warm so maybe people are out caching and having fun with family and friends. I know I am. Though I don't post a lot I do come by and read. I also couldn't seem to get on yesterday. Happy caching. Found two coins to move along so life is good. Karen
  18. Is the second list up to date? I requested to be added yesterday but don't see my name on it. I have checked the address database and I am on it. Karen kmmlynch
  19. I'd like to join the second mission, should be on the address database. Karen kmmlynch
  20. Is this the 2009 compass rose? Someone mentioned the regular compass rose but I'm thinking they were referring to the anniversary edition or did I miss the 2009 edition?
  21. Can we enter micros or only reg. size coins?
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