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  1. The Compass Rose 2012 Kilimanjaro is currently up for auction on the eplace. Click here Sahara and Kilimanjaro versions are also still for sale @ Geostuff.com.au, along with Kalahari and Cape of Good Hope. Thanks for the info but I am just wishing to trade for 2 sample coins I have.
  2. I am looking for : Compass Rose 2013 Tezcatlipoca Compass Rose 2013 Xipe-Totec Compass Rose 2012 Kilimanjaro Compass Rose 2012 Sahara I have a couple of sample coins to trade (or might trade for coins i have up on the eplace) PM me if you have Regards, dean
  3. Greetings, It has been a while since I was collecting and as I now have a wife, cavoodle and music project to fund I have decided to sell a chunk of my coinage. All are unactivated. Templar MMXI Gold XLE Templar MMXI Silver XLE Templar MMXI Antique Silver & Black Nickel LE Brahean Lunar Eclipse XLE Brahean Solar Eclipse XLE Brahean Neptune XLE Avroair Aviator Watch 2008 Antique Silver Area 51 UFO Black Nickel with Gold Ring XLE Crystal Compass Rose Amazon Forest Edition Crystal Compass Rose Earth Stone Edition Alien Compass Rose Polished Nickel LE Compass Rose 2009 Polished Gold Compass Rose 2009 Nickel In The Mood For Caching Black Nickel XLE Discover Geocaching Antique Copper Licence To Cache Antique Silver Licence To Cache Foggy Silver LE Licence To Cache Antique Silver "Violet Trade Only" Four Musketeers Holiday Edition Titanic Satin Silver LE Wonderful Discoveries Antique Silver (Green Eye) Astro Gold LE 999 Event Copper Utah Venetian Mask New York Venetian Mask Germany (GC colors) Venetian Mask Minnesota Regards, dean
  4. Not as far as I am aware. The photos I saw of the 2005 ones on ebay looked like the same finish (Merlin Gold® Alloy) Has anyone seen both?
  5. Thanks Bhob. I really appreciate the info ! I had read that the alphanumeric database was tweaked to allow the 1 - 200 numbers for the Moun10Bike coins but forgot that the database started out numeric. Looks like its back to school for haysonics. I thought Moun10Bike just numbered the coins so everyone would have an individual coin? I know, I know, "it was the first trackable geocoin", i just thought tracking came later. Didn't geocaching.com start out as just a list of caches and logs? When did numeric tracking begin? Wasn't tracking set up after the release of the Moun10Bike coin?, that is, long after 30 September 2001?
  6. From what we've come to understand, the coin in question is a Greenman coin, which may have been left as swag by Moun10bike. Not a Moun10bike coin. I should have clarified that i was talking about trading even or up. My point is that all coins in 2002 could be termed "swag", even the moun10bike 1, as none were trackable on geocaching.com back then.
  7. Great advice but the OP should note that the green man coin is only his if he left a coin in its place. The coin may be deemed "swag" these days (as its not trackable) but back in 2002 no geocoins were trackable. From what i have read the moun10bike 1 was only made trackable on geocaching.com at some later time (required a software fix as it only had 3 digits) and the proposed 2002 trackable USA geocoin was never made.
  8. Mystical Greenman did reply in post 27 of that thread that you had a traveler made by Mackey with a pathtag made by Mystical Greenman in it. You can seperate them if you like though they do look good together.
  9. There are 2 coins called Green Man. The picture drneal posted is the one we are discussing. Mystical Green Man is the 2009 one you are thinking about. The original is untrackable however each coin is individually numbered (on the rim). It was sold by www.geocachetreasure.com so probably not a Moun10Bike production.
  10. Here are the details courtesy of Forthferalz's untrackable geocoin wiki : Designed and sold by www.geocachetreasure.com ( defunct ) Mint: probably Northwest Territorial Mint Style: Medallion Assay: Merlin Gold® Alloy Size: 39mm Thickness: 2.9mm Finish: Proof-Like Edition Numbering: Yes To preserve the aesthetic appeal of the artwork on the "Green Man" Geocoin, we have provided edition numbering on the rim of the Geocoin. The number may also be found on the "Certificate of Authenticity" Price: $10.00 US It was released in 2002 as a limited edition of (I think) 500 however I have seen a few "2005 edition" on ebay over the years as well. They looked the same in the photos. Were they? Was this the only remint? Was the remint limited to 500 like the original?
  11. No argument - just a discussion about Masonry which is an interesting topic. You got the coins you were after so maybe this thread should have been closed back in 08 so it couldn't be dug up again and you be bothered by a subsciption notification. You will find us a pretty friendly bunch (though geocoin obsessed)so feel free to visit us anytime.
  12. Its like asking him to get permission from the christians. Which ones? most states have their own lodges and their own churches. Which is the one true church in your state? Catholic? Baptist? Which one best represents christianity? Yessss, there are many points of view within freemasonry as well. The O.P. has not stated a preference.
  13. Its like asking him to get permission from the christians. Which ones?
  14. He/She will only need to get approval from a modern masonic organization if that specific org's emblem is used. I doubt that general symbols such as the tracing board, compass, square, etc are copyright. If someone has copyrighted those old symbols I'd like to see them try and defend their copyright in court
  15. A mystery coin given to you should never be sold without permission from the coin's creator. I think it is ok for you to trade it if you don't like the coin but the downside to this is if the person you trade it to then sells it on ebay. That may cause offense as most mystery coin creators do not want their coins sold. Some mystery coin creators sell a small number of them. If you buy a mystery coin from it's creator you can resell it. Compiling a list of coins that shouldn't be sold will be tricky as there are some examples where creators have sold a couple of their "never to be sold" coins. Those coins continue to be resold so it can be very hard sometimes to determine whether a particular mystery coin is ok to buy/sell. I bought a mystery coin from someone who had permission to sell it. I bought it so am free to resell it if i want. I won't do it because I love the coin but have to chuckle when i hear peeople say that coin is not to be sold because its been done once with the creator's permission so all bets are off. The creator may have been better to advise the potential seller to trade the mystery coin for a coin or two that could be sold.
  16. I have a Templar MMXI AS/BN (aka 2 Tone) to trade. Looking for Venetian Masks and coins larger that 2 inch. If interested please send me an email from my profile, thanks.
  17. Beats the crap out of Pandora
  18. IMO the coin has a 1970's and 80's sci fi look; think Logan's Run, original Battlestar Galactica, etc. This is a compliment by the way
  19. The American Eagle is always shown with an olive branch in one talon (peace) and arrows in the other talon (war) except on the Peace dollar where the eagle only holds an olive branch. It reminds me of the Egyptian Pharaoh who held a crook (mercy) in one hand and a flail (justice) in the other.
  20. Nice work Mark ! I like the Purple. How would Royal Blue/Blood Red/Silver look?
  21. Translated: You mean sell them for more money. edited to add: I have traded\bought and sold the same tranquility 6 times (same exact coin!) and making a profit each time i'll bet! capitalism at its very best. or was that the one that was mistakenly called the AB but was really an AG? If I'd set up a website to sell Tranquilities and attached a ridiculous fixed price tag to each one that statement would probably be true Avroair, however.. auctions are hit and miss. And anyway, you've got no idea what I originally paid for them. I don't understand why auctioning these coins is any different to the hundreds of other auctions going on over at the eplace. Doing it this way gives every collector who's interested a chance to grab one for their collection. What is this anyway... Poke Mysterycoins with a stick week? Hey Avroair, Was that a Dark? I reckon Tranqs go through more hands than any other coin because a lot of folks, when they first come across one and then see others in different colours, want to own a lot of, or all, the versions. It's not until later that people re-evaluate their hoarde and pick their favourites. They might like a certain colour or colour combo but realise they don't need it in, say, both polished gold and nickel. I went through this stage, usually keeping the polished gold except for the Blue Is My World where I kept the nickel. I kept both the polished gold and nickel Purple Haze's as I liked the slight difference in the way the purple enamel of each coin looked thanks to the type of metal underneath. BTW, Rather than poke a stick I vote we all throw tranqs. Death by tranquility geocoins has a nice irony to it.
  22. If anyone has a Walpurgis Event 2006 (Black Nickel) I could work out a nice trade for it
  23. In this sense you are looking at a possible future where we have a single government. Something like the United Nations. Countries would take on the role of States. I don't think we are likely to see this for at least a century though considering all the problems (economic, social, etc) that would need to be solved first. Gold is used as an alternative to the Greenback for the holding of wealth so the 2 are likely to stay separated. Gold is a rare metal and is used in industry so historically there have been significant fluctuations in its value due to demand vs supply. Silver is more plentifull though still considered "rare" so would be a better bet. The problem that you face is if someone discovers a lot of a metal and opens up a mine. If you have tied your currency to a metal then the increase in supply will mean its value will lessen and citizens quickly see their wealth diminish. This is why countries moved away from tieing their currencies to precious metals like gold and silver. I do like the idea of backing a currency against something tangible but I honestly have no idea what we could use. Watch out though because if you set a high value on the Greenback your exports will be expensive for other countries to buy. Australia currently has this problem. Australians want to devaule our dollar somewhat. If we were tied to a metal the only way we would be able to do that would be to dig up more of it. I don't think mysterycoins is intending to introduce a one world currency but then again ...
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