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  1. Men: Canada United States Russia Women: Canada Russia United States
  2. I didn't get a "buy" link at all - the page just ends with a message saying my address is incomplete in my profile. The profile will not let me change anything stating it is an unauthorized change . . .
  3. I didn't get a "buy" link at all - the page just ends with a message saying my address is incomplete in my profile. The profile will not let me change anything stating it is an unauthorized change . . .
  4. Interested in making a purchase - I can put in totals, but not get to a cart to pay? Registered for the site, but still no luck. Not sure what I may be doing wrong . . . .
  5. Very interested in these as well! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  6. Hello all - What a great resource. May I receive an invite?
  7. Ordered this one and another one! Looking forward to getting them!
  8. Hey all - Re-entering the Geocaching world after a little absence, so I thought I would play along with this one. My Top 5 Most Wanted (for purchase, as my Geocoins have long been given away!) 1. Pax - Aussie Fire Breather Edition - Tsun 2. Earth Turtle Oceania: Bora Bora - - Lets face it . . .Earth Turtles - ALL - Tsun 3. The Waldgeist is Watching! - Antique Silver on Antique Copper 4. "RDMH" version of the Australia 2007 geocoin (shiny nickel / copper) 5. 2012 Geocoinfest Gold Mining Pan
  9. Hey all, Just returning to the Geocaching Hobby after an absence. I may be posting in the incorrect place, but giving it a shot. I am looking for some of the older (and newer) style TSUN designed Earth Turtles. I do not have coins for trade as I am re-building a collection. If anyone has these for purchase, please let me know. Thanks!
  10. As a relative "newbie" I may need a bit more direction? But Sounds fun, I would like to play!
  11. Hello all - re-entering the entire geocaching hobby after quite an extended absence. I used to just love the thrill of finding trackables, but sadly those days seem long gone. However - re-introducing myself to the forums, and the hobby. I do have a question for you coin folks, there used to be a designer who made the most beautiful turtle shaped trackables. This would have been a few years ago - does anyone know if these are still around, or if the designer is still doing these? Mostly curious. Greetings again to all.
  12. Hello all- trying to bolster my down payment and fixer-upper money for a new house, so selling a short list of coins, more to be added later. Most of you have an idea what these are or aren't worth so no reasonable offer refused. Just trying to make some cash. Shipping will be 2.00 first coin to US and Canada, .50 each additional. International 3.50 each coin, 1.00 each additional. If this seems out of line, give me a shout as this is my first attempt at selling here on the boards. I certainly do not collect for an investment, but for fun so shoot me a fair offer and make one or more of these babies yours! I take Paypal! Best of British 2007 Two Tone Antique Gold/Nickel Numbered 1 coin Available Caching in the Holidays (G) Numbered 1 coin Available - - CrotalusRex & Mimichan (ant bronze) Numbered 1 coin Available -SOLD- Earth Turtle Christmas 2008 - Santas Elf (Green - Gold) Numbered 1 coin Available - Four Musketeers - Imperial Purple (AS) Numbered 1 coin Available - SOLD Geocacher's Road Atlas (AS) Numbered 1 coin Available ISAF/CA Geocoin (ant gold) Numbered 1 coin Available ISAF/CA Geocoin LE (AN) NonNumbered 1 coin Available Mariners Astrolabe Geocoin Numbered 1 coin Available Mystery Christmas Compass Rose 2008 (N) Numbered North Atlantic Lobster Blue Xmas 2008 Nickel
  13. This is a great looking coin, congratulations - email sent!
  14. Sorry I missed this one . . never got the invite yesterday to join after sending e-mail maybe next year . . .
  15. Just ordered a pair of these. Can't wait to see them in person!
  16. Beautiful coin - I really love all aspects of it!
  17. As so many have already posted, I was absolutely STUNNED to open a black bubble mailer today and find a Geo_Bandit Mystery Geocoin!! !!! !!! I had a few trades working with a few pathtaggers and I thought - who would send a tiny pathtag in such a large expensive envelope? I was not aware of this thread, but I had been "schooled" in mystery coins previously receiving a "Imagine" coin as part of a mission. Needless to say as with all the others, this coin brought such a smile to my face at the absolute generosity of another 'cacher. Also as with all the others, it came on a day when it was so needed. So my deepest sincerest thanks going to the mystery coin giver. THANK YOU GEO_BANDIT !!!!!! Geo_Bandit Geocoin #340
  18. Received package last week while on vacation! THANKS to Bison Woman for the great "Caching in the Holidays" Geocoin, a signature bison nickel, and a copy of Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang! THANKS!
  19. Signed up: 15 December 2008 Received Name: 12-28-2008 Sent Package: 01-02-2009 Received Package: (Date) Like the others, just a bump.
  20. 1. 1970 2. Chevy 3. Camaro 4. V-8 350 5. Burgandy 6. Black Oh wait . . . that was my first car! What I wouldn't give to have her back!
  21. Pittsburgh, PA to see the Steelers paly on Sunday!
  22. Happy Birthday! At the risk of ridicule and embarrassment, my very first concert (that I BEGGED to go to so much my parents took me out of state to see it when we missed the in state concert) was . . . Barry Manilow
  23. Love these - add me in for a couple! Thank you for all you do!
  24. Since I am just coming back to geocaching after an absence, this is my first view of these! Curious if there will be another version also - I would be interested!
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