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How did you find out about geocaching?

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There have been threads like this before, but what the hey?


I found out about it while reading the comic book, Knights of the Dinner Table. That was one of the funniest stories in the comic. I don't think I would ever have found out about it to this day if I never read that comic.

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:) Well it was back in the year of o1 I was on a retreat in the lower reaches of the Colorado River. I was camped on a mesa over looking the Mexican Borader..............When about mid day I had a vision, it was a Golden Can Of Beans with some strange numbers attached to it. I copied the numbers and took them to my local Shaman for translation..............they gave a location in the far Northwest. So I saddled up my pony and stated the trex.........and have not stopped as of yet in the year of 07.... :blink:
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Alaska Airlines in-flight magazine, November 19, 2001, flying to Sacramento from a family visit in Seattle.


When I got home my dad called to tell me about this new gps game my brother had just heard about. My brother and his wife (Wienerdog) found their first cache the same day we did on November 25th of that year and my dad is pretty much blown away that between the two of us we have been to over 7000 caches since then.

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A insert in the local paper. It was a little magazine called outdoor indiana. There was an artical about geocaching so I looked it up on the web, seen there was one in our towns cemetery. I put the coords in google earth and went out and found it. I was hooked, bought my gps soon after. Should have done some research on the gps before purchase tho! Got the explorist 200 at wally world on clearance. Didn't even know you could buy ones that could be downloaded onto, lol. There are no roads on this one except major highways and interstates, just makes it more of a challange I guess, but it's all I've known so far.

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I was searching for something on ebay and my key word accidentally pulled up an auction for an urban fake concrete nano container. I thought, Huh? What's up with this? Still on ebay, did a search for "geocaching" just to see what other interesting stuff would pop up. That led to looking at GPS auctions, which reminded me that years ago while involved in Canine Search and Rescue some of our teams were using a GPS but that was back in 99, they were expensive and of course not "allowed" to be all that accurate.


This led to a bit of reminiscing about missing my SAR life and the great outdoor experince (had a kid and new priorites took over). Then came the light bulb - hey.... geocaching is similar in many ways (except of course finding tupperware instead of people) AND I can take my 4 year old along for the game. Funny way to get into it, but here I am.

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We were having lunch at Saddle Creek one day. These people came up looking for something. Being nosey, I asked , what on earth are you looking for. They explained geo-caching, gave us the web site, and the rest is history. That was about 2 years and much fun ago. Thanks OBC, SLP, and HOBOs

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Okay, ready? A few years ago I got a GPS for hiking by myself. Wanted to be sure I got back out once I got in. Then I took a class on Geocaching while at a woman's weekend in Marquette, MI (BOW - Becoming an Outdoors Woman). Came home and tried it but was unsuccessful so being frustrated didn't try again. Next year while back in Marquette, the instructors were going out to hunt for a cache and invited others to go along - at 10 pm! After 2 nights of dark caching, I was hooked. The rest is history!

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On another forum that I participate in about rock collecting and rock polishing via tumbling and other methods, someone mentioned they do geocaching, briefly described it, and listed geocaching.com. I checked out the web site, it sounded interesting, and there were a couple of caches just a few miles from my house. It happened that we had an old Magellan GPS at work so I borrowed it over a weekend and found one cache. Liked it so much I bought my own GPS and here I am!


You should have seen this old GPS. It had a detached antenna with a 6 foot wire and an external battery pack that came with a belt to hold it around your waist. It must have been quite a sight wandering around with this thing!

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Started a snow plowing business in 2003 and got on eBay to find a suitable GPS to help find houses. While browsing, came up with GeoCaching. I had heard of it somewhere before but it came up frequently during our search. Turns out, we scored on what was (and still is) a double duty GPSr called the Magellan Meridian Color. Great for road maps, routes and excellent for "woodsy" kinda stuff like geocaching and not getting lost on your quad.


I have not tried any of the other GPSr (except a gecko which is darned accurate for such a small item) but our Meridian switches effortlessly from Street Routes to Waypoint "rubber bands" which makes it ideal for geocaching. Like it so much bought two more and formed Team Rattlebars.

Here's our Logo:


Our official patch which you see on our uniforms:


and US! I'm the youngster in the middle.



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I bought a Map60CX for Snowmobiling and ATVing and saw the Geocache Icon ;)

Being inquisitive(nosey) I did a search and found all of you people out there skulking around.

Now I'm skulking too. The worst thing is our season is very short and there are only a

couple of locals into it (so far). It is a great passtime for my family and adds another

dimension to our vacations.

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After talking with the science teacher he thought it would be a a great way to teach about GPS and Geocaching, they will get some lessons from the science teacher and some in my class (technology) I have only heard about geocaching and did not think i would like it, but a good friend of mine does this and we went out saturday for my fisrt time. lets say i really like it and now i am pumped to teach this unit, i think more so than the science teacher!!

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In Feb. 2001 I had been a GPSr owner for about a year and was searching the Internet (this was pre-Google) for information about GPS user groups. I found a posting in a Yahoo users' group by a guy named Jeremy Irish suggesting that people check out a new GPS-based outdoor tracking game. I followed Jeremy's link and saw there were no active geocaches in Wisconsin, so about a week later during a business trip to Chicago, I found my first cache there. I came back to Wisconsin and hid my first cache.

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Friend from a web bulletin board on parenting that I've talked with since 1997. She mentioned her family needed to get moving and she had heard of geocaching and they were hooked. I thought it'd be a great idea to get my couch potato son out hiking. Hubby bought me a gps for my birthday in 2006 and we took off. I had heard of it sooner, but quite a bit ago when it still seemed out of reach for the average lay person to own a gps.



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