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  1. For any following this, I was contacted by GrammyJinxx about this and checked my two caches they logged and they did not sign. I sent e-mails to both and asked that they describe the caches as they each had very distinctive hides. One e-mailed back to say there was muggle activity in the area and they didn't want to draw attention so just replaced the cache and moved on. Trust me, that was not very likely given the locations. I re-asked for descriptions and have not heard back. I wanted them to be aware they are being watched. I gave them 24 hours to reply then would delete their log entries.
  2. "make sure you're putting the file in the correct directory." Okay, sorry to be daft about this, but where do I set it up . . . I guess I'm one who needs written step-by-step instructions. The video on the PQs is good, but it doesn't go into any of the after stuff. If someone can help me with this, I'd really appreciate it.
  3. I'm with you on this. I have no idea how to get it from the e-mail to my Dakota 20. I need that little help guy to come right to my house and do this for me!!!! Anyone help?
  4. Thank you - I did that in the past and the response was not any more helpful than today's exercise. You are free to close this discussion and I will ignore that cache in the future. Thank you for your work - sorry i sound frustrated. I slightly am. There's lots of sites with deciphering info, but since I don't know what the characters are even called, I can't locate the information. Obviously time to move on. WeezieMI
  5. I'm sorry mtn-man if I asked something wrong. Please note I was not asking for a solution, but a name or location so I can un-lock the puzzle. I am still looking for somewhere to go to be able to unlock the solution. Responders, e-mail me if that's the only way I can get help.
  6. I've read lots of posts on deciphering puzzles, but none of it has helped me with the puzzle I've come across. Yes, I know I could ignore it, but it just keeps coming back to haunt me. The following is the cache. I'm not looking (nor do I want) for someone to decipher it. Just help me find where I would go to find a key/legend so I can do it. If I had a name, it would be different! Here is the cache: GCW5K9 And the path: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d8-7ba0bb38ccd8 Could somebody please help me!?
  7. Okay, ready? A few years ago I got a GPS for hiking by myself. Wanted to be sure I got back out once I got in. Then I took a class on Geocaching while at a woman's weekend in Marquette, MI (BOW - Becoming an Outdoors Woman). Came home and tried it but was unsuccessful so being frustrated didn't try again. Next year while back in Marquette, the instructors were going out to hunt for a cache and invited others to go along - at 10 pm! After 2 nights of dark caching, I was hooked. The rest is history!
  8. As today's my birthday, I'll celebrate by taking your poll!
  9. I'm pretty new at this having started in June of this year, but I now have 114 finds. I started out using only the compass page, then went to using the map page until I was within about 100 ft and then switching to the compasss page, then after hearing someone mention to a newbie to "match the coords" I started using those. So, now I use a combination. Start with the map page until I get fairly close, then switch to the compass page, and finally - if I don't immediately see the cache - I start comparing the coords to zero in. When I've had trouble finding a cache with the map/compass, that usually is the winning feature. And most important - don't get frustrated! Have fun and if you can, come back another time to re-find a DNF.
  10. Well, I'm looking at my failures in a whole new way. I'm pretty new and didn't want to admit my failures. But the issue of alerting others to a possible problem is a very valid point. Thanks for pointing it out.
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