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  1. I have a Magellan 310 that I used to be able to download directly to, however something has changed and it seems to only download to my MAC which I then have to transfer manually to my unit. I'm very confused as to what happened here...
  2. J'nK

    Mystery gift!

    there is a google document where you can ask to have your name and address listed for instances just like this, where a mystery coin giver can find your information if they so desire. not all on the list receive mystery coins. that is up to the sender. you have to request to be added to the list by writing mainefamily2008@gmail.com lara Well this makes much more sense to me. Rather then magically figuring out someone's address.
  3. J'nK

    Mystery gift!

    So I'm a little confused, a coin just shows up in your regular mail? How would the mystery sender even get your address?
  4. The link is for an eTrex I believe but it's basically the same for an eXplorist. In the "Tools" you will find "Project Waypoint" and you can enter your information there. Here is the video:
  5. Thanks for the reply Yuck, you are right. I found a video on Youtube that helped me and I was just going to post it here but you have summed it up perfectly.
  6. Mine is the first initials of mine and my wife's first names. Plus it could be pronounced Junk which is what's in most caches besides the logbook.
  7. Alright red, here is another question. I'm trying to find the final stage but I need to do a projection of 108 degrees and 200 meters. How would I go about punching this into my GPS?
  8. If your GPS is set to display your coordinates in degrees & minutes (DD MM.MMM - the way that they are displayed in geocaching) then the Magellan should already have the decimal point there - you wouldn't have to enter it, but you would have a space for the first 2 numbers and then a space for the second two numbers. It sounds to me like your coordinates are being displayed in decimal degrees (DD.DDDDD), in which case you would not be able to enter a decimal nor would the Magellan provide a space for one. AND if you entered numbers into decimal degrees that were supposed to be in degrees & minutes, then, yes, the coordinates would look quite far off! Go into the settings of your Magellan and make sure it's set to display coordinates in degrees & minutes. That should take care of the problem. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This was the exact problem, the GPS was set to Degree only not Degree and Minutes. I'm very greatful that you were able to understand my rambling and help me fix the problem.
  9. Yes, I understand no coins. Both of my TB's went missing fairly early on in their travels. Would you be able to help me out? It's been well over a year for both.
  10. I don't understand Blue, you give back TB tags that have been lost? I have 2 that are lost would you be able to help me in anyway?
  11. I can't seem to figure out the problem. Maybe when doing multi's I'm just going to have to use my old Magellan eXplorist 300. When I put in the same coords they are telling me the proper distance to stage 2. Very frustrating though...
  12. Thanks I didn't mean degree no. I meant . as in N44 18.258.
  13. It doesn't seem to be entered wrong however I can not put in a . between the first 2 numbers and the last 3(excluding the 44 N and 079W). Not sure if this matters though. Another thing, how do I get my waypoint into my dashboard if I ever figure out how to do this right. I like to use the compass feature when caching.
  14. Hi guys, I'm having a hard time entering the second stage of a multi I'm trying to find. I thought I punched it in right in my GPS but it's telling me stage 2 is 19 km away but when I look at the same coords here on Google Earth it's saying 0.13 km away which seems more likely since that's close to stage 1. Any idea what I have done wrong? When I try and put it in my GPS as a Geocache I only have the option to save and not actually enter coords, so I had to enter it as a waypoint if that makes a difference.
  15. Congratulations to both winners, great way to start the year!
  16. I would also like in. Happy New Year to you!
  17. I have found 250 caches and I still get discouraged. Just keep at it and you will eventually get the hang of the area's that would be hiding what size of cache.
  18. I see you have to be a premium member, oh well maybe some other day/year.
  19. How do you use pocket queries? Where do you find them and so forth? I just got a Magellan 310 eXplorist for Xmas but before that I had to manually punch in every cache.
  20. "Geocachine" is the entire DNA collection, no matter which color version you have. It was the name chosen by the artist for the "5th element" that really does NOT exist ... except in the mind of a geocacher. As far as those of us who ordered it online understood, the 5 coin set has been sold out for some time. According to the minter's figures shown in the post above, there were only 25 of the black nickel XLE ever minted and were ONLY sold as part of the 5 coin set when it was first offered online. Thank you very much for informing me and not making me feel dumb. Looks like I can place an order now.
  21. So do I have to order the set of 4 to get that very cool looking 5th, called Geocachine?
  22. So what exactly was the straw that broke the camels back? As for bugs it sure drives me up the way that a ton of caches in my area say there are bugs in them when in fact they have walked off long ago & no matter how many times someone mentions they are not there never marked missing.
  23. Far too hard for me to figure out where to even start. Then again I never have been good at puzzle caches, good idea all the same though.
  24. Travel Bugs are meant to travel! I have done this exact same thing before; the only ones I would leave behind are one that are very close to their final desired destination.
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