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  1. Now here is a better point, can a question really be dumb if you learn from the answer?
  2. Well every side street up to the park says closed to through traffic. But the construction appears to end about a block or so past the entrance to the parking area. So if you want to walk an extra block you can cross the street at an area that is not under construction.
  3. Greetings, I just reactivated on of my caches this weekend after it was muggled. Anyways it is in a park that apparently the main road to the parking lot for the this park is under construction. People are still crossing the construction area to park in the parking lot but I'm not sure if it is legal to drive across this area. I have advised on my cache page that you may have to park on a side street and walk a bit to get to the park but what other responsibility do I have as a cache owner other then advising of the construction in the area.
  4. If you are using firefox you can go to view then page source for IE just got to view then source
  5. View the source code on the cache page and look for <body background="(image path)"> Copy what ever is between the quotes and paste it in a new tab or web browser window
  6. Well those last two ideas are encouraging but i don't need a lawsuit on my hands. I considered putting a travel bug on him but since he isn't people friendly, event caches are out
  7. Chow/PitBull/Akita and I'm not sure what you would have but it would be deadly, loyal, and probably fuzzy cute. I had some Chow Border collie pups. The chow didn't let a mere fence stand in his way when our Border collie was in heat. He broke the fence and the rest is history. The pups were cute buggars. Those owners got rid of the chow and got a new pup. They didn't take one they helped create. Grrrr... For what he is he is a good looking dog, he is brindle or tiger striped and but he can be scary looking if you dont know him
  8. Actually if you wanted to really know the name of my monster it is Tigger and he is a 105lb Chow/Boxer/Akita mix
  9. I decided to add this to the cache description. Recent logs have indicated a Dog barking at them. The Dog closest to the cache is my dog and he will bark, but is confined by a fence. The dog is not people friendly so please do not attempt to pet him.
  10. I actually have researched this particular point due to the fact that many kids play in this field when weather is good and on occasion their ball lands in my backyard. So far they have been good and come to the door and ask and one of us will go get their ball for them. But I always wondered what would happen if I wasn't home and they decided to hope the fence or try to get their ball and got bit. But after some research if I have signs up and they are ignored and someone gets bit i am not liable with our local laws.
  11. Semi-Muggles? "Smuggles" Some of them may be 'squibs'.. So, what then would a Mud Blood be? Rogue cachers who go around stealing caches, despite their premium member status & Garmin Colorado? Mud Blood would be a person who is tagging along with a cacher to see what the sport is all about and what makes us so fanatical about it.
  12. I own a cache that is pretty much behind my house in a field. The cache is located approximately 20ft from my fence line. It has been there for 9 months now, and has over 40 finds. Up until recently I have had alot of people say nice cache, quick grab etc. But in the last 6 logs 3 have mentioned a loud dog near the cache. Which is true. I own a large loud dog who can get to his backyard through out the day. My yard is surrounded by a 6 foot wood privacy fence that contains the dog so there is no way for him to get out but my concerns is that some of these comments may scare cachers away even if there is no danger to be had. I have listed some of the quotes below Now I will admit my dog can be loud if he sees people, and he is partially a guard dog as well as a family pet so he isn't very people friendly so I have posted beware of dog signs on my fence so people don't try to "pet" him. But my concern is that even though there is no danger of dog hurting someone unless they decide to try to pet the loud obnoxious dog behind the fence with the beware of dog signs. People will decide that this cache is dangerous and not want to attempt it anymore after reading some of the logs. So here is my question should I post something in the text of the cache note about the dogs or just let it go since it has 40 finds already with out notes? And if i should post something in the notes how would you word it?
  13. That is a decent point but in my instance it was just a guy who read about geocaching through a local paper and then went to geocaching.com for more info. He sounded rather interested and who knows he might be a future cacher.
  14. Have you ever ran in to an educated muggle? Meaning someone who knows about geocaching and is interested in the hobby? Yesterday we were out doing a series of caches in a park near our house and at the last cache find of the day we past a couple and their kid out for a stroll down one of the trail. After about 5 minutes of looking for a cache they caught up to us and they past with the exception of the dad. Who stopped and watch us for a few then asked if we were using our "GPS to do that Geocaching thing" and we responded yes and stuck up a conversation with the gentleman who said he has been reading allot about the sport and it sound really fun and interesting. We took the time to answer some of his questions and showed him our equipment and he seemed really interested and possibly a future cacher in the works. I know we all gawk and muggles and try to be stealthy as possible but in this instance it was kind of out of the question to be stealthy due to us rooting around in about a ten foot wide patch of forest between a train and a creek. No place for us to act stealthy or hide what we were doing so we choose to educate instead of scurry.
  15. Well here is my story...over the just under a year of caching we have had our fair share of cuts, scraps, punctures and bruises. But I gotta say the worst injury was a sprained ankel on our first caching day ever. We were out with my parent (who got me and my wife into caching) they had just started the sport and asked if we would like to go for a picnic and give it a try. We said sure why not. So we went out and I found the first cache we looked for which I was geeked and hooked from that moment on. Any ways we went and found two more after that and on our way back to the car from the last cache me and my wife decided to jump a low fence other then walk about 500 feet to go around it. I landed just fine but my poor wife landed funny and sprained her ankle really bad me and my dad had to carry her to the car and then take her to hospital for fear it was broken. After confirming it was just a sprain we let here heal up and about a month to the day we got our first gps and decided to go out on our own and since then we haven't slowed down (*well except for during the snow we stayed towards virtual caches.)
  16. This is a scary world we live in and just leaving your house from day to day you run the risk of running in to the wrong person. Why let a minute chance ruin your fun. I have never heard of a cacher being ambushed intentionally. But like the rest of the world danger could be around any corner. If you live in fear, the you are doomed to boredem and an early grave from stress.
  17. That clean up the garbage where you can statement bothers me, define garbage. To me garbage would be like used kleenex, fast food wrappers, paper cups, used plastic water bottles. But once you get past that someone may not consider trash the same as you and take offence.
  18. Here's my 2 pennies: First of as it has been state many times what you consider junk to someone else may not be. Ok pieces of string could be considered garbage but hey if you collect enough of them then you could make a sweater, the itunes cards maybe they weren't expired when they were put it. McToy's are for the kids in the sport and I see nothing wrong with them in a cache. And as far as the business card I don't know about anyone else's area but here they are considered a signature item not necessarily swag. But to top it if you are strictly doing this sport/hobby for swag then your missing the point. Personally I feel you are int he wrong and playing cache police for throwing away things from a cache just becuase you feel that someones swag is not your idea or acceptable. Your probably would call my swag garbage too, I go to to dollar store and buy things like little army men and or little plastic coins or stuff like that. I cant afford personally to spend allot on swag to just drop off. But the thing is even if I don't take anything I alway like to leave things if there is room. More options for others. KitFox said it best stop being a "cache elitist" and enjoy the caching quit trying to police the world
  19. We got pretty deep in to a swampy section of woods last year looking for a cache and in our quest to find an alternative way out we came across a hollowed out tree stump with a letter box in it. (It's not a claimable cache, but it sure looked like a cache) we left some swag in it and then signed the book we didn't have a custom stamp. But once we got back we looked up some info on letterboxing since before this point we never heard of it. So we learned something and had fun
  20. Christmas cache sounds like an intresting idea....makes a note And I think for socket leaves he means people are leaving socket wrench heads or sockets in caches and by the time he finds them they are rusted. I have yet to find one that i recall but then again not really looking for sockets
  21. Here is a link to a company in Colorado that sells them. Thank you both for the reply does anyone know anywhere semi local to Detroit that sells them. I was going to order one from the store in Colorado but then after shipping it was like three times as much. So it would be nice to locally pick one up
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