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  1. too funny! i usually get up before my husband and always do a quick scan....he's not as fond of the cat as i am
  2. as a diabetic i would never be able to cache barefoot but i would love to! i went barefoot all during my younger years and now my feet look really bad because i have scars from ringworm, yuck. i do have many wonderful memories of the bottoms being purple from the mulberry trees that surround my house, lol. they used to be tough as nails but no longer.
  3. from what i understand the only way to get the coords for your hide is to go out into the field and take a reading. the coords can be off by just looking at the map. you can send a message to your reviewer after you take your coord readings and ask if the place is within the guidlines before you go to the trouble of actually placing the cache. you can see on the maps if any caches are close by but not the finals of multi's, or mystery caches, in that case i think you can send the reviewer the coords to the place you want and see if your within the guidlines. good luck!
  4. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=62421 this is a good thread that has pictures of caches people have made in the past.
  5. when i signed on the first time i was just wanting to see if there were any caches in my area so i used my name, apetro (angie petro). i had never belonged to a forum before and didn't know that my username would be important. i even signed my first logs "jim and angie". then when we came home to log online i realized my mistake. altho my husband caches with me we just use the one account cause he can't even turn the puter on and doesn't care to know anything about it. i wish i had been more creative and had something that was inline with our personalities, but it's nothing big to worry about!
  6. found the answer to my question....slug eggs! yuck!!
  7. my husband was moving some firewood and came across this. it looks wet and looks like eggs, anyone know what it is? sorry if the pictures are too big, not sure how to change size yet.
  8. why wouldn't a hider put the cache size on their listing, is it just to make the difficulty rating higher, or is there another reason? thanks!
  9. i have been wanting to do a mike rowe micro, but i can't find a dirty place that i would want to bring people.
  10. My husband and I went to McCormicks Creek State Park for the night for a little r&r on Friday. Before leaving I put Spencer's zip code in the hide and seek feature on geocaching.com, and seen there were several caches in the park. I did a pocket query for 500 traditonal, small, regular, and large sized, with d/t at 2.5 and under, within a 100 miles. I was very happy with this since I figured I could do this without printing any cache pages and my pda is broke. So we get there and I fire up my GPS there are no caches! ugg! I soon realize that there must be 500 caches closer to my home coords then I thought. I got home today and went to the last page of my pocket query and the farthest cache was 28 miles away, the park was 56 miles away. I have certainly learned something from this and was hoping someone else might as well. Have you done something that others might learn from? share
  11. if your talking about the cache page then it is for the clue. some people like to hunt without the clue or like to at least try to find the cache without the clue. if they cannot find it then they can decrypt it in the field. not all caches have a clue, it is up to the owner.
  12. i thought the question was in your heading happy geocaching!
  13. here is an idea you can try, pick a cache that has a 1/1 rating that is close to you or in an area that you know. then copy and paste the coords into google earth. you can get a pretty good idea where you should be looking and go and try to find it. this is how i found my 1st cache. it was in the local cemetary and by counting the rows of headstones along a tree line i was able to find it pretty easily, it was under a tree. until you get a gps, read all the great tips on the site and start making some plans to get your caches! good luck and welcome
  14. I have no idea what the answer to your question is, but.....i could not resist making an off topic comment! love the avitar and your location, we are also BIG fans! Andy: Now, here, here is a map of the United States. Ernest T.: United States. Andy: That's right. Now the United States is bounded on the north by Canada, on the south by Mexico, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by, uh, would, uh, you happen to know that? Ernest T.: (thinks) Old Man Kelsey's woods. Andy: No. All the way to the edge – big body of water. Ernest T.: Old Man Kelsey's crick. Andy: Ocean. Ernest T.: Old Man Kelsey's ocean! Andy: Pacific Ocean. Ernest T.: Pacific Ocean. Andy: Very good, very good. Ernest T.: Yeah, I sure know my boundaries good, don't I? Andy: You sure do. Ernest T.: Just as long as they don't change ‘em ‘fore I take my test
  15. On the hunt for the prize The prize is the hunt so don't be surprised When you realize you don't know where you are Which way? Back to the car Keep on going, following the track Across the creek don't look back There's a 1/4 mile to go or so the satellites show Pick up the pace, adrenaline flows Almost there, down within feet What awaits you at the waypoint after searching And searching......Disappointment it seems.. Don't wanna post the DNF i didn't care for the song but love the lyrics, thanks for posting this
  16. they do not allow any new virtual caches to be placed anymore. check out Waymarking.com. not sure about the Wherigo. good luck!
  17. as i have been following this thread my feelings have not changed much. i really doubt another opinion will change anyones mind either. the reason i am posting is because it would be nice to see some rules, not just guidelines. that way everyone's caches would be treated the same during the review process. i just took a sampling of a couple cahes that reviewers have made and briansnat has 232 caches, the cache page is about the cache itself with a little history of the area sometimes, he has done a great job and his caches are what geocaching is all about (at least to me). i think what is fair for one should be fair for all and Groundspeak really needs to look into this, make a decision and let us know. how could the OP's cache be in need of rewording and this one is okay? i am not picking on this person or this cache, it just stands out to me. i really think Groundspeak needs to make a clear decision on what is okay and what is not and there be a firm line for all. all the current caches can be grandfathered so it would be pretty easy. maybe TPTB are perfectly happy with the way things are, and they surely have a better business mind then i do. but as a customer and for future customers, clearing this topic up would be awesome.
  18. http://www.myspace.com/jimandangieontheriver that's us!
  19. I used to love to read the boxcar children! i hadn't thought about them in years. i think i will check this book out for old times sake, thanks for the heads up!
  20. before i got my pda i used notepad to copy and paste cache pages. first i hit the make cache page printer friendly button. on the notepad you can easily delete unneeded items. i would also change the font size and depending on your eyes, you can fit 10-15 caches on a single page. i highlighted the cache names with a highlighter to make it easier on the eyes as well. it takes a little time but it worked great for me. good luck!
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