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Halloween Cointest


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treat or trick!!!


Happy Halloween!!!


You are in work already....right......NOW


You will not work a complete day....so you will clock out at your regularly scheduled time..plus your normail commute + 20 minutes due to the obscene traffic on Halloween (or should be back out the time that you typically stop at the local watering hole for a frosty? no ... I decided to just add the standard 20 minutes onto your typical commute).


Oh and Trick or Treat :(

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9:15 am


Trick or Treat


Trick Or Treat


Congratulations, you have guessed the correct start time!!!! Please email me your address so I can mail you a yet to be determined coin.


The cointest is still going so keep guessing, will not have an answer to part two until I get home :) !! HHHHMMMM, should I leave early or not :) ?

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