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The caches farthest from where I live now are in Michigan and Kentucky. But, to be fair, the caches in MI were only a few miles from where I lived at the time. Probably about 400-500 miles away, at any rate. I've never gone on a trip specifically for caching, though. If I know I'm going somewhere for another reason, I might check to see if caches are in the area.

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The most-distant cache that I've ever found was in Fort DeSoto Park south of Tampa at 814.2 miles. That was a business trip though.


As for actually driving somewhere to look for caches I have to plead guilty to being a slacker! Heck, it's probably less than 25 miles. Some of my friends in the MDGPS laugh and ask if I ever leave St. Mary's County!!!

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For me, it was 8,531 miles, when I hunted in late 2005 for two caches in southern India that had been hidden in a religious park about 800 feet apart. One cache had been missing in action for a long time, and thus I quickly scored and logged a DNF on that one, and the other one, Peaceful Park on Tom's Hill, I quickly found, and best, I even got to meet the owner, Minnesota Dave (an American missionary living in Chennai at the time), a week later in a newly-opened diner in Chennai! And, while we were talking at our table, a waiter (a young Hawaiian man also doing social missionary work in Chennai) came over and introduced himself; he too was a geocacher!


BTW, this thread would likely get far more exposure and airtime if you were to ask the moderators to move it to the Geocaching Topics forum section!

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Ironically, our furthest are our first two finds as we were introduced to caching by relatives we were visiting in North Carolina. That was two years ago and that is the furthest we've been from home since that time for various reasons. I believe that as the crow flies it was between 400-500 miles from home. If we got into this earlier we could've hit some caches in Toronto (I think about the same distance from us as the NC caches were) and London (UK, since there's also a smaller London near Toronto).

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London,UK to Sydney AU.Thats 10560 miles... a 10 hour day city-caching in Melbourne was a tough one!

I'm also hoping to frab a cache that is nearly 17000 feet in altitude this year at Gokyo Ri in Nepal...But not listed on GC.com. :D

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