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  1. GeoSwag is in Morgan, Utah. Their store webpage is www.geoswag.com. They are located at N 41° 02.521 W 111° 56.559 (according to their site)
  2. yup, I think I have signed up, but not sure....
  3. I have seen summit registers 'hidden' in mailboxes. Here in Utah, we have peaks as high as 13,520'. Yesterday, I hiked to a valley and nearly climbed higher than the 'puny mountains' LOL SummitPost is a great site, full of useful data. I post there as KirtDavis Anyway, Keep on Hiking!
  4. Earned my Eagle Scout, but no palms. I was in OA, but didn't initiate. I was an Assistant Scout Master. My son's cub master asked me if I would be interested in being a scout leader. Here lies the problem. In Utah, it is a church thing. It is a 'calling' and I am not a member, so I cannot have said 'calling'. Oh well.
  5. Digging Geodes in Dugway, Utah. I am hard at work in the blue coat.
  6. I picked up the coin yesterday, and they do look fantastic. Great job 7!
  7. I plan on being at the event, and will pick up a coin or two while I am there.
  8. I love my Alpine Explorer. I first had a MULE, but after a few hikes, decided it was too small. I am nearly 6', so the waist belts dont do much, but I still love the pack.
  9. How could a grizzled old Mountain Man like myself pass this coin up?
  10. 774.14 633.23 562.76 217.5 196.45 192.05 186.74 177.05 83.10 Thanks. That was interesting to see.
  11. Here is an 11' that we made up at a friends house in the hills...
  12. I finally got time to build my igloo. With two shovelers, it took about three hours to make a 9' igloo. The snow was wet and heavy, using powdery snow may have an effect on time. It wasn't as complicated as I have read, Cant wait to hike in a bit and make one.
  13. <--- This is me GREEN with envy.
  14. On my last snowshoe trip, temps were cold enough to ice up my beard, and I was in shirtsleeves. There is a lot of heat generated, and the sunshine comes from the below, as well as above. I did have my coat with me, but once the sun peaked over the ridge, it sure warmed up and I ended up packing it the rest of the way.
  15. This is what I have been using. I had a MULE to start with, but it is too small, IMO. The Alpine Explorer has plenty of room with 1862 cubic inches, and a three liter bladder.
  16. Anyone ever played with an igloo maker? What is a good one? Someone want to buy me this one? http://www.grandshelters.com/ But at 169, maybe I am just cheap (or broke) a bit on the pricey side.
  17. What ever you get, may you enjoy many miles!
  18. Mine was a 68 coupe. I miss her... Sold her for a down payment on a house. It was kinda hard to fit the family in anyway. Then what happened? Got divorced and sold the house. Poor, poor, pitiful me.
  19. Chillin before the final push to Ibapah Peak The 'trail' Signing the summit register
  20. you all have it wrong. Indiana Jones has already found it, and it is in a government warehouse somewhere.
  21. I will save me time by posting my space here http://www.summitpost.org/user_page.php?user_id=30131
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