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  1. I just read about Windigo. Pretty freaky. I would rather run into Bigfoot than someone with Windigo! Interesting. I was recently caching in the Catskills I went to Phoencia NY where the movie "Wendigo" was filmed.
  2. I like the looks of the "Bug Out" bag, plus its lifetime warranty.
  3. No discounts From Mountain Hardwear for Retired Military.
  4. North Face I typed "Marmot pro pricing" in google and the second return took me to the page. Try harder. Thanks, I filled out my application.
  5. I searched The North Face resembled a discount program, I checked Marmot they have about 2 dozen charities, that's about it.
  6. More backpacking trips, (I've been going to the gym) so hopefully I'll be able to accomplish this.
  7. I use Red Wings for work(I walk a lot) I find the soles wear out. They usually fit good out of the box, but they don't last.
  8. Check facebook, looks like a record was set. not sure of the numbers.
  9. There was a display of canoes and Kayaks on the back of a building, I placed a small cache in the canoe, Called it "High and Dry"
  10. The difference between a wind farm and a turbine is the amount of dead birds under it.
  11. Around 3 years ago I went to Arizona, purchased a walking stick I wanted to tie it to my baggage but the attendant said just carry it on, no one said a word.
  12. I can't get this program to work with my Garmin vista cx. Any ideas????
  13. I'm using Easygps with my Garmin Vista, I can't get it to load, I got 6 on it then it won't load anymore, any ideas.
  14. The Buck model 119 is my choice, After that maybe a swiss army knife.
  15. Those are good bags, albeit heavy for backpacking but the bivy sack comes in handy with a poncho liner.
  16. There's no actual formal group in the north country, we do get together every now and then and do some CITO, or have breakfast at a local diner.
  17. You're going to love the view from North Point, there's also a cache there.
  18. Go to the Pharmacy get a sqatty pill bottle, they will fit a film canister inside of it, and there not much bigger.
  19. I use a Nikon Coolpix, I also use a Nikon n55, Nikon n60, which both a film cameras, I used B&W speed 400 and took some photos of old cars at a car show, It really adds a vintage look to the photos, Nice shot DanOCan.
  20. belair56

    Lost TB

    I recently found a cache that was "lost", there was no log but there was a travel bug in it, I emailed the owner of the TB and the cache owner, but no reply as of yet, the TB was archieved, I post a note that I found it, if no one responds should I just place it back into circulation??
  21. Will my Garmin Vista CX work for this.
  22. I just saw some North Face Prima loft jackets at the PX @ Ft. Drum, anyone ever have one of these????
  23. I've got a new one in the box it's a sevylor, never been out of the box.
  24. About the only thing worse than getting diarrhea after eating chili or beef stew, might be getting diarrhea after eating tuna in a pouch! I assume that's just a less-marketable name for these. The tuna steaks are quite good though, there flavored differently.
  25. Would the person who E-mailed me about the books, PM me I have the shipping info, and need your address.
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