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  1. I just read about Windigo. Pretty freaky. I would rather run into Bigfoot than someone with Windigo! Interesting. I was recently caching in the Catskills I went to Phoencia NY where the movie "Wendigo" was filmed.
  2. I like the looks of the "Bug Out" bag, plus its lifetime warranty.
  3. No discounts From Mountain Hardwear for Retired Military.
  4. North Face I typed "Marmot pro pricing" in google and the second return took me to the page. Try harder. Thanks, I filled out my application.
  5. I searched The North Face resembled a discount program, I checked Marmot they have about 2 dozen charities, that's about it.
  6. More backpacking trips, (I've been going to the gym) so hopefully I'll be able to accomplish this.
  7. I use Red Wings for work(I walk a lot) I find the soles wear out. They usually fit good out of the box, but they don't last.
  8. Check facebook, looks like a record was set. not sure of the numbers.
  9. There was a display of canoes and Kayaks on the back of a building, I placed a small cache in the canoe, Called it "High and Dry"
  10. The difference between a wind farm and a turbine is the amount of dead birds under it.
  11. Around 3 years ago I went to Arizona, purchased a walking stick I wanted to tie it to my baggage but the attendant said just carry it on, no one said a word.
  12. I can't get this program to work with my Garmin vista cx. Any ideas????
  13. I'm using Easygps with my Garmin Vista, I can't get it to load, I got 6 on it then it won't load anymore, any ideas.
  14. The Buck model 119 is my choice, After that maybe a swiss army knife.
  15. Those are good bags, albeit heavy for backpacking but the bivy sack comes in handy with a poncho liner.
  16. There's no actual formal group in the north country, we do get together every now and then and do some CITO, or have breakfast at a local diner.
  17. You're going to love the view from North Point, there's also a cache there.
  18. Well that sucks, for 2 out of the last 5 years I enjoyed hiking in the Sedona area, guess that's out.
  19. Hey think about this, Arizona is thinking about closing their state parks, how would this affect someone who wants to hike on some of the trails near Sedona???
  20. Go to the Pharmacy get a sqatty pill bottle, they will fit a film canister inside of it, and there not much bigger.
  21. I use a Nikon Coolpix, I also use a Nikon n55, Nikon n60, which both a film cameras, I used B&W speed 400 and took some photos of old cars at a car show, It really adds a vintage look to the photos, Nice shot DanOCan.
  22. belair56

    Lost TB

    I recently found a cache that was "lost", there was no log but there was a travel bug in it, I emailed the owner of the TB and the cache owner, but no reply as of yet, the TB was archieved, I post a note that I found it, if no one responds should I just place it back into circulation??
  23. I just saw some North Face Prima loft jackets at the PX @ Ft. Drum, anyone ever have one of these????
  24. I've got a new one in the box it's a sevylor, never been out of the box.
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