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What have you lost?

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I lost my eXplorist. It was in the stroller as we were doing a cache that took us on a walking path around a big lake. We stopped to let the kids play at the playground. At some point that night, I realized that the GPSr was gone (that was the last cache we did that day). The next morning, we drove back out there, but there was no sign of it. I think it fell out of the stroller's cupholder as we folded the stroller to go back in the car......


Just last week, I lost a red jeep TB :huh: It was with me at one cache and was not with me when I got home. I was having some battery troubles so I think when I was fooling with batteries in and out of my bag, it must have dropped out.....

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While geocaching late yesterday afternoon I lost a knife I carry with me. No sentimental value or anything - so really no big deal - but its bothering me enough that I may have to try the cache again to see if I find what I lost. I am glad it wasn't my wallet, keys, cam, gps, or my way back to my car.


My question is - what sorts of things have others lost while geocaching?


The most I've lost was a cheap pair of sun glasses at a cache in Oregon. I did almost leave my cell phone behind once but unfortunately, I remembered just as I got into the car. I just had my daughter call it and we found it ringing right where we sat to peruse the cache.

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The dog. I keep her leashed when I'm hiking and caching and I was going through the cache box when I realized there was no dog head inside the collar. I backtracked the 4 miles towards the car and there she was sleeping under the rear bumper of the car. I think she's getting a bit bored with it lately. I pretty much figured I'd never see her again during those 4 miles.


I also lost my house keys and a cell phone but that seems like the norm.


An addition to my previous lost list is now my camera (canon powershot s400 elph - perfect size to bring along on a hike). If any of you northern NJ cachers have found this camera in the last 4 weeks at the top of Skyline Drive, somewhere on the cannonball trail, it may be mine. I had my pack off and I freaked a bit cause there were rattlers around, I grabbed it to go and the camera bag must have slipped off of the strap.


I also lose my trail maps frequently (that's why I always carry a second set in the pack).


I can remove the camera from my list. I went back to hike this afternoon and a sign was posted that someone found it. It totally made my day!

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I've lost more than one set of sunglasses. The first set was actually found by the next cacher who responded to my e-mail and said they had them. We proposed meeting at a mutual location to return them or mailing them back but got no response back, ever! I just don't get it! IT is not like they were expensive shades. Just the opposite, I got them at a dollar store! I've lost at least one more pair since. Pens by the box. Actually had a fellow cacher call me to say thanks for the help finding the final stage of a multi. The hint I gave him was less helpful than the Gel pen sitting a few feet from the cache! HE saw the pen and recognized it as being the brand I stocked for our office!

I've lost and refound keys, sunglasse, GPS, swag, coins, TBs, what haven't I lost?

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I lost an old, starter GPS. I really have no idea where I lost it, and my kid and I went back to the spots we had gone to that day (knowing that we had it when we were done with the day's series.


Maybe when I move into my retirement home, I'll find that it dropped behind a dresser where I thought I'd set it for just a moment.


Maybe it's in the recesses of our car's back seats, never to be found by except the junkyard men.


Either way, I upgraded my GPS (that actually downloads waypoints) and haven't shed another tear since.

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Lost my PDA/cellphone while climbing "Deadman" (GCRW8K). It must have come unclipped from my belt as I made my way up the rockface. I searched, but it would have fallen a looonngg way, so there can't be much left. Still, if anyone wants a slightly used Treo, the probable impact area is shown below. My route was up the face to the left of that central cleft.




Phone is here somewhere...

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My worst (so far) has been my car key. I was headed out of town and decided to grab a few travel bugs in route since we were going a couple states out. We parked at the wrong end of the park from the cache. Got back to car, but had to call a friend to bring new set of keys. Luckily, I posted a note at last cache and a few weeks later a fellow cacher emailed me he found them. We met i got them, now my daughter keeps track of the keys says something about me getting to caught up in this caching thing. lol :)

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Eyeglasses! :laughing: In the woods and a bee landed on my face. Somewhere between the bee moving to my forhead and us running for the car, the glasses disappeared. :( Once in the car I asked my son if he knew where my glasses were...nope! :(


Earlier this week I picked up a back-up pair from the optician. :(

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A Canon SD400 digital camera, which was frustrating, but even more frustrating was losing all of the pictures from a week long 2000+ mile caching trip that were on it at the time. I drove back 80 miles to the probable loss area (Pinson Mounds Earthcache), but had no luck. The year before that I lost a very nice Benchmade Mel Pardue model automatic knife at a cache in Northern Virginia. I also forgot about a pair of polarized Ray Ban Predators and a well-traveled doo-rag that went down the Nantahala Gorge when I became separated from our raft while on a geo-expedition.

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Well I lost my keys once got all the way back to the car before I realized they fell out of my pocket when i sat to sign the log thankfully the cache wasnt buried in the underbrush...Other then that I am always loosing pens. I donated some blood to a cache once or twice. (well nearby a cache)(( dang rocks will jump out from no where))

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Well, I shoulda knowed (sic) better, but I must shamefully admit that I lost my soul in 2005 at a cache in New Joisey named "Sell Your Soul..."; the cache has since been majorly archived, due to the controversy which it ultimately engendered. Here is the short version of the story:


I arrived at the cache hide site -- it was in the Jersey Meadowlands, a scant 300 yards from Hoffa's grave; you'd have thunk I would have known better -- and the cache (a very large ammo can) was an easy find, but... it turned out to be an ALR (additional logging requirement) cache, and the additional logging requirement was that in order to claim a find, you had to sell your soul to the Devil for the smiley, that is, you had to leave your soul in an empty 5 ounce hot sauce bottle (there were plenty of empty hot sauce bottles in the cache container, marked just for that use) and leave it in the container; the note from the cache owner said that Satan or one of his minions dropped by and harvested the souls each night at midnight. For some sick reason, number of finds/smileys was far more important to me in those days than they are nowadays, and so I sold my soul in order to get the smiley. sigh.... :(:(:laughing:


So, I lost my soul just to earn a smiley. sad...

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Man I feel like the biggest idiot after reading the other responses. Things I have lost:


1. Someone elses geocoin (ended up buying a coin and put it in search of that cacher so they can decide its fate)

2. Retractable dog leash (a good one, now I only buy cheap ones)

3. My wallet with driver license,ATM card, credit card, and Social Security card (don't ask I don't know why it was in my wallet)

4. And an expensive almost lost was my Saturn VUE. Either the emergency brake released or some kids decided to have some fun. It rolled down a short hill and luckily on a park bench with concrete base. It got hung up on the metal post and concrete and did $1500 damage but if it was not stopped it would have been in a pond. So goes my life.

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Lost my cell phone once and had to make the14 mile return trip (driving) to get it. Didn't have high hopes of finding it, but I did have spouseling's cell to dial it so it would call out to me. Unforntunatly, when I exited the truck, there it was, crushed. Don't know if I crushed it on the way out or the way in, but it was right under the truck wheel.


THEN, I did it AGAIN! Repeated the same procedure and found it rather quickly considering I'd wandered in HEAVY undergrowth for about mile finding two caches and had no idea where it would be. One of the "jagger" bushes ripped it out of its holder.


I have a very secure holder for it now..... very secure.



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One wife and two kids. And the van.

I walked into a wooded area at a cache site, and when I walked out there was no sign of the van, the wife or either of the kids. In the middle of the night, that's a bit scary.

It turned out that they drove around to the other side of the woods (small woods) thinking that I would go all the way through. I did mention later that cell phones work pretty well in those situations...


We left our eTrex at a cache site about 20 miles away yesterday. I was seriously considering not going back to get it, but the thing just works too well.

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On a group outing, a kayaking/canoeing caching trip, I managed to leave my swag bag (complete with wallet, extra money that was supposed to finish off my payments that day, and cell phone) on the shore of the first stop.

I didn't notice until about 5 hours later at our final cache (we spent about 3 hours looking for a 5/5 that had disappeared, so I didn't need it there), and went back to look for it. Of course, it was gone.

I borrowed a cell phone and called myself. A few minutes later, my phone called back and I went off to meet some wonderful people. They spotted my bag and jumped into their boat to chase us down. We had rushed off before they could find us, so they kept the bag and called some of the numbers on my phone to try and track me down. I couldn't get them to take anything for reward/thanks. I did talk to them about caching, though. They seem interested, and I hope that I run into them at a later date so that I can thank them again.

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I left my 60CS in a cache once but went back and found it succesfully.


In terms of actual losses:


A Compass


A FRS Radio


I have broken a PDA.


I also lost the whole cache once. It was a nano in a high visibility location so I took it back to the car to sign. I dropped the container while signing the log and didn't find it until a few weeks later. That ended up being logged as a Find follow immediately by a Needs Maintenance log. :)

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..well..let's see..GPS several times..but always went back after them and found them..cellphone at least 3 times that I can remember..but found them..usually by the car where I got out..one in Colorado I did overnight at a nearby motel and rehiked my trek to the cache and found it en route where I had stopped to take a picture. I lost my $500 digital camera and a travelbug in New Orleans and can't belive that that travelbug didn't help my camera get back to me :D I dropped my car key once when placing a geocache and looked awhile to find them in the dirt beside the car...



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