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  1. ok thanks for your fast reply. Quess need to spend another $80 on maps.
  2. The girlfriends needin a better gps. The old 60cs i gave her getting worn out. Looking at the vista hcx, and 60csx. It has to have auto routing on it. Now for my question. Do the maps you get form gpsfiledepot have auto routing.
  3. I agree with all of the above. Use the compass to get "close". Then stop look around and think . If i was gonna hide something where would i put it? Along that fence,in that tree,under those rocks, in that post.
  4. Bushlight

    Status bar

    I have a status built into GASK. How do i get that onto my profile page?
  5. I'm going to place a cache in that big tree in my front yard if anybody wants claim it.
  6. Good advice from wild thing. Thats what i used when i setup my E2. Pay for the gask that way the nag screen will quit.
  7. After you find the cache. Log it found on the geocaching web page. Then scroll through the caches on your gps. When you find it delete it off your gps.
  8. When it says cant find device. Does it call for grmnusb.sys? If so Click on my computer,C disk,garmin,usb_drivers,i386,then on grmnusb.sys. I had to do that for my 60csx.
  9. We had one in this area.I jabbed it with a stick first just to make sure.
  10. What a jerk i think he's mad because he wasn't the FIRST TO EAT
  11. I try to sign on the same page.If not on the back
  12. My nextel 850 cell phone.Never did find it.
  13. Bushlight


    Took Nothing Left Nothing
  14. I thought luke skywalker had the force?
  15. Maybe he has a crush on her and want's her to come over
  16. Got it downloaded some new software.Everything is ok
  17. Ok here is my problem.I download my PQ open it with gask.Went to send to garmin 60cs.Popup said not connected.So i redone the setup did the send button samething.Ok i'll download easygps and try that.Guess what samething gps not connected.Has my gps guit or is there problem with geocaching.com.It worked ok the last time i downloaded a PQ.Do i need to reboot all my garmin software.Or get a new gps.
  18. When i try to send my pq to the 60cs. It say's gps not connected.
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