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What have you lost?

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Permanently, lost my cell phone, but that was okay since it gave us an excuse replace our old clunkers with new Web Surfing Smart Phones... [:blink:]


Also lost a geocoin, but since it was one of our personal coins we didn't have to write an e-mail full of excuses to the owner. :laughing:


I've also left my hiking stick behind more than once. Never lost it but have to hike back up (it's always up) lots trails to retrieve it...


And while trying to get a FTF we did lose a Micro Cache Container. We returned the next day to and got the FTF.

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I've left my GPSr at the cache site a couple times. Since I re-program the thing to the next waypoint on the way back to the car (usually), I figured it out pretty quick. I'm also pretty sure I've left a pretty nice pen at a cache or two, and a digital camera (again, I think).


You can obviously add my memory to that list. :laughing:


Now, where'd I put my marbles?

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I had a close call losing something last week.


I was attempting a FTF on a disused railway bridge that crossed a river 30 feet below. At one point I heard a "cah-thunk". I casually looked around me. I hadn't noticed anything on the bridge that would have made such a cah-thunk, and was mildly curious as to what it could have been.

It was then that I saw it. There... about a foot and a half down, on a strip of metal only two inches wide, lying on it's side, was my cell phone! :lol: That 2 inches of metal saved my cell phone from careening down into the river, never to be seen again. I don't think that I could have had the cell phone land there on purpose if I had tried, throwing it 100 times! I was extremely careful in retrieving it. That would have been the ultimate kicker... to fumble on the retrieval and drop it into the river after that! :lol:


This incident reminds me--I once lost the cache itself. The container was the new-fangled Folgers coffee canister, a large plastic cylinder. I was standing atop a steep, rocky ridge when the canister slipped out of my hands, bounced and rolled downhill. I held my breath. If it continued, I'd have a long, steep hike to reach it. But just 20 feet down it wedged tightly in a narrow crack between rocks.


I was glad not to have an audience for the awkward gymnastics required to retrieve it.


Lol! That reminds me of something which happened to us a few weeks back at "Knights Pond Microcache" ...


"We scrambled our way up to the cache area and found the cache immediately. We had the cache in hand and H-pup found a place to sit. Moxie was given to P-Pup to hold while H-Pup took care of the cache stuff and signing the log. Just as H-pup was getting settled in to business, Moxie's leash had gotten behind H-pup so in the process of untangling the leash..... Well remember that hill we scrambled up... You know how in the movies where they slow things down for dramatic effect... well the cache container went rolling/bouncing down, down ,down the hill and out of site!!!! Well P-pup went down the hill in search of the wayward cache container. After a short search she found that the cache had been stopped by a fallen tree. The cache had traveled about 3/4's of the way down the hill!!!

Back up the hill with the container, log signed and cache placed in it's proper place we headed down the side of the hill laughing in disbelief as to what had just happened.

TFTC and a wonderful story to remember and tell!!"

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Sanity has been lost.


So have the children. There's been a few times where either the preschooler or toddler have wandered off on their own. Not too far usually...


Then I was nearly lost on a cache I did on the weekend. The man got fed up looking for the cache and finally took the kids back to the car. He threatened to leave without me about 10 seconds before I found the cache. He stayed long enough to let me get it. :lol:


lost a pair of shoes in the "they got too damaged for me to ever wear again" sort of way. Lost an earing. Lost a ring. Lost my caching partner. He now works at a resort in the middle of nowhere.


But most importantly, I lost myself in the hunt. :lol:

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We've lost two geocoins, and found one of them. It had somehow slipped between the car seat and into the plastic boot at the base of the seatbelt buckle. We searched everywhere for that thing for a couple months before the wife found it there where she'd lost it. Until then, it had to be my fault it was missing.

Lately we've been searching for a geocoin given to us by a friend, and that one probably is my fault. It'll turn up eventually.

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The dog. I keep her leashed when I'm hiking and caching and I was going through the cache box when I realized there was no dog head inside the collar. I backtracked the 4 miles towards the car and there she was sleeping under the rear bumper of the car. I think she's getting a bit bored with it lately. I pretty much figured I'd never see her again during those 4 miles.


I also lost my house keys and a cell phone but that seems like the norm.

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Explorist 210 (deep in woods, lots of leaves and a creek, never seen again)

Lots of pens

Two one gallon water containers with in a moth of each other (I actually heard the car that drove off with one, who would want some one else's water bottle?! Yuck!)



Assorted knives

Lots of pens (but not the ones I lost!)

Assorted sports balls (golf, tennis, basketball, soccer)

Nascar Watch



I have thought I lost my cellphone a number of times. I actually get excited as it would be an excuse to buy a new one. I just can't justify it otherwise.

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Once I was out with my GPSr and my cell phone. I lost my cell phone and used the track that my GPSr stored to follow the same path back from whence we came. My son was with me and we called it using his cell phone every 100 feet or so until we heard mine ring faintly in the grass. :rolleyes:


The next time I lost my cell phone I could not find it even with the trail because I was out of range of the cell towers. :lol:


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My glasses. While out yesterday in a steady downpour, I got tired of them steaming up and placed them in the pocket of my t-shirt. I was wearing a knapsack at that time and could have put them in the pack but that would have been too easy.


Somewhere between my slide down a muddy hillside and washing the mud off in a stream my glasses disappeared.


Oh well, another hard earned lesson.

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Actually, I've only lost my little pocket compass. Most of them do not work! I've never seen a caribeener compass that worked. Even the Groundspeak one I had does not work. But BrianSnat puts out those little white ones. They work! Must be time to look for another BrianSnat cache!

As to what I've found... The most intersting list comes from my trail maintenance, rather than from geocaching. One baseball bat. One black clog, right foot, very small. One pair men's boxers, blue, size medium. One fork. One beer ball (okay. I had no idea what this was!) 627 beer cans/bottles (I hat Corona the most. Thos bottles are heavy!) Lotsa sunglasses.

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oooh. i DID lose something. i was in westfield MA and i kept falling butt-over-teakettle and my wallet fell out of my pocket. a guy brought it to the police, who started looking for me. since is was thanksgiving, i was out on the road and sleeping in my car. not very findable.


they statred a missing persons investigation, which they closed when they saw me post here a week or so later. they called me to tell me about the wallet, but my machine ate the message. apparently there was some apprehension.


it's better not to know you're missing if you have to be missing.


so anyway, i didn't even realize the wallet was gone until sometime in december.


i got it back christmas day. it still had all the cash in it.

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I lose a kerchief about every third outing. I use 'em to wipe sweat off my face, and hang them to dry in a D-ring on my pack strap. Rascally thorn bushes love to pull that kerchief loose and keep it for themselves. Sometimes I find 'em on the way back.


Also once lost my wife's yellow Etrex by (I think) leaving it on top of the car and driving off. She forgave me. Eventually. :lol:


Hey I do the same thing with a small towel. It's also fallen from my backpack strap after catching on a tree branch. Great minds eh?

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I've lost enough ink pens or left them in caches accidentally to stock 2/3 of the caches in Oklahoma. I also managed to leave a swag bag full of wooden coins at a cache one time. Those are the permanently lost items. I've had to make the hike back into many a cache to recover sunglasses, which I often take off under trees and then tend to hang them on a convenient branch.

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While geocaching late yesterday afternoon I lost a knife I carry with me. No sentimental value or anything - so really no big deal - but its bothering me enough that I may have to try the cache again to see if I find what I lost. I am glad it wasn't my wallet, keys, cam, gps, or my way back to my car.


My question is - what sorts of things have others lost while geocaching?

I am horrible about leaving things. I usually find them again though. When I first began caching, I documented my finds by photgraphing a little plush cow. I love that cow! I realized he was missing and felt like I had lost a beloved pet. We made a mad dash to the last cache we had found and sure enough. I had shoved him into the cache by mistake!


I also must admit... I am notorious for accidently swiping the pens from caches. ( Im thinking of making a pen exchange cache with all the pens that have turned up in my caching bag!) :D

So...if you don't already have a sigitem that you leave, maybe you could have some of those short little pens printed up with your name on them, if you always leave your sig pen in a cache, then all is well. Maybe some that have a cow print on them, and then your cache name.

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I've lost many pens, sunglasses and gallons of sweat, but the worst was a $200 watch. Teh band was irritating me with all the sweating, so I took it off and put it in my shirt pocket while doing a hiking cache. Got back to the truck, decided to check the time, and it just wasn't there!!! Oh, well, left a note on the cache log, but never heard from anyone.

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I just lost a geocoin the other day, I had it in my pocket while I was searching and I DNFd the cache and when I got home it was gone.I posted notes on the two caches I looked for that day asking future seekers to look around.And also had to E-mail the owner saying one of two coins in a race to go to all 48 contigous states was gone.I have also lost a paper copy of a coin, but that was not a big deal...the owner just printed out another and re-released it.It would be funny to see it show back up and have two of the exact same coin floating around cache land

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62 pairs of sunglasses.

yep. This would also be my answer to "What have you found?" In the "almost" category: Once as I was sitting on a rock looking through a cache container, my wife called my cell phone. After I talked to her a few minutes, I closed up the cache and walked the half mile back to my truck. (You can see where this is going.) Back at the truck, I go to plug my cell phone in... oh, no! can't find it. Start back down the trail. Don't find it. As a last resort, I open the cache. yep... I assume the next finder would have called me.

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It's not just me?!

Today, after bushwacking back to the main trail I find my work pager is missing. After 30 minutes of searching (that track feature comes in handy) and four calls to the number I found it. I am now changing the alert to something other than 1 beep!

During 11-miles of hiking today, a friend lost the "clicker" to his 4WD truck, rendering it un-driveable . . . <_< Good thing he was near a phone and was not on an impassable-by-regular-car road far from civilization and his wife could meet him with the spare clicker. Tomorrow the security system is getting removed . . .

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I lost a nearly new hiking staff in a river in TX a couple of days ago while trying to not get swept away in it myself and keep my Nuvi dry at the same time. Never did find that cache as I got distracted trying to get the staff back as the river carried it away. I just bought a replacement earlier today.

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I lost my GPSr this past weekend, but I knew where it was. Under a mini-fridge sized rock in a river bed. See log for story and pics.


My GPSr was recovered yesterday by Buckskinn92 and Buckskinn88. They used shovels, boards, and muscle to roll the rock off my GPSr. The unit wasn't working last night (just lines in the display). Buckskinn will dry it out and try powering it up again later.

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I have left my keys at a few, but have always been able to find them again. I lost the ability to wear a nice wool cap that I liked, when I got caught in a rain storm. Shrank so much, I had to give it to one of my smaller headed friends. I miss that hat.


Why dont sheep shrink when it rains? :unsure::)

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I've lost track of time often, which is bad when my wife is waiting on me.


The worst thing I've lost was a Garmin bluetooth GPSr on top of a mountain in NC. I found the cache, stowed my pocket PC in my backpack, and secured the GPSr to my belt clip. Then I spent about two hours crawling around on top of the mountain then talking the long way back to the car. I was about 100 yards from the car when my hand brushed my *empty* belt clip. I briefly considered going back up... 0.9 miles horizontal and about 800 feet vertical... but decided it wasn't worth it. Especially considering how much ground I'd covered while jumping/crawling/climbing/scrambling over rocks up top. Later, after I found out how much it costs to replace, I wished I'd gone back up.

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:) Lost cell phone.... for some reason I had it in my jacket pocket, while looking for a cache. We were looking high and low. I believe standing on our heads may have occured also. DNF! OK - so on to the next cache - about 10 miles away. And for some reason, I decided to look at my cell phone... :)YIKES!! Missing!! At both places there was a lot of bush whacking going on. Something made me think the 'standing on head seaching' may have been it's downfall. So, back to the first location - search, search, search - nothing. Luckily - there was a hiking/biking trail & a road nearby. So I start flagging people down. Do you have a cell phone? Would you call me? There were a lot of walkers & bikers with no cell phone. Then a car came by... please call me??? The lady agreed - but boy, the look on her face. It was like she thought she was getting 'punked'. :)


WOO HOO - Phone is a ringing and hubby was able to find it, before voice mail kicked in. whew :D

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I lost the hints for the cache clues I was looking for. This was a multi and I was on the fourth out of five cache clues that went up a mountain. I'd been caching for two hours. I was so discouraged because I didn't have the hint and didn't think I'd be able to find the cache without one. I didn't want to have to give up and dnf this close to the end, especially not after all that time I'd spent huffing and puffing my way up the mountainside. I considered trying to go back and look for the printout with the hints but I'd been bushwacking in anything but a straight line through knee high fern growth. Surprisingly the next clue was visible and I spotted it after about twenty minutes of looking all over.

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For all of you who came out and said "nothing yet" I feel pity for you. Be forewarned that you might have just brought before you the "What have you lost?" jinx. I answered one of these a month or so back on a local forum and Lo And Behold the next day I lost my cell phone out on a cache. Good luck to you all.


BTW - a week later a fellow cacher found the phone. So, hope isn't completely lost. Thanks again cooptroop06.

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Left my GPSr hanging on a tree near a cache and didn't even realize it because it was the last cache I did for while. I just realized one day I didn't know where it was and then got a phone call from the next to find who saw who had logged it last.


I lost my cell phone on a trail while hiding a cache on another occasion. The FTF found the phone, looked at the recent calls and figured out who I was (luckily we knew each other). He called me from MY PHONE and said, "Missing something?"!

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I lost my wedding ring on a 9 hour trip across the bottom of Michigan on Thanksgiving week-end. Sad thing is, I didn't notice until a week later when we were caching up in Traverse City! I spent months convinced that it had to have fallen into one of the interior cracks in my car. I almost had the passenger seat removed just so I could look.

I ended up making a bookmark list but I don't think I'll ever see it again. Too bad, it was a very cool ring.

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The dog. I keep her leashed when I'm hiking and caching and I was going through the cache box when I realized there was no dog head inside the collar. I backtracked the 4 miles towards the car and there she was sleeping under the rear bumper of the car. I think she's getting a bit bored with it lately. I pretty much figured I'd never see her again during those 4 miles.


I also lost my house keys and a cell phone but that seems like the norm.


An addition to my previous lost list is now my camera (canon powershot s400 elph - perfect size to bring along on a hike). If any of you northern NJ cachers have found this camera in the last 4 weeks at the top of Skyline Drive, somewhere on the cannonball trail, it may be mine. I had my pack off and I freaked a bit cause there were rattlers around, I grabbed it to go and the camera bag must have slipped off of the strap.


I also lose my trail maps frequently (that's why I always carry a second set in the pack).

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lost a two-way pager.


I knew right away when i lost it and I could have probably found it easily enough, but it fell off my belt in the middle of a creek i was crossing.


Pagers are not waterproof. No point going after it. Pagers suck anyway.


Oh, and I lost my innocence (but mostly because of the forums and online logs) :D

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The only thing I have lost so far is our puppy. We had been working hard at home with her on the recall and we thought she was good enough at it for us to try out in the wild as it were, but unfortunately we had overestimated her skill level and she disappeared for about 2 hours.Luckily she found us but we were starting to get worried!

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