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  1. Sure. Why not? That's exactly what you did. Discovered it.
  2. I can't believe I just got sucked into reading every post of a 9 year old thread.
  3. If I get a chance, I'll take you up on it, but it will need to be this...
  4. 1. New geocachers should be required to find 300 caches before being allowed to hide one. 2. Micros are the bane of geocaching. 3. Bring back the virts! ... or ... Don't bring back the virts! Whichever is more elitist. 4. New posters need to learn to use the search function. 5. P&G caches are for phoners. 6. Read the guidelines, noob. 7. I deserve more than "TFTC". 8. Look who's at the top of this list. There. That should pretty much peg the elite-o-meter.
  5. There's an idea. Move 'em to the OT.
  6. Virtuals never were "real" geocaches. Separation is a good thing. Ok. Symantics. I should have said a "real" geocache listing on Geocaching.com.
  7. What if.... Virtuals and "challenges" needed to pass a peer review (as they do now) before becoming an actual cache type? Only the best of the bunch would be allowed to become "real" geocaches with their own familiar description page and ghost icon. This would aliviate the volunteer reviewers from having to deal with the craptastic challenges, and should quite nicely satisfy those that want to "bring back the virts".
  8. Premium Member Only caches can't be "liked".
  9. I've changed my anemic green mini-van into a Suburban. That did the trick.
  10. #44 - Some forum moderators are dogs. #45 - Not all dogs in these forums are moderators. #46 - Glasses on dogs is no indication that they may or may not be a moderator.
  11. Upload your "My Finds" pocket query to ItsNotAboutTheNumbers.Com. The first line of the stats generated will have a link to List Multiple Finds.
  12. There is a cache in our area that was used by a geocacher/teacher in a demonstration of geocaching. It fell victim to this nasty behavior a couple of times. The owner assumed that having the cache's location made known to so many "potential muggles" caused the problem.
  13. Didja know that you can skip those posts and not read them? Yep.
  14. Look at that! This bad boy flat out EATS barbed wire.
  15. One of the most useful things that I have found to bring to a cache site is another person who is better at finding caches than I am.
  16. Not without raising the hackles of the head frog. You would likely find yourself enjoying an unplanned vacation from geocaching.
  17. I got my first ticks of the year in late February. That's a little earlier than normal for Wisconsin, but any time it gets above freezing, they can be active.
  18. My first impression is that there are too many hoops to jump through. After rereading your post a couple of times, I thought I got it. Then I didn't get it. You really lost me at "find as many caches in the area, where the combined D/T ratings must exceed 100 points". I've found most of the caches in the area. Don't I get to play? I have to post a note after finding stage one and another after listing my 100 points worth of caches. Then I get the info from you to figure out the puzzle. Ok, I sort of get it again... Too many hoops to jump through.
  19. So the game is over the first time the cache is found? What happens after that?
  20. I've been messing up .1K milestones since our 100th. I gave up trying to keep it right. I pick out a destination cache for the day and regardless of how the numbers work out, that one becomes the milestone. I have a friend that's a bit OCD and can't figure out how I can be comfortable doing it that way.
  21. I don't see signing the log as a chore, but as a reward. If I find the cache, I'm certainly going to sign it.
  22. It could be that Groundspeak's newest super-secret beta tester is testing a feature of the website that has only been hinted to in the forums. Assistance with bug1-bug5 must have been greatly appreciated.
  23. Team Black-Cat


    That should be fixed.
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