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  1. Probably not a local thing, but YAPIDKA - yet another park I didn't know about.
  2. I hear ya. I've also heard of very bad results when mixing different types of clay - Sculpey III, Premo and Fimo b/c they all have different plasticity levels and baking requirements.
  3. Sunset over Pinehurst's Marina Cache. I wish I could have gotten there about 5mins earlier, the color was spectacular.
  4. This was the biggest darn grasshopper I've ever seen. This was taken in Richmond Hill, GA (south of Savannah). I didn't have anything to use to show it's size, but it was easily 5". In Savannah, we also had banana spiders as big as your head (OK, not really, but it sure felt like it when you got tangled up in their web!).
  5. I do this too, with my Lowrance. Works really well most of the time. I look until I just can't possibly imagine anywhere else to look...then I'll look all the places I've already looked just to see if I missed it. For me, a lot of the fun is in the FIND. Not necessarily the hike/walk out there or the search itself, but the FIND. So, I will also look past when it's stopped being fun b/c I'm pretty stubborn. Doesn't stop me from DNFing 1/1s on occasion though!
  6. Thank you! Yes, I made the beads too, and everything's out of Sculpey III polymer clay. I am not very good at caning yet, so I usually have a LOT of scrap clay left over to make marbly beads out of. For the cane itself, I took several sheets of green clay and cut the pine tree shape out with a cookie cutter. I stacked several of the trees on top of each other and then packed in the white. I wrapped that small cane in the same green as the tree and made a banner cane with the geocaching colors to go around it all. I had some mushed up clay from the garbage ends of the cane that I just mixed together to make the light green that wraps around the whole thing. The purple flower was actually supposed to be a butterfly, but that obviously didn't work well. The colors in that pic aren't very good. If I can get a better pic today, I'll add it and just delete that other pic. I signed the tags like that b/c that's how I always end my paper log (assuming it's not a micro or nano), with the TFTC, parker313 and the smiley face.
  7. No, I haven't but they're really cool! I think I need to make a run to the Post Office today
  8. I would go ahead and edit the log and then send a quick, polite email to the new cacher. With proper wording, I'm sure it can be a good experience, and not deter her from geocaching in general
  9. One cache I found recently was in pieces. It was a pill bottle. I found the bottle, the log and the baggie but not the top. I signed the log and reassembled as best as I could. Logged the find and then also a Needs Maintenance b/c it was in need of IMMEDIATE attention. I recently DNFd a cache after wedging the cache log too far into where it was hidden and couldn't get it out. I was 95% sure it had been the cache, but not positive. In that case, I logged a note and kept an eye on the cache. It would have been embarrassing to log a Needs Maintenance only to find that what I had been trying to get wasn't even the cache!
  10. My best day was 23. It was on the drive back home to Savannah, GA from Memphis, TN. It turned a normally 9.5 hr drive into 14+hrs, plus I ran out of gas about 3 miles from home (it was LATE on a Sunday night and by the time I realized I wasn't going to make it, all the gas stations along I-16 were closed).
  11. I don't remember specifically, but I just did a quick Google search for Diamond Glaze Bottle Caps and it came back with several pages similar enough to what I had found.
  12. I love the bottle caps! I've seen instructions on how to do that on some scrapbooking type sites, but haven't tried it. I like the Shrinky Dink tags too I need to get to Michael's and get the keychain components so I can finish my stuff up!
  13. I couldn't find a trackable named Angus that looked like it might be it (just a cursory search), but I found the profile for Epic Duff and he has an email address listed in his profile. His location is listed as Villanova Prep School, so that sounds like him. I'd say email him b/c I'm sure he could contact the owner or at least let you know who it is.
  14. Snoogans - I love the 2 peso coin too...and the tomorrow is the labor saving device for today (I'm a big procrastinator!). I think about your Lyme Disease quote in your siggy every time I brush one of those dadgum ticks off.
  15. #1 I like to support the site #2 Pocket Queries are the way to go #3 Caches along a route #4 Caching maps
  16. I found my bag of clay! I didn't have all the colors I was hoping to (the geocaching colors), but did have dark green and white, which worked out since I was hoping to do a pine tree (living in Pinehurst and all, TONS of pine trees everywhere) for the center of my design. It turned out REALLY bad. I got more clay and did a better job today. The botched design from last night got repurposed, and combined with purple I made some nice butterfly "coins" that really look more like flowers. Today I got some more clay, made another attempt at a pine tree and turned out much better. It's all baking right now, I'll get some pics when they're out. They will all be combined in different ways to make zipper pulls. I'll put 'em in a baggie with a business card size calling card with my caching ID on it. I'll upload pics in just a minute, but my caning skills are NOWHERE near the other members who have posted ETA - Coming soon to a cache near you (if you live in NC )........
  17. Good catch - I think you might be on to something!
  18. Well, I went to pull out my polymer clay bag and I can't find it!!! I've got a super cool idea in my head so I sketched it out, but I can't find my stuff! We just moved in March and I do have an art room (well, closet really) and I don't know where on earth it would be if not in there. :: pout pout :: So, I hopped online and ordered some more (the boys were sleeping) and now I just need to wait for it to get here. I do have a bunch of handmade earrings, bracelets, cell phone charms (that I sell on Etsy) so maybe I could make some jewelry, but that could get expensive and is pretty gender specific.
  19. That's a great idea, esp for routes we travel regularly, like back and forth to my parents'... It's well over 500 miles, so I usually either have to choose just part of the route to run a PQ for, or generate 2-3 PQs.
  20. Oh wow, I love this thread! I have been trying to come up with a cool sig item for oh, about two years now I have some Sculpey clay sitting in my art room that I may just need to go break out.....
  21. I have a Lowrance and LOVE it. I have a b/w screen but it's not too bad, but I could definitely see how the color screen would be nice. I chose it b/c at the time, it was the best buy by far when I factored in buying the street maps as well and I liked the really big display. I have an older iFinder Pro which they don't make anymore (not as waterproof as the iFinder H2O but I believe the rest of it's the same).
  22. Maybe you can have the hamster talk to Brian's clams.
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