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  1. Good grief...I've been a member for what will be 12 years this December. I took a long hiatus for many reasons, but am ready to get back into the fold. My trusty old 60Csx still functions rather well, but my eyes aren't what they used to be now that I'm past the half century mark. I am also looking for specific suggestions to replace it. A camera is meh, but being waterproof and floating is a necessity, as is a larger screen. Definitely following this one.
  2. OK...thanks for the replies folks, I finally got it functional. When downloading the birdseye imagery, there is a box to check to send to GPS unit when download was complete. Of course I checked that. Basecamp itself wasn't doing it automatically. As soon as I went into basecamp, at the bottom left , was a listing of my birdseye maps. I had to manually select one, then right click and choose send to device. Voila, problem solved. My issue was believing that it would automatically be sent to device as was shown. Problem solved, and I'll be taking my gimpy old self back out on the trail this weekend with my new toy.
  3. From Map information---select map, my listed choices on the unit for maps are 1.Worldwide DEM basemap 2.Digital Globe 3.USGS quads 4.TOPO US 100k Turning all of the above on or off does not change what I am seeing on the unit. Am I missing something obvious? I appreciate the replies, just trying to unravel the mystery that is this unit. Thanks! Lighteye
  4. OK, so after undergoing multiple surgeries, then suffering a home burglary and the loss of my trusty 60Csx, I bought a new 64ST and was very excited about the use of the one free year of bird's eye maps. I picked up a LOT of spare weight sitting in a wheelchair and it was time to walk it all off again. I registered the unit, updated basecamp, and saw how to grab areas of bird's eye view and check the box "send to device when complete". Seemed easy enough. I don't see any bird's eye view on my device whatsoever. In the dim dark days of GPS 10 years ago, you had to turn different map layers on and off to view them. Is there some magic trick to getting them visible on my GPS? I've owned a dozen GPS units over the years, but this one is quite possibly the most infernal one yet. Having these maps functional would be the only improvement over my 60 CSx. This one is no faster, no more accurate, and the display brightness even at max is unpleasant at best. It's about to either be launched into the wall or sent back to Amazon if I can't figure this out soon. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Lighteye
  5. The bigger question is why we log ANY caches? I log very few. As long as they are in good shape and being found, there is really no need for an update from me and I couldn't care less about padding numbers. It's about the adventure for me.
  6. I usually only cache these days with a single friend, and I generally sign both of us in, as I'm younger and have better eyes. No harm, no foul.
  7. Simply removing the 1/1's and those with more than 3 DNFs in a row work for me.
  8. I have been out of the game awhile and wondered where my Mobi files were for my Treo650P. Now I know...back to hibernation until I figure out a solution.
  9. I tend to lose my phone A lot. michelle Yes, I once donated 2 phones in a 3 week span
  10. I've ummm actually done that as well. I wanted to check for one on the way home, and forget to bring my GPS to work. DOH! Keyed in coords in GE, printed the map, and had the cache in hand after a short search. IMHO, FINDING is the goal, and if there is scenery of interest on the way, so much the better!
  11. lemme see... I remember Vietnam, the first moonwalk, ... I don't remember much else since then, it's been a blur!
  12. I was waiting on that to fly out Absolutely correct, Capaldo.
  13. Hmmm... did a few years at Nato111 myself, LOL. Nothing like climbing those tower steps in the snow!
  14. U.S. Army 1984-1993 U.S. Army Reserve 1993-1994 Military Police/Recon Germany/Somalia/Iraq/Yugoslavia A few of my cache titles came from my experiences in these places that most folks just read about in the papers. Breaktrack...LCHM? Slick Willie, AKA President Clinton, in cahoots with Sens. Gramm and Ruddman, decided in 1993 that they needed to thin the ranks, and offered exorbitant cash bonuses for "early retirement". Nope, we won't be needing to keep these experienced guys around, no sir. :::sigh::: God Bless Our Troops...yep I said it.
  15. SWF=Flash http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/
  16. My thought is as follows: If I discover that you have logged them without finding them, don't be shocked when I delete your smilies out of a sense of fairness. Been there, done that. The End. No further discussion needed, lest I commit a forumcide.
  17. I think that about sums it up nicely in one simple sentence
  18. Agreed, and furthermore,should be a one way ticket off of the site, IMO. That is a little bit much. Ok, it is WAAAY too far overboard.
  19. Well, I did show my Mrs., and all she said was: "OMG. Did Jimear1e send you that?" She then stomped out while I cackled evilly, being the dog lover that I am. Snoogans, nice find
  20. For TPAM..youch. For the OP, if it is really that good of a spot, make it a multi and explain why it is within the .10 rule. If the spot is really that perfect, I am sure that your reviewer will go along, as the guidelines are just that...guidelines, and not carved in stone.
  21. I use quakemap to export satellite imagery to my Pam Tungsten T5. Works like a champ !
  22. I have seen this with translating some German to English then back to german. It was a hoot!
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