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What do you Drive for Caching

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The date on the pic is wrong, but the line up is still accurate, Monkeymobiles for 07 include:


2003 Ford Excursion - 4WD room for eight, multiple power outlets, gps antennas for all three rows of seats, laptop, satellite radio, etc. basically any goodie that we could think of to make caching better/easier/faster has been added to this truck, I think it is pretty, but this is one Excursion that is not afraid to get dirty.


1981 Jeep CJ-7 - 4WD 3" of body and 3" of suspension lift, Micky Thompson 35's. stock 258, she is plain, but she is tough, Garmin GPS V mounted on dash used as accurate speedometer. (it is a big tire thing)


2001 Ford F-150 - My wife's truck, our caching machine when it is just the two of us.


2003 Honda Shadow Aero - Great for weekend caching trips, Garmin GPS V mounted on handlebars.


2005 K2 Zed 2.0 Mountain Bike - 100% monkey-powered caching machine, Garmin Legend mounted on bars.


1994 24' deck boat with Yamaha 200 horse outboard motor. (unpictured)


Lowa Renegade GTX Hiking Boots (unpictured)


Plus, we recently added an Old Town Otter XT Kayak, a Mainstream Jon Buoy Hybrid Kayak and a 12 foot fiberglass canoe to the fleet.

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We geocache in our 2002 Chevy Avalanche. Call them what you'd like, but this thing really has soo many functions. Throw bikes/canoe/4-wheeler/snowmobile in the bed, throw the pup and kennel in the fold down back seat and we even have the built in cooler in the saddle bags for cold water on long trips. The Avy goes anywhere I have really needed it to go, has a 31gallon gas tank so road trips are somewhat efficient, and it's roomy. Plus, with the "cladded sides" (body panels), it really prevent a lot of those "Minnesota Pin Stripes". I'd post pictures but despite reading the "How To" a dozen times, I can never figure this stuff out.



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Driving my old good Opel Astra Caravan 1.6 (=Station wagon type) from 1999. With gasoline prices near 7 dollars per gallon, I'd like to go to diesel. Not that the average 32 mpg would be very bad. Still...


Yeah, that almost 7 bucks a gallon is getting us here in Sweden, too! I get 0,79l/10 km in my Opel Zafira, so it's not too bad, hubby gets a LOT better in his little Renault Twingo sardine can, 0,5l/10km, but his car isn't as comfy as the family Opel is, so we suffer the gas mileage and go in the Opel when it's caching time!


I'm American living here, so the other day when I converted gas prices to gallon and what it costs me to fill my tank here I almost had a heart attack!! :D

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My geomobile/hikemobile/campmobile/bikemobile:


2006 Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon, Limited package. Special ordered it from the factory last year. She gets winter shoes, and so far has been pretty unstoppable bringing me up unplowed trails for skiing and geocaching. No I can't rock crawl or anything :) , but that's more fun on foot anyway. And no, I have no plans to "mod" the car or anything like that.



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Basically what do you drive when you go caching? give the make/model and type (SUV, truck, car), I personally am 1900 bucks short of getting the Jeep Cherokee i want so i borrow a sedan from my mom, but i would like to see what other cachers are driving


We mainly drive a 1985 Ford "Geo"van ..... but around town caches, we drive the 1998 Mark VI ....


Happy Geocaching[:laughing:]

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Well, the CR-V has been very very good to us:




But at 140,000 miles it was time to retire it from daily driver status. We still have it, but probably won't be seeing many more 500 mile cache runs.


The new replacement arrived this week:



2007 Ram 1500 quad cab 4x4 with the hemi, of course. :D


Of course, we also still have (and cache with) the motorcycles:



Hers (red, 250cc) and his (blue, 1100cc) Yamaha Viragos.

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For the "backcountry" caches, a 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 4.0L I-6, 5sp manual, Upcountry package (limited slip diff, skid plates, etc.). Because of its' "pristine" condition, I don't have to worry about scratches and dents. :) 1998 Acura CL in background for less stressful drives. Once the weather breaks, and especially if gas stays this high, 1994 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic. I look for any excuse to ride! :)



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