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  1. The two Tree of Life coins are on the bay right now. Ending in about 30 minutes.
  2. Per the Spaghetti Monster's edit and PM, since non-trackables cannot be sold on the forum I will simply rearrange the grab bags to remove the 3 non-trackables and there will be 5 grab bags.
  3. Correct, the buyer will not know what they are getting until they receive it. I know what's in the grab bags, and some are better than others but once they're in the mailers I won't know what I'm sending you either. So there will be no preferential choice as to what bag each person gets.
  4. My Geocoins have been sitting in my gun safe for quite some time so I think I'd like to pass them off to someone who will get some enjoyment out of them. I've went through them and I've put them into 5 grab bags with 3 coins each. As you can see from the list below there is a variety of different coins - unactivated, activated, and a micro. All activated coins will be transfered to the new owner. Each grab bag is $28 shipped to your door in the US, add $5 for international shipping. Trackable and unactivated Tree of Life (gold tree with green background) Tree of Life (gold tree with shiny silver background) YemonYime Pink Yimes (qty 2) Illinois Abe Lincoln coin, looks like a penny - shows some wear GeoJellies Ectoplasma Glow in the Dark 2Golfers personal coin Trackable and activated - travelled 06 Michigan Geocoin – great cond. Geocaching in the Land of the Rising Sun - great cond. Cointown – shows some wear Trackable and activated - untravelled 2006 Midwest Geobash Cache Rewards – Great Container Cache Rewards – Very Challenging Midwest Geobach 06 Passing the Torch Bernd B’s Caches Along a Route German coin
  5. I didn't get in on the error coins but I got my non-errors and they look great! Thanks!
  6. +eleventy on the error coins. They look great! I can't even remember what colors I ordered off hand but I'd take either version, whatever works out best.
  7. Might be NWS or child safe, but hey some of these have come from the mouths of mechanics! It's Rainin' like a two cocked cow pissin' on a flat rock. That thing is shining like a diamond in a goats a** (what does that even mean?) I've been busier than a one legged man in a kick boxing match. 60% of the time, it works every time Save water drink beer Save a tree eat a beaver
  8. I'm in Illinois if that would help the coin with it's mission, assuming it has one. PM me if I can help.
  9. Yay I ordered one the other day but they were so tempting I added another to my order today! I can't wait!
  10. The Ghost of Pemberton Hall My first experience with ghosts came in college when I lived in the dorms at Eastern Illinois University. At night we would occasionally hear odd noises, silverwear moving, glasses clanking together, things like that. This was a little unsettling but I we lived in a dorm so my roomies and I chalked it up to the noise of living with a couple hundred people. Then things got a little stranger, items around the apartment would be moved and nobody would admit to moving them. At night sleeping we'd hear the faint sound of a girls voice and it almost sounded like she was saying help. After asking around we found nothing wrong and once again we chalked it up to coincidence. One night a roommate and I were at the dorm over a holiday weekend, most other people had went home for the long weekend but we didn't have plans so we hung out at school for the weekend. That night we were in the dorm room and we began to hear the sound of a piano. We thought maybe it was someone listening to music but it sounded like a live piano. We began exploring the dorm and we came to a locked unmarked door where we determined the sound was coming from. We had always assumed it was a closet or boiler room Being kids we decided to see what was in that room. We went back and got some tools to open the locked door without being detected. I used my student ID to jimmy the door and as it creaked open we walked slowly into the empty room. It was cold and dusty and there seemed to be a cool draft even though the windows were closed. The hair stood up on the back of our necks as we saw an old piano in the corner. We were a little spooked so we started out the door and on our way out the elevator opened and it was empty. As soon as we closed the door the piano began to play, but there was nobody in the room. We were terrified as we ran back to our room. We googled Pemberton Hall to find that there was a girl killed many years back by a janitor while nobody was around. She was a music student who loved to play the piano in the dorm. We quickly realized that the piano she played and the room she was killed in was the room we had just been in. The girl was killed while everyone was away. Her attacker thought she was dead so he left but she wasn't, and she crawled through the hall trying to find someone to help her, but nobody was around. When she died her ghost never left that dorm, and she still roams the halls of Pemberton Hall today.
  11. I have an extra 2006 Midwest Geobash "passing the torch" coin that's I'd like to trade for something interesting.
  12. There are a few around here. Flowerdoc and Pneuma do a lot of caches that are in plain view but they are hid in clever ways so that you really have to look for them. RiverExplorer hides a lot of them that are long hikes through the woods and there is often either a strange twist (an optional second part) or a treasure map with creative hides along the way. 2golfers have used some memorable cache containers that can be tricky.
  13. Just off the top of my head. 1. Dental floss container with velcro on the bottom of a sign 2. Magnetic key holder with a reciept as a log. You couldn't find a piece of paper? 3. Magnetic strips with duct tape of the back of it stuck on a guard rail. You sign the duct tape. Sneaky but pen doesn't last long on duct tape in the weather. Nor does the duct glue in the weather.
  14. Nice waggy Redthorn! Either my 05 WRX <----hence the name or Munkyfunk's huge lifted Wrangler or Daywatches Yukon
  15. I've got a small Camelback backpack that I used to use while cycling. Sometimes I leave the bladder in but most of time it's not in so it's just a backpack. I like it because it's big enough to carry all of my stuff and stay organized but I don't like having it on my back when it's 90 degrees with high humidity. It also gets kind of old having to dismount the thing everytime I need something. I've been looking into trying something different, either a waist pack if I can find one that I like that's not $1million or a murse of some sort. My current pack is very similar to this
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