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  1. Three weeks wasted, still not working...
  2. This explains why I couldn't find an error in the Finnish translation for this. It too has only the singular
  3. ekhoc

    PQ weeks

    Any chance to get the Pocket Query page to use standard ISO 8601 weeks, beginning on Monday instead of Sunday?
  4. Seems to be happening every weekend nowadays. Even worse now when Easter made the weekend 4 days long.
  5. ekhoc

    Website Down??

    A handheld GPS loaded from GSAK helps, but there is always the mandatory part of logging online.. Luckily, there is usually always the next day.
  6. ekhoc

    Website Down??

    Severe overload due to four days off work causing a lot of logging needs?
  7. Somewhat unfortunately timing for this challenge/pursuit. It would have been great to have it in the spring instead of winter ... we're expecting up to 20 cm more snow and temperatures below zero by the end of next week
  8. 53 here too. Except when I look in the mirror, there is someone with grey hair.
  9. Kyseinen plugin lienee Garminin plugini yksittäisten kätköjen siirtoon. Ilman sitä menee lataamalla GPX suoraan kätkön sivulta, tai isommissa määrin tekemällä Pocket Query. Lopputuloksena siitäkin GPX, jonka voi sitten siirtää sellaisenaan kapulaan. Tämä olettaen, että laite on riittävän uusi osatakseen käyttää gpx-tiedostoja suoraan. Vanhimmat kapulat eivät osaa. Vinkiksi, että tää foorumi on valitettavan hiljainen nykyään, useimmat keskustelut ovat joko geocache.fi:n keskustelufoorumilla tai facebookissa, esmes Suomen geokätköilijät -ryhmä on vilkas.
  10. Nevermind, I'm assuming a PEBKAC and try again tomorrow
  11. Soon seven hours. How many nines does your SLA promise? If they're saying more than three, you're paying them too much.
  12. The server has now been apparently down for at least 6 hours (based on the first fault report in this chain). I'd like to recommend using clustered or otherwise fault tolerant servers..
  13. With the old search page, it was possible to find out how many caches there are in a country. How can that be found out with the new one? ..and while at it, please keep the API running on weekends, too.
  14. Too bad this seems to be the last Block Party. I was hoping to be able to join in a couple of years Just this year, we have our local Mega on the same day.
  15. In this case, I think the main reason for local reviewer would be just the language. While Swedish is one of Finland's two national languages, it is not spoken very widely. This is causing some trouble, as the reviewers do maybe not understand the cache descriptions (in Swedish), and communication between cache owners and reviewers needs to take place in English, which in turn is a foreign language for both.
  16. ekhoc


    Täysversion kieli vaihtuu samalla kun vaihtaa luurin kielen. Auttaisko luurin kielen vaihto (johonkin muuhun ja takaisin) suomeksi?
  17. Finding sand under the ice and snow on a beach in February in Finland... ..hmm, one could perhaps carve the code word in ice
  18. Hi, being a "local", dunno yet whether I'm able to join. 2000 miles round trip by road from here.. I'm intrigued, though. However, a small hint - there is going to be a Mega event in Finland on July 12th. You could possibly extend the trip by a week... The event has not been published on geocaching.com yet, but major details have been made public both on Facebook and on a local Finnish geocaching forum. Here's a banner with just date and location: https://fbcdn-sphoto...477541772_n.jpg Oh, and one way to get to the northernmost point could be also flying to Finland (in practice Helsinki), and then travel northwards - there are plenty of caches and relatively good roads.
  19. ekhoc


    Sorting of States could follow the sorting order of the user that has logged in. Example of Swedish states_ Södermanland Stockholm These are not sorted corrrectly, as "ö" should not be sorted together with "o", but at its own position at the end: xyzäöå. In German, sorting "o" and "ö" together is correct, with Swedish or Finnish it is not.
  20. I have occasionally seen paper calendars having Sunday in the first column. Most of them are having Monday.
  21. I took also a look at these booking sites. Travelocity has multiple sites, and the beginning of week varies accordingly. Orbitz and Expedia began week with Sunday. Hotels.com and kayak.com and also booking.com offered Monday, probably based on my location. While none of this has much direct connectivity to geocaching, it would just be nice to have the Pocket Queries page with 'similar' week as other calendars. Thus, it would be great to have this user selectable.
  22. The main, if not only benefit would be to have the Pocket Query calendar not being "one day off". I guess this is largely an European phenomenon, but over here you just cannot find a calendar which would begin with Sunday.
  23. It can also be the end of the sequence, for example in crontab: day of week 0-7 (0 or 7 is Sun, or use names) While Sunday definitely is commonly used as the first day of the week, Monday is also commonly used as the first day of the (work) week in calendars, Saturday and Sunday being then placed together at the end.
  24. Actually, I was thinking about http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/ which is also using Sunday as the first day. I'd prefer to have the first day user selectable, as there are local differencies on which day is seen as the first day of the week.
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