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  1. i tnln more often than not(except bouncy balls, my cat luvs em). many caches ive seen or heard about contain mc toys etc. i just enjoy finding the cache, to find the cache. i carry a few trade items if i see something that strikes my fancy and will cart off the undesirables(underwear, hotwheels with no wheels, beer bottle caps, etc) as a kid my friends would only trade "even".
  2. i would love to hide a cache so the ones whose caches i find and enjoy can also enjoy the hunt, but am not sure about my accuracy,originality, and how hard my first one should be. i also find to some caches that have mostly small junk in them and dont care for that in some thing with my name on it.
  3. usaf 1986-1996. in during first gulf war. dont feel like a vet even tho i hve the medal.
  4. So you base a persons credibility on if they served in the military or not. There are serial killers that have served in the military and there are preachers that haven't. So that makes the serial killer more credible then the preacher? I tried to enlist in 1961 but due to my left arm being messed up in a car accident they wouldn't take me, so in your eyes that makes me less credible? Even though I have never been in I support the military whole heartedly, more so then some of the veterans serving as senators and congressmen in Washington today. You have a right to your opinion, but I would suggest you put a little thought in what you say before you say it. I agree with Breaktrack 100%.The man said nothing about basing credibility as a whole on military service,just giving someone a little more.And I know exactly what he means. Sorry the military wouldn't take you,but you don't have to take it out on this thread or the OP. That's okay, we've had a few folks from time to time that did not agree with what I wrote, oh, what is it now, about four years ago? LOL. But, no offense, they are welcome to their opinion, even if they do not allow me the same leeway. Thanks, Mac McKinney aka Breaktrack Apparently both of you didn't understand or didn't want to understand what I wrote. I said the man had a right to his opinion but that just because a person was in the service doesn't give him any more or any less credibility then anyone else. That's like saying because you are German you have more credibility then a French person. But then maybe my definition of credibility is different then yours. Enough said on the subject, no matter what my argument your mind is made up.
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