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  1. This was my first cache: GCWEHT I placed it in 2006 and it is still going strong. Back then it was a magnetic keyholder LPC (Lamp Post Cache), but that was a different time when an LPC in Toronto was not too uncommon and not the bane of everyone's existence. I actually hadn't seen one before and thought I came up with the idea until I found a few more caches I just updated it to a fake rock cache in a better hiding spot.
  2. Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but the first stage of this Multi is right on the border of the USA and Canada. GC2KJ5W Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  3. How Small? Staples carries some in the Mail and Ship section. I think they have a 3X5 which works really well for smaller caches.
  4. I am in Toronto and have about 260 finds so far (not all within this map, but this is my home area)
  5. Mine was a LPC at my local very unique (looks like a barn) community centre. It was 2006, I was 16 and I thought the idea of hiding a cache under a lamp pole skirt was absolutely genius!...... Not so much any more, I am seriously considering either archiving it (don't want to as it is the oldest cache in my neighbourhood) or probably relocating it with a different container this summer. West Rouge Community Centre Cache
  6. Has anyone seen Google Glass yet? I think it would be amazing with a Geocaching application. Completely hands free which would let you keep your balance and footing easier and be able to keep an eye one distance while focusing on looking for hiding spots and the cache itself. One of the examples shows a basic nav screen, could be almost revolutionary.
  7. I started caching when I was 15, I'm 22 now and still enjoying it and addicted to it (when its warm out at least) When I started my friends though it was weird and I was never able to get them into it, they still think its stupid to this day but it didn't affect any relationships negatively, although my Fiancee thinks I'm crazy
  8. Keeping up stock of coupons is not really a problem, she has them coming out of here, there and everywhere..... Lots she doesn't need. This cache could be a good way to share what she doesn't need so it does not go to waste.
  9. Id like to put it this way, you never really know what it is like to feel truly alive unless you experience what it is like to be moments away from death. I love tree caches were I have to free climb up 30 feet, or caches along a cliff where I have to walk up or along a narrow path with a sheer drop inches away form me. For some people there is nothing like knowing that you are fully in control of if you come out of an adventure alive or not.
  10. So, my fiancée is big into couponing. She isn't big into caching, but she suggested that I place a cache where people can trade coupons (which couponers frequently do) and get into the whole couponing thing. I thought it was a pretty good idea but I am worried it might infringe on the no caches of a commercial nature rule..... The cache would not endorse any specific product or retailer and would be placed near a shopping centre that would not be named or endorsed as well. The only rule is that you must trade coupons whatever the type. What the opinion among cachers? Would this be against the rule? I will also fire off an email to my local reviewer.
  11. What part of the city are you in? Happen to be in the east end?
  12. Just so everyone knows, they are currently giving 10% more on everything.
  13. First let me say I am not a big business, West Rouge Computers is simply the name of my ebay account for it to be more professional and its the way I make a little extra money through re-selling things I find at garage sales and other places. Im just a guy who really like geocaching in the end. I recently came into owning two sealed eTrex Venture HC Roads and Recreation Packs. I am asking 139.99 O.B.O each with free shipping to Canada or $20 to the states. PM me, I prefer to do everything through eBay as it provides better protection for both parties. The link is below. If I am interested in an offer I will add a best offer option to the listing. GPS UNITS FOR SALE
  14. Yup, hopefully some people find it useful, plus there are a lot of other things you can trade in if you want to put a little more money into Geocaching....
  15. Just wanted to let the Geocaching community in Canada know that today GPS units became one of the items you can send into eBay Instant Sale for cash. Now while I admit to working for the company that is buying the units , I have been Geocaching since 2006 and I just wanted to let everyone know what we are doing, not to spam to message boards. Instant Sale is a great way to get some quick cash securely with no risk that you can use to upgrade to a newer unit. So whether you: - Want to upgrade your unit - Have an extra unit you have lying around - Know someone with a GPS that never got into caching You can go to Instant Sale get a no obligation offer and ship in your unit free of charge.
  16. Its not holding me back from caching, but what I hate is when I hear on the news about Americans getting ticked off about gas hitting 4 bucks a gal. In Canada i pay a $1.20 a litre so about 4.50 a gal. And we live on the same continent, there is no excuse for that.
  17. There is a lot of ways to look at this, I do agree that they are probably not a good idea to have in a cache, they can get ruined, and yes there is the argument that kids might find them, but then again anyone kids caching should be accompanied and therefor not be able to access them, again teens will choose to smoke for their own reasons, not because they found some in a cache (theres easier ways to get a hold of such things) being 18 i kno this as i do enjoy the occasional cigar, not because i think they make me look cool or I got addicted (i dont do them often enough to be, but simply cause i genuinlye enjoy them. But simply out of logic, I don't think its an appropriate thing for a cache
  18. im sort of wondering what the caching community thinks about this, lets say that you have just spent half an hour looking for a micro, you find it open it up take out the log, reach in your pants to get your pen to sign it and either your forgot the pen/lost the pen/didn't take your caching bag by accedent etc etc. Is it ok to log the find by taking a photo of the log with your camera phone and upload it with your log to prove that you found it and got into the log. I have seen others do this when they forget the pen, and I admit to doing t once too, but is it ok if you forgot the pen to log in the manner?
  19. Make it for premium members only, there are very few newbs that ever spring for a full membership (im kinda odd I did) but that would prevent what you think might happen.
  20. I have a Suunoto MCB Compass, its a nice one around 20 bucks and its even got a whistle in the lanyard so thats also helpful, and trust me when ur batteries die suddenly you will be glad you had a compass.
  21. Umm I know I would really like one myself, particularly the new 4 door wrangler unlimited, but I will do with my Jeep Cherokee for now, I really like it and with it's reliabily and power I can definatly vouch for jeeps, i wouldnt think twice about buying another.
  22. Well although i would classify myself as semi addicted, my trunk is surprisingly bare That is my current car i borrow to go caching, its messy but nothing cache related And here is the not yet operational cache mobile that i just bought (note bumper is off for some body work), since i can't drive it its completly empty except for the spare tire, but im sure it will eventually fill up with geocaching stuff after it gets on the road.
  23. I went and checked out the cache you were talking about and it appears that the owner is simply MIA, contact your local reviewer and if you want to adopt the cache they may allow you to do that but if you don't want to i would just contact the owner just incase and then go back and retrieve it, maybe you can use it to hide your own cache.
  24. I only read to post 70 so I hope im not repeating anything but here it is: (in an elmer fud voice) "Shhhhh Be very very quite, im hunting Tupperware"
  25. Im not sure that it was all that funny to me, more like painful actually but others may find my misfortunes on finding this cache
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