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You know you're addicted to Geocaching when...

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your idea of decorating the Christmas tree is to conceal all the presents at it's foot, beneath a camo covering of tinsel, or else you hide them in the garden with co-ords and a clue.


edited to add : you forget how to spell 'cash' (whassat?)

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:lol: Some of these sound scarily familiar. www.geocaching.com is my homepage and everywhere I go I say 'there's a cache over there!' (it really annoys my parents when I'm out with them).


Some more things that I do :( :


When I go to a conference or training visit, I always try to pick a hotel within walking distance of at least one cache - doesn't matter if it's near the training venue or not!


When I go in B&Q or similar shops, I look for ideas for 'unusual' cache containers.


Once, in a supermarket, I asked an assistant where the Geocaches were. When they didn't understand, I was genuinely confused for a moment or two.


All of these are true. Sad, I know. :)


Edited to add: ooh, yes, forgot to say, when I drive past one of my own caches, i always say 'hi' to it and wave. :):lol:

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when the 1st weekend you have free to have lunch with your non caching friends is more than 4 months away because of caching commitments and camping events... THEN, when you DO meet them, you do caches on the way AND the way back...


Oops - sorry to all my friends and relatives who routinely ask for "an appointment" with me during the summer.


In work I ALWAYS spell "cash" cache!!!!

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...you routinely gauge everyday object for their suitability as cache containers.


...you bemoan the fact that Tesco have increased the size of their plastic A5 and A6 notepads because they are now too long for most lock-n-locks.


...you spend more money on trinkets and swaps than you do on fruit and veg.


...you have considered buying a hi-vis jacket to aid urban cache retrieval.

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You are watching TV and think 'That's a beautiful place, I wonder where the nearest cache is?'


Happened during 'Sea of Souls' last night ;)


You are watching TV and say there is a cache there... and then you can even name the cache!


Yes I have done that once or twice!


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Watched an episode of "Foyle's War" a while back. His lady driver, Sam, walked right past one of my "Your Mission.... " cache locations. If she'd have put her hand out, she'd have touched it.

Trouble is.... she was supposed to have been in a village on the south coast, near Hastings when in fact she was in Standon, in Hertfordshire.... :rolleyes:;)

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