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  1. And the G:UK cache rating logo's have died again.
  2. Me too - Windows Vista has different directories so I solved the 'blue spot' problem it by editing the memory.txt and gsak.ini files in main GSAK directory. The GSAK installation is at C:\GSAK\ instead of C:\Program Files\GSAK and 'My Documents' has changed from C:\Documents and Settings\.......\My Documents\ to C:\Users\.........\Documents\ It works fine now.
  3. I discovered this some time ago for caches within UK (to eliminate caches in the Netherlands when using a 250 mile radius). The workaround I use is: Deselect 'countries' radio button and adjust mileage Press 'submit information' button Reselect country and press submit button Then preview results to check what you're getting. It's a real pain in the *ss but it works
  4. Hmmm. I didn't try, but it looks like we can change it for you as well as see it
  5. It seems to me that the person who now has the bug isn't a cacher and has possibly left it on that traffic island. I assume that the person editing the log added those coords using a map or Google earth (I couldn't convert the coords into anything sensible).
  6. I'm confused. What use is a 1:24,000 grid? Does anyone produce 1:24,000 maps?
  7. Errm... done that Picked up a coin in West Somerset that wanted to go to Lands End (from Yorkshire), and took it home to Cambridgeshire. Read the online goal when we got home and emailed the owner to apologise. Apparently there had been a mission card and log book but they had become separated. We made up new card and logging sheet and sent it on its way via a busy TB hotel - it ended up in Yorkshire, a few miles from the owners home
  8. I love squirrels and mice - they steal 35mm film pots left in the woods and hide them somewhere else. Long live the ammo can There is some truth in the 'no room for tat' argument but you can't get geocoins in there either (and I bet most micro fans are also icon collectors).
  9. Better to phone them. I never got a reply to my 'contact us' form-fill type email. Garmin support
  10. Watch what you wish for! I sent back a monochrome Vista last week (faulty screen, occasionally working click-stick and loose rubber) and have just had to pay £73.81 to get it repaired. Fair enough I suppose, but how do they decide which ones to charge and which need paying for? Is it just cos I'm really good looking
  11. plus and a minus = a minus innit? you would never get the brush off. Great for Saturday nights then
  12. Come on Mr Nibbler, admit it - you're just sucking-up so they'll let you get in before them for a FTF Anyway, we go along with the sentiment, Congrats Cromscout and TNS
  13. Will we be able to download the whole of UK as a single PQ? And will it have the answers to all puzzle cashes
  14. We like multi's if they're in a nice location - doesn't matter how many stages there are if the trip is worth it. A plea though - don't make the final a micro
  15. We've just released four coins. I drilled all of them and attached an acrylic key tag with the mission statement inside, to hopefully make them less attractive to coin colectors. As I dropped the first one into a cache I though 'that would make a really nice keyring'. I can't help wondering if that is how they will end up
  16. I'm sure our friends in Ireland don't have a problem getting the whole of their island each week. Those across the pond will never get the whole of the north American with 40 PQs a week. Why should Groundspeak consider UK cachers to be a special case? BC
  17. Did you join a team to complete the World Cache (Australia) while you were there? You could have been first to be two team members at the same time
  18. ".... will send Firebird into disposable orbit" Does that mean deep space geolitter or earthbound ash?
  19. Wow. I didn't realise you could do that - I have been putting up with GMT-8 for ages, which is a bit confusing as we are on the prime meridian Sorted now though, thanks.
  20. Will they get a BIGQuest icon (like the project APE caches)?
  21. We went looking for it once - it was supposedly a roadside rivet but had been removed at some time. Haven't really bothered since. What is annoying though, is that this one occasionally turns up on my 'New this week' PQ. How can it possibly be new as it is a virtual?
  22. OK. Thanks guys, I'll have another look at my setup.
  23. I just found this thread: Police blow up traffic counter At least good old Cambridgeshire Bobbies aren't alone.
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