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  1. One of my caches is plagued with spoiler pictures. I've cannot see this new facility to remove guilty pictures from the cache page. How is this done in practice? I don't see a delete button. I'm using firefox if that makes a difference. Click "View Log" on the log with the offending photo, then click "Edit" on the image and finally click the trash can icon to delete it. I was trying to delete them from the View the Image Gallery page, rather than editing the log its self. 1 down 14 spoilers images to go.... Thank you for clearing this up
  2. In today's update Geocaching.com have "Added the ability for cache owners to delete spoiler log images without also deleting the log text" But as of yet I've not got it to work as I can't see a delete spoiler image button.
  3. One of my caches is plagued with spoiler pictures. I've cannot see this new facility to remove guilty pictures from the cache page. How is this done in practice? I don't see a delete button. I'm using firefox if that makes a difference.
  4. I was already registered with Garmin, so I just hooked up the Nuvi, pressed the on screen button and fannys's your aunt - job done.
  5. Just been trying to Create/Edit a Route using http://www.geocaching.com/my/routeedit.aspx It come up with 500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. Thought you should know.
  6. Becuase of the distance geographically of the caches, I broke them down in to three groups. Originally there was a combination lock and you needed in total three codes from caches designated red blue and green. (Ie There were more than one red, more than two blue etc) As the cache got muggled about three times and I don't want to keep buying new locking caches - I've moved it and want to change it to a straight forward puzzle cache where you need missing co ordinate (s) to locate the cache.
  7. I took on the series bonus to the Blog Standard series and few years ago and I am now having trouble coming up with ways of reactivating the bonus cache. The cache in question is GC15081 I have a new cache in place at a new location but can't think of a good way of using the codes from the other caches to unlock the co ords, and be within the current geocaching rules. Some of the series caches have been archived, so there are now only 4 remaining in different parts of England. I'd like to get this one active again - its not been found for over a year. Thanks
  8. Anyone got a firefox script to hide the benchmark link from the Geocaching main page - (http://www.geocaching.com/my/benchmarks.aspx) It's only useful in America after all. We are not going to find any near by so lets get rid! Please!
  9. Anything planned in the lake district? I've never been and would like an excuse!
  10. I would like to congratulate Maxbox51 and myself for finding the Project Ape cache in Seattle - it was only Max's third ever geocache, the other being an event and a traditional.
  11. I plugged in the NT 2009 SD card that I brought off the internet and happily it works fine - no unlock required. I'll may choose to sell it on after I'm done with in May.
  12. Sorry you can downloap topo maps from mapsource - since christmas I've been using a nuvi and GSAK, and I've forgotten how to use Mapsource Blond moment
  13. I feel happier now I know my new nuvi won't throw a wobbly. I've found free topo maps on the the states I'm visiting. Here's a link to a free topo map site. http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/state/all I'll was planning on download them to my garmin visita, but Mapsource does not reconise them as file that can be sent. They can be viewed and I'm some one clever may have the answer. eg http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=170615 I've got one for Seattle as I'm hunting the project APE cache.
  14. AS I'm on on my holidays shortly I've brought a Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2009 SD card - I've not tried it yet. Being a novice about these things, what happens if I plug it in to my Nuvi 760? Will it overwrite the European maps that came pre installed? I did not read the forums before buying - and lost another one I purposed on line in the mail. So much for trying to save a few quid.
  15. I pronounce it... Cash In Trash Out - There used to be a tv show called catchphrase with Roy Walker, who would often say - Say what you see"
  16. Been caching for years and recently tried GSAK after going paperless at Christmas. It's is worth every penny. Tried EasyGPS but it was not a patch on map source which was previous favourite. I think you can download garmin mapsource for free
  17. Can they be used with mapsource? I use this software to load maps to my garmin vista. Is worth a go.
  18. I've had both astoundingly shocking spoiler logs and minor infringements on my 5/5 cache, usually I email the finder, and only once or twice have I've had to delete the log for gross rules breaking regarding no spoilers. *Sigh*
  19. Look out for me in Aprils results - I'm off to America and going for a personally COTM best. Bet I can top 9 benchmarks! I counted the trigpoint/benchmark on the wall of Birmingham town hall as a find last month.
  20. Get Firefox, install the great Arddvark addon - this allows you to remove text and images from the screen Ie You can remove the bits of the geocaching page you don't want. Print page using file print. Here is the link to the Arddvark page. http://karmatics.com/aardvark/ I used this instead of PDF and was able to get cache pages down to one sheet of paper. I'm now paperless but thought I someone may benefit from this feature. There are so many good geocaching add ons that all cachers should have firefox in my opinion.
  21. Did you hear about the one guy who went to the doctor with a lettuce leaf stuck up his arse? Is it serious doctor he? asks I'm afraid it's just the tip of the iceburg Sorry for straying off topic!
  22. Ozzy is a brummie - I'm from the black country - practically different states!. Similar but distinct. Please check out Black Country Alphabet song - it's very funny! I'll have a week in florida before I meet you guys to acclimatise to America english!
  23. How far is the hike to the APE cache from Annette Lake trailhead?
  24. Looks like Tuesday or Wednesday is the favourite so far. I've got the maze on my hit list too - just wait for the cache page to appear. Not long now...
  25. I'm staying in Downtown Seattle, a few blocks west of the tip of lake Union. I will be sure to pop in to HQ to get "debriefed" In answer to Douglas_Clan: Arsenal, Man U, Liverpool, or Chelsea? No where near! I can see the West Bromwich Albion ground from my office window. Re: evil 14lb bug, er... I think the plane would be lopsided if I put that in my luggage! The Red Hook Brewery is half an hour drive (18.7 miles) - had a look at the website - real ales! I'm impressed. I have an American cell phone sim which I'll activate nearer the time. I arrive in Florida on 20th April then fly into Seattle midday Tuesday April 28th, and head off again to New York on Friday May 1st, afternoon. So Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday - Count me in!
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