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  1. All sorted now - thanks ayepee! (Glorious Gloucestershire was a good suggestion but I don't think it meets all the original criteria for the LQ caches - it is not easily accessible to all and the carpark is locked overnight) Edit: typo in ayepee's name
  2. Anybody want to adopt LQ: Gloucestershire? It's currently on the outskirts of Tewkesbury.
  3. I am just wondering, if you use a pre-loaded SD card for your maps (Oregon 450t), can you still save the GPX files to the memory card?
  4. I bought the car adapter to power my Oregon in the car. However it seems that the bit that fits into the GPSr is the wrong way round and therefore soes not make a very good connection. Has anybody else had this problem and does anybody know how to fix it please? I have not put too many details here because I don't really know how to explain the problem but somebody who has seen it before will know what I mean. Thanks
  5. How frustrating! My garmin geocoin never even got moving
  6. I agree. Have a play around with the different profiles on the unit. Using the unit in Europe ... Couldn't you have saved yourself a load of money by buying the Oregon 300 (which did not have the pre-loaded maps)? There are loads of places online to get help. This issue is not just related to the Oregon - my Venture CX was the same. However I have found the Oregon pretty intuitive.
  7. I based my assumption that they are new on the fact that they have only found 17 caches and clearly have no idea how to log picking up a geocoin ....
  8. Does anybody know Grizzly Adams from Derbyshire please? I have bene trying to contact them for a few weeks now but they are not responding. They are a fairly new cacher so I am hoping that somebody on this forum may have introduced them to geoaching recently.
  9. Has anybody else spotted that the initial letters almost spell 'Blacks'? Guess they couldn't find a place beginning with 'K' ...
  10. A map based on counties would be great. Now, where did I put that list of counties .....
  11. So that's why you were dashing around Swinsty so fast on Saturday. Nice to meet you, and congratulations.
  12. Just thought I would point out that the travel bug race is based on the idea that there will be a second mega event next summer.
  13. So sorry to hear your news. Things will get easier with time, I promise.
  14. Interesting, so I guess I can delete all those recent finds for my caches with the text along the lines of 'found with Delta68 months ago but now logging under my own ID' .... there is no matching entry on the logbook.
  15. Radio 2 Bloggers get to choose the first song this evening. I have just added my comment, requesting 'I Still haven't found ..'
  16. Good idea. I was just thinking of something like: 'Chris - great show, thanks. I plan to spend the weekend geocaching. Please say hi to all geocachers listening. Thanks Midnight Ramblers' I think he only reads messages out that mention how great his show is ;-)
  17. I heard it and was surprised when Chris did not ask questions about caching. I even emailed him to ask him if he knew what it was all about. No response though . We should all try to get mentioned on his show on Friday - you know the bit where you text in and say what you are planning to do. It would be quite amusing to hear loads of text messages being read out from cachers.
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