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  1. Liability will depend upon who maintains the path..if the local council is ultimately reponsible for keeping it clear, the same insurances would apply as to any other council property...
  2. Apologies if I've missed the irony in your post - but no, it's not legal. When is it ever going to sink in - rights of way do NOT give anyone the right to play, picnic, sing songs or hide tupperware. You have the right to "pass and repass", nothing more. As this central reservation only exists as a bridging point on a right of way, the only activity permitted without specific permission of the landowner is to pass and repass!
  3. The lack of a "Logged in" date visible to others on a persons profile on the website does not necessarily mean that GS doesn't have a record of when that person logged in by other means...
  4. Only the Landowner's permission is required, not necessarily NE. This has been discussed before here. ...and not even the landowner's permission in some cases. There's a very popular series not a million miles from us - seemingly partly located on a couple of SSSIs (and in areas protected for other reasons too) - which were permitted with permission from no-one but a volunteer local interest group with no links to the site's owners at all
  5. I don't see that this is any different in that regard to say, working in the accounts department at Toys R Us, or on the switchboard for Blue peter. Unless there's unsupervised direct contact with children or other vulnerable individuals, why would there be any need for a CRB check? Incidentally, I'm not aware of any legal requirement for an employer to insist on a CRB check other than in education.
  6. Then the answer seems so simple. As there's no public property in the UK - only publically accessible property - either the local authority (if the cache is on the road) or the landowner whose land the footpath crosses must have given permission for the cache to be there. All the CO needs to do is publish details of that permission on the cache page, and any future finders getting hassle from the locals will have the evidence to wave at them!
  7. Really? Then might I respectfully request that you check on a few of the locations.....
  8. You're ignoring the fact that Google (and other search engines) offers a far better search facility than this forum ever has - and will bring up posts on many more forums than this, FB and the GAGB.....
  9. Definitely to the detriment. But have grown tired of spouting it on here. Agreed. There's an event this weekend that's grown beyond all recognition - and not for the better (IMO) We just have to accept that the majority of UK cachers want something different to the game we used to play. They want big numbers. They want to go out for a day and come home to log a long series - regardless of where, how,or why they visited the caches. And they want big events where they don't have to think about entertaining themselves. It's ironic that the small groups that used to attend camping events together still stay in the same groups now the events have grown....so what, exactly, is the appeal of an event getting so big that you don't stand a hope of - or even want to - meet more than a quarter of the attendees?
  10. So presumably it's only a matter of time before we're reading in the papers about backpacks being banned on the tube for the duration of the Games?
  11. Just being pedantic....Groundspeak are a listing site.They have every right and power to disable/delist a cache's online details for whatever reason - but no power or right to ask for the physical cache to be removed. That remains the property of the cache owner. Surely asking for it to be removed is outside GS's remit? If ACPO insisted on them being removed, shouldn't they have contacted the cache owners directly??
  12. Single letter chemical symbols ? Just had another thought, after reading an article on "The Register" today which debunked a theory about microbes which could survive in the presence Arsenic, that article mentioned something about Phosphorus being essential to sustain life, I'm pretty sure that's true of the first 4 as well, so I'll go with :- "These are all essential to sustain life" Ding! They're the six elements currently deemed essential to support life as we know it......
  13. Whoops - didn't realise Richard had changed his mind..... OK - which one thing are the following considered to have in common? Oxygen carbon hydrogen nitrogen phosphorus sulphur
  14. There aren't a lot of places you can't grow modern "varieties" in the UK nowadays..... 12 plants isn't a lot though, is it. Definitely not a professional grow. Sounds like somebody's personal plants. I'd just walk on by TBH
  15. Whoop whoop Only one nation has competed in every modern summer Olympic games. Which one?
  16. It's part of the Duchy of Cornwall....so no person owns it.(so ultimately the crown, I suppose) Edited to add - Prince Charles doesn't own the property in the duchy - but he gets any income from it)
  17. I didn't think copyright prevented you from making copies for your own personal use? From http://www.copyrightservice.co.uk/ukcs/docs/edupack.pdf
  18. Or you could do it the easy way..... Well documented on this forum, and been going on since Garmin introduced custom maps a few years ago I believe
  19. I'm not so sure about this "secret" caching/urbex society. I'm a member of an urbex community and I've never heard about any related caching being done. LOL It's not a "society". It's a listing site, just like Groundspeak (although much smaller, and closed). It lists caches that wouldn't necessarily be allowed here - as well as cross listing caches found here and on other listing sites. I can't believe you've never come across any urbex/caching crossover....
  20. DING..!!!! But I would have accepted it in weeks or months
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