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  1. picked up one today from Blacks in Ambleside. they still have a few left and have loads of advertising. i had a great chat with the people working in the shop, one is into caching and the other is very interested to get started, so i guess the promotion is working if only on millets and blacks staff! btw the activation cose as freely advertised on the website is: VisitUK
  2. well done tashington! you have put in a great effort. i always enjoy reading your logs!
  3. bristol sounds great to me and can i put forward the sugesstion you make it around the same date as this year as i will hopefully be down that way at that time anyway!
  4. I had a snake strike at me while replacing a cache, luckily it missed and once i had got over the shock i was really happy as it stayed around long enough for me to get some photos of it. i love spotting wildlife while out caching, it's one of the reasons i go out. as long as you are careful and watch where you are putting your limbs you will be fine!
  5. i agree that they should be distinguished from micros, there is a big (or is it a small?) difference between something the size of your thumb nail and a fim canister!
  6. mine does!! she often says that she is a geocache widow! however on the couple of times i have dragged her out i am sure she secretly enjoyed herself and she has even found caches i struggled to see!!
  7. as someone who enjoys wild food it was a shame the origonal post was closed. i am always on the look out for new things to eat while out caching! apparently we are not allowed to enjoy other hobbys, it's all about the caching!!
  8. buy a pda with a gps on it ok that raises pobably an old question but which is the cheapest pda that will do everything a cacher needs?
  9. wow. i have been away from the forums for a while and when i come back there is a new cache type! unfortunetly i only have a basic garmen etrex so can't take part just yet. does any one know what is the cheapest way to upgrade to a device which is compatable?
  10. thanks for the advice. I am looking for who 'owns' a road bridge, over a river (for an earth cache) but had no idea where to start!
  11. I always try to avoid parking in NT carparks because in the lakes they are way to expensive. I also get annoyed when they charge over the odds and then have a box for you to donate money to them as well! it seems very cheeky to me. I understand that they do do some good work but i think they could make the parking charges a little more reasonable.
  12. Here's a couple from my days caching yesterday! Be careful when replacing caches Don't wear shorts
  13. Wow thats great I was wondering when i would get the chance to go somewhere else in the world to do an earth cache but since i have done one in Cumbria and one in Devon I guess i can get a pin. off now to fill out the form!! edited to say oops still need one more to get the pin!
  14. If anyone has any spare Aces I am still looking for 1 or 2. I have a king and a jack spare and a few other coins. see my post above for info.
  15. Got mine the other day! and they look great I am in need of 2 aces, a 10 and a queen i have to trade: 1 jack no:120 3 kings nos: 214, 139 and 202 if anyone can help it would be appreciated thanks edited to add: i also have some of my personal coins left (in gold, silver and copper), a what's in your mailbox (coin for the community), a silver evil micro, an antique silver 2007 compass rose and a copper GAGA coin to trade as well
  16. WOW great coins. I am very interested in a trade. i have some of my personal coins available and a few other coins as well!
  17. I will be up for a trade for one of my personal coins.
  18. I just can't resist these little nippers! 1 school ordered!
  19. I have a handful of my time for geocacing coins to trade. i will happily look at offers but i am really after the signal geocoins. i have jan and march and would love the rest of the series!! there are a couple of other coins i am looking for including the 2005 compass and the turtle coins (i only have a micro). as well as the time for geocaching coins i also have a couple of others to offer including: 2007 compass, a 2007 evil micro and a What's in your mailbox? Geocoins. thanks!
  20. are there any more of these coins going: i have some how missed them and i need one!! i am happy to buy or trade for my new coin. let me know thanks
  21. I would buy a coin!! being a pirate i guess i have to join the fsm!!
  22. We have sent out a load of these coins and heard back from a few people. I am just checking everyones coins have arrived and what people think of them! We still have some of each metal left for people who missed them!
  23. been waiting for these for soooooo long!!! just put in my order and it looks like they are going fast!
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