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2oldfarts (the rockhounders)

The Contest Logging Thread

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Logs for 4/22. Water receding. Made Bear drive to Mahwah, Ramsey, Allendale and Waldwick. :laughing:

LY2267 DNF Found disk!

LY2268 REG

LY0356 REG

LY2270 DNF

LY0357 REG

LY0358 REG

LY2271 REG

LY2272 REG

LY0362 REG

LY2909 DNF

This one doesn't count because there's no disk, but it's an intresting find: LY00474

27b18dfb-899b-4c2e-85e4-da46c17ef45a.jpgO b51fa7ad-36ce-4031-a09e-e5d1655b1c87.jpg475a9455-9058-4e99-bf44-3de6ac0bbb0f.jpg659ad0dd-5c44-431a-86c3-cb9cdbd67f70.jpgc41c11aa-5c71-4725-a03f-d69ff19e8711.jpg401da88b-cb15-412f-9228-764eea6e9cf1.jpg99140d7d-38a4-4349-9e85-8402f834b015.jpgd1428053-a4f5-43b0-baca-bbcf438f4373.jpg

Counter provided by Dolphin Central

Edited by Harry Dolphin

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I, too, am running out of marks in the 'hood.


AI1910, REG


I can only hope the judges will have mercy on me for this one, but if not, I understand.

I was highly disappointed that the stamping on the mark was not clearly legible, but perhaps the spray-paint on the pavement will suffice?

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Nice counter, Klemmer! ;)


Only three to report for 4/28. (Logging edited per suggestions of 2oldfarts.) Dolphin needed so exercise so he climbed Kitatinny Ridge (same mountain range that mloser climbed last weekend.)


LY2640, DNF


LY2641, REG


LY2623, ERR

Edited by Harry Dolphin

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Found during a 24 hour benchmark hunting marathon:


Awoke Saturday at 5:30 AM and left the house at 6:30 AM.

Arrived back home Sunday 6:00 AM.

338 miles, 11 hours 54 minutes moving and 11 hours 48 minutes stopped

Average Moving Speed: 28.4 MPH, Overall Average Speed: 14.2 MPH.


Monday: Called in sick....


BM0995, REG

BM0117, REG

BM0118, REG

AB2828, REG

BM1070, REG

BM1073, REG

BM1001, REG

BM0112, REG

BM0114, REG

BM1000, REG

BM0109, REG

BM0990, REG

BM0989, REG

BM0093, REG

BM0090, REG

BM1113, REG

BM0079, REG

BM0080, REG

BL1527, REG

BL1531, REG

BL1529, REG

BL1855, REG

BL1854, REG

BM0147, REG

BM0146, REG

BL1567, DNF ***

BL2253, REG

BL1850, REG

BL1849, REG

BL1848, REG

BL1845, REG

BL1843, REG

BL1842, REG

BL1847, REG (Incorrectly stamped)

AW2198, REG

AW2197, REG

AW2195, REG

AW2192, REG

AW2190, REG

AW2187, REG

AW0121, REG

AX0007, REG

AX0013, REG

AX0054, REG

AX0018, REG

AX0024, REG

AX0032, REG

AX0038, REG

AX2669, REG

AX0041, REG

AX2763, REG


Ok, I think that's enough for now... :mad:

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CK3749, REG


CK3764, REG


CK3761, REG


CK0653, REG

I'll certainly understand if the judges won't accept this one because it is pretty unreadable but I couldn't make the disk readable without defacing the paint job on this historic monument and others have found and photographed this exact disk also showing the problem. Also, I was obviously there because I took a picture of the lighthouse for CK3749. Either way it was still a neat lighthouse and find.

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Its very disappointing about going out for more "urban" marks and finding them all missing, with no witness posts. A 1 for 11 evening, with most marks looking to be covered by expanded roads. I'll have to head out to the countryside again...


OF2378 - REG

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Finally getting around to posting my recoveries for last weekend...sorry for the delay.


Recoveries for 4 28 2007:


DV0268, REG


DV2040, REG


DV0925, REG


DV2282, REG


DV2216, REG


DV1906, REG


ET1053, REG


ET1052, REG


ET1049, REG


ET1044, REG


ET1042, DNF


ET1046, REG


ET1045, ERR


DV2272, REG


DV1885, DNF


DV2271, REG


DV2269, REG


DV2279, REG


DV2268, REG


DV2270, REG


DV2186, REG


Recoveries for 4 29 2007:


DV0247, REG


DV2236, REG


DV2241, REG


DV0257, REG


DV0261, REG


DV0262, REG


DV0916, REG


DV2171, REG


DV0920, REG


DV2173, REG


DV0934, REG


DVo942, REG


ET0969, REG


ET0970, REG


DV2210, REG


DV2214, REG


DV2187, REG


Some of these recoveries include the infamous Thompson Boundary Monuments, and I will add my comments to that thread later today.

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