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2oldfarts (the rockhounders)

The Contest Logging Thread

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Still a little snowy out for any detailed searching for me, but I was able to confirm with the town historian and a retired town official that mark OF2468 was destroyed in 1996. That and I visited the "adjusted" coordinates and didn't see an 80 foot silver tower there. The previous logger erroneously logged a newer standpipe that does not fit the description.


OF2468 ERR

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Four for ten again today. :sad: (Would have been nice if they had told me that he benchmark was in the shoulder of a major highway, instead of in the adjacent parking lot!) But anyway:

KV5859, Reg Hey! I got an "L"!!

KV3442, Reg Bonus points for finding a stainless steel road in sleeve, when the NGS datasheet calls for a disk?!?

KV6897, Reg

LY2234, Reg

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Even after your e-mail it seems strange to call this a find with a DNF, when it's not where it's supposed to be,although the disc was still in it.

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Benchmarking is still a little tough up here with 2 feet of snow cover, but I thought I'd better get started with the contest. Here's an F.




I love AZcachemeister's Fart Counter!

Here's mine:


2 OLD FARTS (Fart Counter)

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Whew! What a trip yesterday... 134 mile circuit and 13 hours of hunting! :blink:

BM0872, REG

BM0434, REG

BM0435, REG Should this be logged as destroyed?

BM0437, REG

BM0439, REG

BM0442, REG

BM0443, REG

BM0445, REG

BM0452, REG

BM0459, REG

BM0460, REG

BM0461, REG

BM0462, REG

BM0464, REG

BM0469, REG

BM0472, REG

AX1479, DNF

AX1478, REG Should this be logged as destroyed?

AX2822, REG I'm guessing this should be logged as a find...

AX1472, REG

AX1470, REG

AX1263, REG

AX1464, REG

AX1463, REG Do I count this one as a find?

AX0995, REG

AX0996, DNF


2OLDFARTS(Fart Counter) - Great idea!

Edited by Doc Geo

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Please remove my point for AX2822. I found "R 806" NOT "R 806 Reset"...

I changed my log to a note.... :)

Edited by Doc Geo

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Off to a slow start for various reasons, but Klemmer is now on the board:


DX3295, REG


DX3292, REG


DX3291, REG


DX3288, REG


DX3282, REG


BTW: That's FOUR "2's" and ONE "S" toward the fart counter. Can I trade the extra "2's" ? There are a ZILLION in the OC here that start with "2".


2 OLDFARTS (Fart Counter™) :D [Love the fart counter!]

Edited by Klemmer & TeddyBearMama

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