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The Contest Logging Thread

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John & Shirley,

Might get a couple more,but this will probably be it for me.Had a great time with your

contest.Thanks for all your hard work it took run this for 3 months.Looking forward

to the next one .

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Andy Bear's back is bothering him, so we decided to go for drive-by's in (for us) virgin territory. And try to change the color of Union County, NJ on holograph's map. :)

9.5 of 16 for the day. (Can't claim a contest find for KV0050 since we did not deem it safe enough to get a close up view. Oh, well.)

KV6613 REG

KV6826 REG

KV0046 REG

KV0048 REG

KV0049 REG

KV0055 REG

KV0057 REG

KV6824 REG

KV6847 REG

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Well, I got home in time to log my finds from Sunday in Houston, only to find our power had gone out due to the storm I drove through to get home. :blink: At 1 am I decided it was getting late so went to bed. I guess these won't be counted, but it wasn't my fault. Either way, I'm posting them for the record. This was fun, but I don't think I'll be doing this again... way too expensive... and there aren't anymore within a couple hours drive near me anyway... :P (Edit): Oh, I read that we have until Friday to log our finds. Cool!


AW4705, REG

AW4704, REG

AW5489, REG

AW5490, REG

AW5491, REG

AW5492, REG

AW5493, REG

AW5494, REG

AW5495, REG

AW5496, REG

AW5497, REG

AX2545, REG

AW4437, REG

AW5545, REG

AW6887, REG

AW5544, REG

AW6888, REG

AW4264, REG

AW4263, REG

AW6880, REG

AW6882, REG

AW4175, REG

AW4174, REG

AW4172, DNF ***

AW4217, REG

AW4169, REG

AW4166, REG

AW4219, DNF ***

AW5472, REG

AW4231, REG

AW5473, REG

AW5470, DNF ***

AW4721, REG

AW6957, REG

AW6956, REG

AW5447, REG

AW1830, REG



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This is my Swan-song for the contest.

The best man has already won.

After a computer melt-down on Wednesday, I got it back from the shop on Friday in factory-fresh condition (i.e. with no benchmark database!).

Friday afternoon and Saturday were spent re-installing software, and attempting to re-establish my database of marks I had yet to recover.

After several technical blunders on my part, I decided I needed to visit an area I had not visited before in order to avoid wasting time hunting marks I had already recovered.


Recoveries for 6 3 2007:


DA0625, REG


DA0624, REG


DA0623, REG


DA0621, REG


DA0619, REG


DA0617, REG


DA0616, REG


DA1160, REG


DA0615, REG


DA0614, REG


DA0613, REG


DA0612, REG


DA1161, REG


DA0609, REG


DA0607, REG


DA0497, REG


DA0498, REG


DA0499, REG


DA1220, REG


DA1556, REG


DA1506, REG


DA1219, REG


DA0507, REG


DA1573, REG


DA0590, REG I do not expect to get contest credit for this one, but what the heck?


DA0591, REG


DA0508, REG


DA1574, REG


DA0509, REG


DA0510, REG


DA0511, REG


DA1575, REG


DA1512, REG


DA1217, REG


DA0514, REG


DA0515, REG


DA1576, REG


DA0516, REG


DA0517, REG


DA1577, REG


DA0518, REG


DA0522, REG


DA1565, REG


DA0531, REG


DA1556, REG


DA1567, REG


DA0543, REG


DA0544, REG


DA0542, REG


DA1569, REG


DA1570, REG


DA1571, REG


DA1542, REG


DA1541, REG


DA1540, REG


DA0304, REG


DA1213, REG


DA1212, DNF


DA0307, REG


DA0308, REG


DA0309, DNF


DA0311, REG


DA1211, REG


DA0313, REG


DA0314, REG


DA0315, REG


DA0316, REG


DA0317, REG


DA0319, DNF


DA0318, REG


DA1527, REG


DA1529, REG


DA1530, REG


I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to 2OLDFARTS for their even-handed diligence in overseeing this contest, and to all the other contestants for their participation.


It has been fun, but I'm glad it's over! :lol:

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